A roleplay for the first World War.
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Kid of Colors

Bored of watching two chat, she turned on her heal and went to check up on Lufberry.

She knocked, bouncing her ball.

1/27/2009 #181
Star the Foxhound

"Come in," Lufbery called glad that his voice was back to normal. Ed helped him sit up and he leaned back against the pillow waiting to see who it was.

1/28/2009 #182
Kid of Colors

Andi pushed the door open, stepping into the room.

"Hi. Just wanted to see how you're doing," she said, flashing a smile at Ed.

1/28/2009 #183
Star the Foxhound

"I'm doing much better," Lufbery replied, "As you can probaly tell."

He nodded towards Parsons. "This is my friend Edward Parsons. He's a fighter pilot too and we worked together before we were moved to different units."

Parsons smiled at Andi. "Nice to met you miss," he said.

1/28/2009 #184
Kid of Colors

"Hiya Ed. Hope that Luf hasn't been to much of a pain to take care of," she teased, resuming the bounce of her little ball. It was becoming quite the habit, and probably annoying to some.

1/28/2009 #185
Star the Foxhound

"I'm not taking care of him miss," Parson said, "I just came to visit an old friend."

Lufbery smiled. "So how have you been Andi?" he asked.

1/28/2009 #186
Kid of Colors

Andi pursed her lips and nodded.

"Annoyed, stressed, bored, anxious..other than that, fine and dandy," she said.

1/28/2009 #187
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery let out a small chuckle. "Have they fixed up the planes we trashed yet?" he asked.

1/28/2009 #188
Kid of Colors

"I've started too. They seem pretty impossible," And said, tossing her head back a bit with a sigh. They were hideous beaten up.

1/28/2009 #189
Star the Foxhound

"In a few days I'll be up and about," Lufbery said, "Then I'll work on my plane. You know I used to be a mechanic."

1/28/2009 #190
Kid of Colors

She nodded.

"Thats handy."

1/28/2009 #191
Star the Foxhound

"I know it is," Lufbery said, "It makes me feel better when I go up in the air because I can make sure that the plane is in top shape before I get into a fight."

Parsons sighed and looked between the two, "I would rather just leave it in God's hands but Luf here goes nuts over the planes. He even polishes his bullets!"

1/28/2009 #192
Kid of Colors

She looke from Parson's to Luberry, a brow raised.

"Now thats obsessive," she commented.

1/28/2009 #193
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery shrugged, "It's what I do, safer that way."

1/28/2009 #194
Kid of Colors

"Yeah, whatever you say," she said twirling her finger about the side of her head, the sign for "crazy..."

1/28/2009 #195
Star the Foxhound

"You do realize," Lufbery said, "That the guns jam because the bullets get stuck. But when I oil them the bullets get stuck less often."

1/28/2009 #196
Kid of Colors

"Okay Luf. Maybe I'll do that sometime," she said with no intention of doing so, "I best get going. See you guys around."

She waved to Parsons and Lufberry before making her exit.

1/28/2009 #197
Star the Foxhound

"I'll see you around," Lufbery said still smiling.

"Bye miss Andi," Parson's said.

1/28/2009 #198
Kid of Colors

Andi left to take care of the brutally thrashed planes. She stood, tieing up her hair and unsure of where to start.

1/28/2009 #199
Aesthetic Princess

"So Mr. Anton." Edith said. "What's your last name?"

1/29/2009 #200
Star the Foxhound

"Frolov," Anton told her, "I think I told you that a little earlier."

1/29/2009 #201
Aesthetic Princess

"So Mr. Frolov. What makes a man want to become a fighter pilot?"

1/30/2009 #202
Star the Foxhound

"Please, call me Anton," he said, "I want to be a fighter pilot for the excitement. It's a whole new world up the sky and when I heard about it, it was something that I wanted to experience with all my heart."

1/30/2009 #203
Star the Foxhound

((A Few Days Later))

Raoul Lufbery walked through the hangers until his eyes rested on his plane which was in fairly good shape. The machinics had been hard at work while he had been laid up with a bullet through his chest. Although the wound was still tender Lufbery had decided to convince the nurses and doctors that he was fit for duty again and since he was a major they had been willing to listen to him.

He ran a hand over his plane then found his stack of bullets and got out the oil and a rag, sitting down beside the plane to work at them in case he needed to go up in the air and fight anytime soon.

2/5/2009 #204
Kid of Colors

Andi saw him and wiped the grease from her fingertips, not realizing that there was also grease smudged across her cheek as well.

"Seriously?" she asked, a wry smile creeping to her face as she saw what he was doing.

2/5/2009 #205
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery looked up and smiled at her. "I was expecting you to go on a rant about how I should be in bed resting," he joked wiping another bullet, "But instead you look at me like I'm crazy or something. Didn't I tell you earlier how important having good bullets in the gun are? It keeps the gun from jamming and the gun jamming has been known to be the death of some of the best pilots."

2/5/2009 #206
Kid of Colors

"Oh yes," she nodded, her hand resting on her hip, "Normally I would do that. But you seem well enough, and I think I've done enough mothering for a bit." She absently tightened her ponytail and sniffed.

2/5/2009 #207
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery laughed, "Yes I am well enough and I want to be prepared for action in case anything happens to pop up."

He gestured towards the bullets, "That's why I'm doing what I'm doing. It's good to be ready. So anyway, did you come out here to work with the planes?"

2/6/2009 #208
Kid of Colors

"No I just decided to come out here and roll in grease," she said sarcastically.

2/6/2009 #209
Star the Foxhound

Then a voice came over the planes. "Everyone get the air, we are heading to the front!"

Lufbery let out a small smile and hurried to pack his oiled bullets into his plane before he grabbed his helmet and started his plane's enginne.

2/7/2009 #210
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