A roleplay for the first World War.
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Kid of Colors

(you guys mind if i kinda...hop in? or should i come in when they are done?)

11/3/2008 #31
J.A. Fletcher
(It ain't our decision, it's yours)
11/3/2008 #32
Kid of Colors

(hope ya don't mind...)

Andi's eyes widened in delight as the plane roared to life and began to move forward. She took it down the runway, speeding up faster and faster and finally pulling back on the throttle, the plane bouncing a few times before fully lifting off the ground. She loved the feeling she got when she saw how high she had become, the natural dizziness that comes when she looks down. Her eyes flickered up to observe her surroundings, and she let out a small gasp at what she saw. Ten German planes and two of thier's. She began to wonder if she should go try need help out, wondering if she would make any difference. She pursed her lips and sighed, turning the plane in the direction of the Germans.

11/3/2008 . Edited 11/3/2008 #33
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford pushed the stick back and the Sopwith sprung up into the air. He fired his machine gun at the plane above him and the chambers rattled noisily.

11/3/2008 #34
Kid of Colors

Andi hesitated to fire the machine gun. She had most certainly not planned on using it, and wandered how much ammo was left in there. Once she had a clear shot on one of the bombers, she let a few rounds go, pulling back to go again.

11/3/2008 #35
J.A. Fletcher

Fox, Hugs, can you move your posts to the battlefield?

11/4/2008 #36
Kid of Colors


11/4/2008 #37
Kid of Colors

Andi let out a sigh of relief, glad to be back on their own turf.

"You got that Hartford?" she asked as he clambered out clumsily. She waited for Lufberry to get out before she finally did.

(oops sorry)

11/26/2008 #38
J.A. Fletcher

(It's okay.) "I'm fine." Hartford said. "I just can't be loved, that's all." He said, starting to walk away.

11/26/2008 #39
Kid of Colors

"Hartford," she called, biting her lip. She was afraid of getting to close, especially in the middle of a war.

11/26/2008 #40
J.A. Fletcher
(Hugs, I'm sorry, but that last sentence didn't make any sense.)
11/26/2008 #41
Kid of Colors

(ah just ignore it. i'm all jumbled up right now sorry.)

11/26/2008 #42
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery got out of the plane and started to walk away. He looked back one last time and smiled at the other two. "Keep working Andi," he said, "I want to see you become an ace, even if you are a girl."

11/26/2008 #43
Kid of Colors

"What does me being a girl have to do with anything?" she snapped, not in a very good mood. She folded her arms and waited for him to blow it off with another cheery remark, like he always did.

11/26/2008 #44
Star the Foxhound

"Well no one wants girls to fly," he said not minding that she was not in a good mood, "I however believe that you are a wonderful pilot."

He smiled, "You being a girl means to a lot of people that you don't know too much about fighting and about flying."

11/26/2008 #45
Kid of Colors

"Well, those people are wrong," she huffed, fealing cranky and tired.

"I'm sorry. I need some rest." And with that she walked away.

11/26/2008 #46
Star the Foxhound

"I won't tell anyone," he shouted after her, "Your secret's safe."

11/26/2008 #47
Kid of Colors

She waved her hand and went to wash up and take a nap.

11/26/2008 #48
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery let her go and decided to go into the town.

11/26/2008 #49
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford went to his bunk and plopped down on the matress. His leg still hurt from the extraction. He tried to sleep, but all he could think about was Andi.

11/26/2008 #50
Kid of Colors

Andi lay face down on her pillow, her wet hair clinging to her cheek and back. She was exhausted, but found it impossible to sleep.

11/26/2008 #51
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford climbed out of bed and walked over to the cracked mirror in the bathroom of the barracks. He pulled out his pocket comb and combed his hair back. He'd go find Andi, and apoligize.

11/26/2008 #52
Kid of Colors

Andi took the tennis ball from under her bunk and walked out, bouncing it against the ground. She watched it closely, just in case she faded off and forgot about it, leaving it to bounce up and it her in the face.

11/26/2008 #53
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford left the barracks and saw Andi a few yards off, face to the ground, bouncing a tennis ball. Hartford shyly walked up to her.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay?" He said.

11/26/2008 #54
Kid of Colors

"Don't be sorry," she told him, still focused on the tennis ball. She didn't want him to feel sorry. He hadn't done anything to her.

11/26/2008 #55
J.A. Fletcher

"No." Hartford said. "I was angry, and I shouldn't have been. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have fallen in love with you. I can't be loved. I'm unlovable." He turned and felt a tear well in his eye, but wiped it away. "Damn it," He said, starting to quietly sob, embarassed.

11/26/2008 #56
Kid of Colors

Andi felt her stomach drop, and she forgot abut the tennis ball. It bounced up and hit her in the face.

"Ow," shegrumbled, walking to Hartford and grabbing his hand and looking at him.

"Don't ever say that."

11/26/2008 #57
J.A. Fletcher

"I am unlovable." Hartford said, tears sliding down his cheeks. "It's happened to me before, it's happening with you." He wiped his eyes.

11/26/2008 #58
Kid of Colors

She held back her own tears.

"I want you, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of falling in love," she explained her voice shaking a bit, "Dammit! We're in a war! And you never know who is going to make it out! You think this is an excuse? What if you never made it out, Ernest? Where would I be then? Am I just being selfish, or smart?"

11/26/2008 #59
J.A. Fletcher

"You've just gotta take that chance!" Hartford said. "Love is just a goddamned gamble! I love you, and it would kill me, kill me, if I couldn't have you."

11/26/2008 #60
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