A roleplay for the first World War.
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SnowClaw of Windclan

Lafayette nodded, closing his eyes for a moment and bending over to pick his wrench back up, off of the floor. His hair spread out and hung over his shoulders like a mane, almost, as he did so, therefore when he got up, he moved it back behind his shoulders with his free hand. He headed back towards the plane and bent over, squatting and tilting his head to get a better view of the area under the wing. How could I have missed that? A part of the metal had torn, peeling at the edges of the serration as most metal did. "I'll have to weld that.", he said to himself, getting up and taking a welding mask, the tool itself, and a pair of gloves, which he gently slid onto his hands before pulling the mask on and crouching back down. "I'm going to be welding, sparks are going to be coming off of it.", he said.

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Star the Foxhound

Opening his eyes again, Lufbery watched him silent again. In his mind, all the painful memories had resurfaced, along with the faces of the pilots he'd known since he'd joined, the pilots who had gone into the sky and never come back down.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Lafayette went about his work, moving slightly sometimes to stay away from the spray of safe, but unpleasant to the skin, sparks that flew off of the red metal as he worked. Of all of his practices of being a mechanic for the Air Force, his least favorite was welding. He had never liked fire or heat, because to Lafayette they seemed menacing, almost, angry. They engulfed anything that they touched and moments later screamed for more, much like human greed. He much preferred light breezes and cool water, soothing, crisp and cold things instead. He moved his wrist at an awkward angle to put the mouth of the welding torch against a smaller tear in the metal, fusing the two ends together and moving it back, feeling the heat against his palm, despite the glove.

What happened next could have happened to anybody who had been welding in the room. It was unexpected, but nevertheless, it happened before Lafayette could register what had happened. A sudden gust of wind blew through the hangar, strong enough to send the flame at the mouth of the welding torch backwards. His glove ignited before he had realized what had happened.

The feeling of one's flesh burning before the mind fully recognizes it is a strange thing. It is so cold, so very, very cold, and then within fractions of a second your hand is searing, feeling as if it will melt, agonizing pain as you feel the epidermis stripped straight off and cauterized. Lafayette gasped sharply in pain and his gaze caught on the glove, his heart thudding coldly in his chest as he realized what was happening. The welding torch hit the floor with a metallic thud as it fell from his grip and he jerked the glove off, feeling the cold in the tips of his index and middle finger as they went through the flames.

Lafayette stumbled back, but quickly caught his balance, pressing the cauterized hand against his chest. It did not bleed, it was cauterized closed and red and orange and black, the skin was peeled to all degrees and clear fluid began to ooze from the welts. He moved forward quickly despite his pain, hastily grabbing the welding torch and switching off the propane before leaning back against the wall. His expression remained nearly calm, but he was panting shakily, his eyes watering.

Lafayette slumped down sightly, shaking and trying to level his breathing. He couldn't say anything without screaming, he knew he wouldn't scream. He couldn't scream...The tears spilled over into the outside corners of his eyes and he took another shaking breath, shutting his eyes. Please, make it stop!

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Kid of Colors

Andi, who had been shuffling a deck of cards over and over, heard the commotion coming from Lafayette and looked up. She saw Lafayette, the man she had been trying to provoke a little bit a go now slumped on the floor, pain etched across his features. She saw the welding torch thrown aside, thhe charred glove, and the, lastly, his hand. She let out a small gasp and ruched forward. Reaching towards him and then withdrawing her hand.

"Jesus..." she breathed, seeing the hand. It was not a pretty site, so she quickly averted her eyes, "That's a pretty bad burn.."

She felt bad for sitting there, stating the obvious.

"Are you alright? Wait, don't answer that, that was a stupid question. Let me get you to get that fixed," she looked at him, slowy rising again and holding out a hand.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Lafayette heard Andi's voice as she dropped what she was doing, fear in her tone, and shut his eyes tighter, taking another shaking breath. Panting, he forced the words out through his teeth in an agonized hiss, pressing the arm to his chest more firmly. Fluid from the welts had soaked his uniform almost entirely, and his thoughts began to muddle. Everything was going by slowly, in brief snapshots... "..There's a hospital...about a mile...from here....", he said, his expression loosening again, except for his tightly drawn features.

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Kid of Colors

"Alright," Andi then proceeded to help him to his feet, careful not to touch his hand. Her tone was not entirely sympathetic. She never let it slip into somehing that sounded weak. She made it sound like what she was doojng was something she had to do," Are you alright? Ready?"

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Star the Foxhound

Lufbery started towards them. "Anything I can do to help?"

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SnowClaw of Windclan

After a moment his face loosened slightly and he seemed to calm--despite the pain cutting through his left and dominant hand. He did not think about that, though, he thought only about keeping a level head...They did not need to be worried, and he would make sure that they didn't. Lafayette moved to his own feet, evening out his breathing but still holding the hand to his now-damp chest. The fluid from the welts had soaked his uniform. Turning to Luf, he spoke. "I'll be alright.", he said, "It's mainly in the flesh."

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Star the Foxhound

"Perhaps you should see a doctor?" Luf suggested, looking at him with concern.

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Kid of Colors

Andi gestured Lufberry over.

"Luf, why don't you come with us to the hospital?" she suggested. She wasn't familiar with where it was yet.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Lafayette nodded. He did not consider himself to be putting on a brave front-his pain was apparent to all of them, but he had always held his head high not out of pride but out of necessity of doing so--he did not need to burden others with his troubles...He let the burnt hand hang at his side, barely raised near the elbow as they headed towards the hospital that was set up near the main allied base. He half wondered how he would go about his work now. He smiled ruefully but in amusement despite his pain.

(to Allied Base.)

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Star the Foxhound

"Alright." Lufbery nodded and stepped to his other side. "I'll come with you."

((To Hospital))

11/17/2009 #312
SnowClaw of Windclan

(Hospital or Allied Base? I figured we could have them meet Quill and company. XP)

11/17/2009 #313
Star the Foxhound

((The Allied Base doesn't have a large hospital, that one's just for soldiers that live in that area. The hospital is where all the others will go, pilots, marines, etc. They wouldn't go to the infantry base.))

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