A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

Name: Abigail Jeffery

Age: 18

Side: Allies

Country: USA (Connecticut)

Rank: N/A

Hair Color: Light Brown

eye color: Hazel

Description: Abby has long, slightly wavy hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. She is tall like her oldest brother, and looks a lot like him.

Personaity: She is a friendly young lady and hates to see people fighting with each other. When she was growing up Abby would always settle problems between her two brother John and Tom. Abby is always determined to protect her family and her friends to the last.

Other: She gets along with everyone and signed up to work as a nurse on the USS St. Lucien to keep an eye on one of her brothers, Tom.

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Aesthetic Princess

Name: Edith Winters

Age: 17

Side: No side

Country: France

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Description: Edith is a girl of medium height, and wears a head scarf.

Personaity: Edith is a strong minded girl who lives on her own

Other: Edith is a runaway from the USA who ran to France, and lives in Town.

(I hope this is okay)

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Star the Foxhound

Name: Anton Frolov

Age: 25

Side: Allies

Country: Russia

Hair Color: Strawberry Blond

eye color: Dark Blue

Description: Anton is shorter then average and skinny, almost down to the bones because he comes from a porr family where there is never enough to eat. His skin is plae, almost white, and his hair is a little curly and unkempt. He has a mustache too and his blue eyes narrow when he's angry.

Personaity: Normally he thinks of others before he thinks of himself. Anton is a quiet man but isn't shy when he is voicing his opions.

Other: Anton ran away from his home country when they left the war and went to train as a pilot. He then signed up to fight in the American Army where he was assigned to the Ninety-Fourth Aero Squadrom under Raoul Lufbery.

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Star the Foxhound

Name: Claire Brighelm ((Yay she got married!!))

Age: 26

Side: Allies

Country: USA (New York)

Rank: N/A

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

eye color: Brown

Description: Claire is a small, pretty girl, one who men will spend hours whispering about after she passes. She is slender, and tan with dark brown eyes. Even though she is pretty, Claire always looks a little bit angry.

Personaity: Claire likes to talk as it takes her mind off of everything else that has happened in her life but she isn't very friendly and will often say things that offends others. When she was young her father used to beat her because she was a girl instead of the boy he had always wanted. As a result she grew up alone and thinking that no one would ever care about her.

Other: When she was 18 Claire ran away from her home, never to return. However she had trouble making her way in the world and so stole most of what she needed, staying on the run from the entire world. When the war broke out she decided that it couldn't hurt to join up as a nurse because then maybe she could finally make her way in the world. But when she got there she learned that she could not put the past behind her and she fears that one day she will break and do something that she will regret forever.

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Star the Foxhound

Name: Kelly Griffin

Age: 19

Side: Allies

Country: USA (Florida)

Rank: N/A

Hair Color: Red

eye color: Blue

Description: Kelly is tall for girl and skinny with shoulder length bright red hair and stunning blue eyes.

Personaity: Ever since she was little Kelly has been fasinated with technology and she thinks that the auroplane is the best invention yet. Kelly has hopes of flying one one day so she decided to work as a nurse in the army, and she often follows the pilots around. Also she is very friendly, smart and just a nice person to be around.

Other: Kelly is an only child and both her parents are dead so she was raised by her grandparents who were very easy with her when she was growing up. As a result Kelly doesn't often think about the consequences for her actions.

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Star the Foxhound

Name: Justin Wood

Age: 35

Side: Allies

Country: USA (New York)

Rank: Private

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Description: Justin has broad shoulders and a deep voice. He is of average, height and weight with hair that is long for a male, and a large mustache.

Personaity: He is rough and strong and not at all considerate of other people's feelings.

Other: Over ten years ago Justin went to the same boarding school that Lewis did and was one of the trouble makers. He hunted Lewis up there because the two shared a hard past where both of them were treated roughly. He actually knows more about the explosion then Lewis even does. When Lewis placed the bomb in the school it never really went off and Justin found it and and decided that it would be a good excuse to do what he had been planning to do all along. Justin set fire to the school and like he planned Lewis was blamed for the crime because it was Lewis that had set the bomb. From there Justin hunted Lewis down and the two became friends because Justin told Lewis that he would protect him from the police. When the war broke out the two drifted apart because Lewis changed his name and joined the army. A few weeks later Justin also enlists and decides to find his friend again.

1/26/2009 #36
Star the Foxhound

((It seems that everytime I'm bored I get an idea for another char, hehe!))

Name: Quiltamirra Gold

Age: 17

Side: Allies

Country: USA (Texas)

Rank: N/A

Hair Color: A real light blond

Eye color: Light Blue

Description: Quiltamirra, most often known just as Quill is a small teenager, with long blond hair that she wears in a long braid down her back. Her skin is pale no matter how long she stays out in the sun and her fingers are long a slender, just like her mothers.

Personaity: Quill hates her name because she thinks that it is too strange and gets mad when someone calls her by it. However, when she isn't mad she is rather gentle and is always talking about the future because she thinks that there is not use in looking back on the past.

Other: When she was younger Quill didn't even know her parents because she was put in a foster home when she was one since her parents had a drinking problem. However when she was 15 she was put back with them only to be treated roughly. Quill just ignored them for the most part and would go on with her life as if nothing had happened. She often doesn't speak of her parents, and when she does she does not go into any details. It is a subject that she would rather avoid.

Quill works as a nurse in the allies base and speaks French fluently, she learned how in school. She is willing to make friends with anyone, no matter there past but is not interested in any romance as she has always planned to be single forever.

1/27/2009 #37
Star the Foxhound

Name: Danielle Pline

Age: 28

Side: N/A

Country: France

Rank: N/A

Hair Color: Blond

Eye color: Light Blue

Description: She is of average height and is very pretty.

Personaity: Danielle prefers to be called Dan and is sortof a tomgirl. She is also a bit of dreamer and often wonders what would have happened if things had happened a little differently.

Other: Danielle isn't interested in the war, only in the people that she loves. She wasn't born in France, but in New York City where she grew up with her parents next door to her aunt and uncle's house. As a result she grew very close to her two cousins, Robert and Tyler (Lewis). At age 14, when her aunt and uncle were killed in a car crash she also got into a big fight with her parents. She convinced her pen pal, Frank Pline to talk to his parents and convince them to allow her to move to his country France. Although she heard of Lewis' crimes she never really cared, remembering him as the child she was close too.

She lives in the France town that Lucy lives in and plans on staying there for her whole life with her husband and her five year old son Gaston.

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Star the Foxhound

Name: Liam Buffon

Age: 22

Side: Allies

Country: USA (Rhode Island)

Rank: Private

Hair color: Auburn

Eye Color: Brown

Description: Liam is tan and muscular having been a farmer with his father before the war. He isn't overly skinny but he isn't fat either. His hair is combed neatly to one side and his eyes are round and gentle looking.

Personality: Liam often thinks that he knows better then the other soldiers and he thinks that he can never do any wrong. This way of thinking has caused him to loose friendships in the past and usually makes it hard for him to make friends to begin with. When he thinks with his heart, however, he can be a very enchanting person.

Other: Liam is a farmer even though he has never ran his own farm but works for his father. His mother told hiim that he should try to find another path and he took that as a cue to join the army. Liam is a marine on the USS St. Lucien.

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Star the Foxhound

Name: Philip Lamarck

Age: 33

Side: Allies

Country: France

Rank: N/A

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Description: Philip is skinny and lightweight. He's of a average height and has a small mustache. When he walks he stands up striaght, making him look taller then he really is.

Personality: He is strict, serious man who does not joke and does not like people to joke around him. When he is working he is all business and doesn't like anyone to come in and distract him. Philip is very proud of his skills in medicine and sometimes will sound like he's boasting although he usually doesn't mean to.

Other: Philip is a doctor for the Allied Army. He sometimes works at the main hospital and he sometimes works in the small one in the base.

2/12/2009 #40
Irish toaster

Name: Abrax

Age: 38

Side: Allies

Country: Greece (British army)

Rank: Cavalry officer

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: dark brown

Description: Abrax is a rather plump man.He has rosy red cheeks,the product of too much drinking.He is has tanned skin.He also appears a little unfit for active duty.

Personality: Abrax is a cheerful soul and jokes incessantly.He will talk to anyone and often rants of unrelated stories.He hates silence and will chat until peoples ears bleed from listening to him.

Other:He has a 'slight' drinking problem,often getting drunk and encouraging his soldiers to sing and dance with him.Long into the night....

Also,he is far more intelligent than he seems.His mind is as sharp as his wit.

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Star the Foxhound

((Hey toast, let's introduce Abrax to Abigail!! They can both talk each other to death!! XD))

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Irish toaster

((Lol he'd like that xD))

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Name:Abby Nulinburg




Hair color:Brown with a little bit of blond

Eye Color:A light brown with a caramel lining around the outside

Description:Slim and average highte. Her hair is long but is always pulled back into one long braid.

Personality:She is smart and witty. Outgoing and stubborn at times. She is a person who will listen. But in return you must listen back. Caring and reliable.

Other:She works as a nurse and is proud of what she does.

3/4/2009 #44

Name: Abigail adams

Age: 24

Side: USA


Hair color: auburn

Eye Color: intense blue

Description: she is small figured and pretty, her face is round and is curvy

Personality: she is like most nurses, kind and loving. No matter what side, if a patient came in, she was there to help, if not at work, she is funny and out going.


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Irish toaster

((Hey I know you.Welcome songbirdalice))

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Name:Andrew Marks





Hair color: Blonde

Eye Color: Dark brown

Description:Tall, athletic build, Messy hair

Personality:Very good doctor but flirty and cocky. He takes his work seriously though

Other: His brother was killed in war

4/12/2009 #47
Star the Foxhound

Name: Annie Lamarck

Age: 8

Side: Allies

Country: France

Rank: N/A

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Description: A small and pretty girl.

Personality: Talkative and likes to ask questions.

Other: Philip's younger sister.

4/19/2009 #48

Name: Matthew Roberts

Age: 27

Side: Allies

Country: US

Rank: Private

Hair color: Sandy Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Description: Average height, light build. Clean cut and proper.

Personality: An idealist and intelligent, Matt holds onto the idea that someday there will be no such thing as war. Keeps a level head under pressure and is respected by his friends and peers.

4/26/2009 #49
disused account

Name: Jack Gibbs

Age: 24

Side: Allies

Country: England akk GB

Rank: Lt.

Hair color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Description: Tall, handsome whatev

Personality: He has gained quite a lot of fame in the RAF and he knows it. People recognize him from newspaper articles of his daring exploits. Has the rockstar attitude, but he keeps it under wraps by being charming.

Other: Has 20 kills will often say its more.

5/11/2009 . Edited 5/11/2009 #50

Name:Samantha barings (Or Sam Fields)



Country: America

Rank:(I don't know rank but she is new at joining the arms)

Hair color:Dark burgandy

Eye Color:gray

Description:She is tall and muscular, but not too muscular fo a girl. Her hair is cut short to disguise herself as a man.

Personality: She is serious and tough. She can be cold and heartless but heart breaks for any animal.

Other: She joined the army and disguised herself as a man so that she can. She's been in there for two months and hasn't been caught. She can outrun alot of men and is a great shot. She has a german shepherd named Marty, after her father who died in war.

5/27/2009 #51

(Hope it's not too late to join)

Name: Rose Danvers

Age: 19

Side: Allies

Country: American

Rank: citizen

Hair color: brown

Eye Color: blue

Description: She's an average height young woman with fair skin and rosy cheeks. She has a birthmark on her right shoulderblade that is somewhat shaped like a heart. She has a slender body though her mother nags, saying she is too skinny to have children someday.

Personality: Rose has a very gentle and timid personality on a normal occassional, but as a General's daughter, she has a strong back bone and enough nerve to get through a tight spot.

Other: Rose is the daughter of General Stewart Danvers who had been shipped out with the first wave to Germany at the beginning of the war. She and her mother Georgia live in Charlestown, Rhode Island where they manage to keep their small business afloat by selling flowers. They moved there from their New York home just before the war to avoid any bomb threats. Rose often wears a flower in her hair as a symbol of hope for her father and the many brave men's safe return.

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Irish toaster

lilkorea join off topic everyones there

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Name: Lyla Lovecraft

Age: 23

Side: neutral

Country: US

Rank: citizen

Hair color: Strawberry blonde, curly

Eye Color: green

Description: Just a little over average height for a woman, Lyla is exceptionally pretty.

Personality: Very kind and outgoing and tends to laugh when nervous or uncomfortable.

Other: Works part time as a school teacher and as a nurse at the hospital.

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disused account

(Lovecarft sounds like a bond girl name..)

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(lol, really? I was thinking about my favorite author of horror H.P. Lovecraft)

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disused account

(Bot much into horror.)

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(too bad. wanna RP? Toast and I are in Town)

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Irish toaster

(Im bot into horror either. Bot really anyway :) )

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