A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

(Where any Central Power soldiers will enter)

10/12/2008 #1
J.A. Fletcher

Jan Kappel walked out of the main building, looking at his papers which he had recieved from the colonel. He was in the third bunk in barracks three.

He found the building, an old, wooden beat-up thing. Inside, it smelled of dust and smoke. On one bunk, a man was lying on his back, reading an old magazine. On the bunk below the man, was an old-looking soldier. The soldier spat on the ground, and looked at Jan with an evil face.

Jan was nervous and quickly rushed to bunk three. There was a young man on the top bunk, writing on a piece of paper.

10/31/2008 #2
J.A. Fletcher

Terry put his pencil and paper down. The letter to his mother could wait. He looked at the guy who had just put his bag on the bottom bunk.

10/31/2008 #3
Star the Foxhound

A few minutes later another man, James Winfield, entered with a bag. He tossed it on the ground. "Hello everyone," he said, "I'm just starting here."

11/2/2008 #4
J.A. Fletcher

Terry reached out his hand to James. "I'm Terry." He said.

11/4/2008 #5
Star the Foxhound

James took the hand. "I'm James, but you can call me Jim."

11/4/2008 #6
J.A. Fletcher

"Alright, then." Terry said. "And what's yours?" He asked the new guy who had put his bag on the bottom bunk.

11/5/2008 #7
J.A. Fletcher

"Jan." He answered.

11/5/2008 #8
Star the Foxhound

James nodded, "Nice to meet you both."

11/19/2008 #9
J.A. Fletcher

"Good to meet you, too." Terry said. "Where are you from?"

11/19/2008 #10
Star the Foxhound

"Germany, where else would I be from."

11/20/2008 #11
J.A. Fletcher

Jan looked annoyed at this.

"He means what town."

11/21/2008 #12
J.A. Fletcher

"You don't have to be so moody." Terry said.

11/21/2008 #13
J.A. Fletcher

"You gonna stop me?" Jan said, taking off his jacket.

11/21/2008 #14
J.A. Fletcher

"I have no reason to fight with scum like you." Terry said, sitting up.

11/21/2008 #15
J.A. Fletcher

Jan yelled a battle cry and yanked Terry off of the top bunk. Terry went crashing to the floor.

11/21/2008 #16
J.A. Fletcher

((I'm gonna do the fight scene in one post, so I won't have to keep going back and forth.))

Terry jumped up from the ground and smashed his fist into Jan's large face. Jan toppled backwards, but pushed off from the bed and threw a kick at Terry's face. Terry jumped out of the way and grabbed Jan's boot. Jan did a half somersault and tumbled to the ground.

Terry took the opportunity and leaped on top of Jan, punching him. Jan threw a punch back, and the men, rolling and fighting in a ball of anger, rolled out of the barracks and into the sunlight, still fighting like hungry wolves.

11/21/2008 #17
Star the Foxhound

James quickly pulled Terry away from Jan. "Cool it fellows, we are here to kill the Allies, not each other."

11/21/2008 #18
J.A. Fletcher

Jan punched James in the mouth and dove at Terry, fist first.

11/21/2008 #19
J.A. Fletcher

Terry caught Jan's fist in his jaw and fell to the ground. He climbed back up and caught Jan with a quick uppercut.

11/21/2008 #20
Star the Foxhound

James grapped Jan. "Cool off man.!!"

11/21/2008 #21
J.A. Fletcher

Jan tried to struggle, but a few men came over and grabbed him. The lieutenant came and ordered Jan to the holding cell.

11/21/2008 #22
Star the Foxhound

James watched him go then smiled a Terry. "Seems like a tough man."

11/21/2008 #23
J.A. Fletcher

"Ain't tough." Terry said, spitting out blood. "An idiot, that's what he is."

11/21/2008 #24
Star the Foxhound

"Yeah, wonder what he's out to do," James said, "He won't make any friends the way he's going."

11/21/2008 #25
J.A. Fletcher

"He doesn't want friends."

11/21/2008 #26
Star the Foxhound

"How do you know?"

James sat down on his bunk.

11/21/2008 . Edited 11/21/2008 #27
J.A. Fletcher

"I've met men like him before." Terry said. "He's a lone soul."

11/21/2008 #28
Star the Foxhound

James sighed, "Where you from?"

11/21/2008 #29
J.A. Fletcher

"A little village called Gunervousen."

11/21/2008 #30
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