A roleplay for the first World War.
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disused account

"Want to get away from here?"

11/1/2008 #91
Kid of Colors

Sibylle raised an eyebrow.

"Depends on what you mean by get away...." Was this guy an airhead to?

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #92
disused account

"Just get lunch somewhere, I need to be with decent folks for awhile."

11/1/2008 #93
Kid of Colors

She wasn't sure. She didn't like the thought of going out to eat with a stranger, but her stomach thought differently.


11/1/2008 #94
disused account

"Can you recommend a good place?"

11/1/2008 #95
Kid of Colors

"There's a nice little cafe around the corner," she told him.

(g2g sorry)

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #96
disused account

“Okay, let’s go.”

(To town?)

11/1/2008 #97
Kid of Colors

(sure, but i wont be here long)

11/1/2008 #98
disused account

(Plz post der..)

11/1/2008 #99
Irish toaster

Seamus sipped his coffee alone in the busy cafe and his eyes lit up.Truly French coffee is what its reputed to be he thought and smiled.

11/1/2008 #100
Star the Foxhound

(Excuse me but I your need to get your char aproved and you should have PMed me to ask if you could play before even posting a character. Please tell me who you are and come over the off-topic so that I can talk to you first.)

11/1/2008 #101
J.A. Fletcher

James nodded to the guy.

"I guess not." He said. "Well, I'll see you around. My name's James, by the way."

11/1/2008 #102
disused account

(Seamus?! Toaster *shakes head*

11/1/2008 #103

Albert sat outside, the cool breezes a passing reminder of the windy cliffs of Newfoundland. Agh, he missed his hometown. The sound of the ocean, the crisp accents that greeted him every morn' when he went to work, and the sense of safety that lingered there. But he was here to do his duty to his country. He wouldn't have a white feather on his shirt, no sir. No one dared call Albert a coward.

11/14/2008 #104
Star the Foxhound

Lewis strode up to Albert and sat down beside him. "Hey man what's up?"

11/15/2008 #105

Albert glanced over at the stranger, pulling out an old oil-stained cloth that he used to shine up his Enfield.

"Not much." he said in his coastal accent, looking towards the sky. "Just them clouds up there."

11/15/2008 #106
Star the Foxhound

"So you like to be funny," Lewis said with a smirk, "That's interesting. I am more of a soldier then a funny person, just got into a fight with some other dumb allied soldier."

He pulled up his sleeve to show a few bruises and cuts.

11/15/2008 #107

"Didn't say I liked to be funny." Albert said simply, pulling out some unspent rounds from the magazine. "And I've seen enough fightin'. I don' need to get into ano'er fuss."

((Gyah, he's supposed to be a Newfie! *slaps self* he doesn't have a southern accent!))

11/15/2008 #108
Star the Foxhound

Lewis laughed. "Thought you just got him buddy," he held out a hand, "I'm Lewis Filler."

11/15/2008 #109

Albert glanced at the outstretched hand and, deciding he was no threat, shook it firmly.

"Albert Willis." he said, offering a smile.

11/15/2008 #110
Star the Foxhound

Lewis smiled back. "You know what," he said, "Maybe we could be friends, so far I haven't been able to make any. I get in a lot of fights."

11/16/2008 #111

He looked at Lewis up and down.

"I could tell." he noted with a shrug. "Sure, I don' see no problem wi' that."

11/16/2008 . Edited 11/16/2008 #112
Star the Foxhound

Lewis looked at his messed up uniform with a sigh. He hadn't even fought in a real battle yet. "Do you like to fight?"

11/16/2008 #113

Albert snorted.

"Heck no." he chuckled. "Who likes te' fight? If I had a choice, I'd be home with me fam'ly. But I've got a job te' do now, so me brother's donnae' have to."

11/16/2008 #114
Star the Foxhound

"Then what are you doing here?"

11/16/2008 #115

He looked at him blankly.

"I just told ye." he said. "I've got a job te do. For my little bro'er's sake."

11/16/2008 #116
Star the Foxhound

"You fight for your little brother," Lewis started at him, "I fight because I like killing."

11/16/2008 #117
J.A. Fletcher

"Really." James said, walking up to Lewis. "So you like killing, huh?"

11/16/2008 #118
Star the Foxhound

"I like seeing some blood and guts," Lewis said, "And feeling like I am in control over another beings life."

11/16/2008 #119
J.A. Fletcher

"I think killing's sadistic." James said. "People shouldn't kill each other."

11/16/2008 #120
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