A roleplay for the first World War.
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J.A. Fletcher

"He ain't gonna be able to fight the Germans after I'm through with him!" Ben said, diving at Lewis.

10/30/2008 #61
Star the Foxhound

As Ben flew at him Lewis lefted his foot so that Ben ran into his stomach. Laughing he dived on top of him attacking the other soldier with every last muscle of his body.

10/30/2008 #62
J.A. Fletcher

Ben lay on the ground, knowing that he was defeated. (I had to end it somehow)

10/30/2008 #63
Star the Foxhound

Smiling to himself Lewis stood up and kicked Ben in the face, not caring how much he hurt him. "Call me a man you dumb soldier," he said, "Or I will hunt you for the rest of your days."

10/30/2008 #64
J.A. Fletcher

Ben spat blood on the ground. "Have it your way," Ben said. "Kid."

10/30/2008 #65
Star the Foxhound


Lewis did not attack but he kept his hands bowled into fists.

10/30/2008 #66
J.A. Fletcher

Ben saw Lewis's two boots less than a foot away from his body. He took the opportunity and snatched one of the boots, knocking Lewis to the ground.

"Round two, kid." Lewis said, ready to pounce.

10/30/2008 #67
disused account

Hearing this, Donnie jabed a killer right at Ben (he was once a boxer btw). "Knock this off or I'll call the MPs."

10/30/2008 #68
J.A. Fletcher

Ben spat another mouthfull of blood on the ground and smiled with red teeth.

"It's okay, pal." He said. "relax, there's no need to call the authorities."

Ben reached down and helped Lewis to his feet.

"You know what?" He said. "You're all right."

10/30/2008 #69
Star the Foxhound

As soon as he was on his feet Lewis pulled his hand out of Ben's grasp. "Thank you," he said coldly.

10/31/2008 #70
J.A. Fletcher

"You tell me to call you a man but don't take a compliment like one?"

10/31/2008 #71
Star the Foxhound

"I ask you to call me a man because I'm 30 years old mr." Lewis said.

10/31/2008 #72
J.A. Fletcher

"And I'm seven years older than you, so to me, you're a kid."

10/31/2008 #73
disused account

"Both of ye shut the f*** up."

10/31/2008 #74
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sighed. "It's not my fault some people are impossible to get along with"

10/31/2008 #75
J.A. Fletcher

"Really?" Ben said. "That's what I was about to say."

10/31/2008 #76
Star the Foxhound

" YOU are the impossilbe one," Lewis spat.

10/31/2008 #77
J.A. Fletcher

James Powell looked around the base, duffel bag in hand. Near the flagpost, two men were standing there arguing. There were other men crowded around.

He walked over to the crowd. He saw two men, both looking beat up.

10/31/2008 #78
Star the Foxhound

Lewis nodded to him before glaring again at Ben.

10/31/2008 #79
J.A. Fletcher

"What's going on here?" James asked the man who had nodded to him.

10/31/2008 #80
Star the Foxhound

"That man over there thinks I'm a kid," Lewis said, "But I'm proving to him that I'm a man."

10/31/2008 #81
J.A. Fletcher

"I guess you did a little proving."

10/31/2008 #82
Star the Foxhound

Lewis laughed. "He better not cross my path again."

10/31/2008 #83
Kid of Colors

"stupide puérile hommes. They think they own the world," Sibylle muttered to herself, watching from afar.

11/1/2008 #84
disused account

Donnie returned, shaking his head. "Sorry miss.."

11/1/2008 #85
Kid of Colors

"They say they are men, and yet the scream and fight like...like little bébés over a toy," Sibylle said, nodding in their direction. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

11/1/2008 #86
disused account

“I won’t aruge with you there.”

11/1/2008 #87
Kid of Colors

"Ah bon...bon...I fear I would take the argument to far," she said with a faint smile, but it quickly dissaperaed.

11/1/2008 #88
disused account

He gave a chuckle then stiffened. "So..?"

11/1/2008 #89
Kid of Colors

"So...what?" she asked, scratching her arm, and watching him.

11/1/2008 #90
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