A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

(Where all the fighting with take place, including trench battles, non trench battles and air battles.)

10/12/2008 . Edited 10/27/2008 #1
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford glided low, then looked up. He could make out the Iron cross on one of the wings. He yelled and turned his plane up, and fired his machine gun.

11/4/2008 #2
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford pushed the stick back and the Sopwith sprung up into the air. He fired his machine gun at the plane above him and the chambers rattled noisily.

11/4/2008 #3
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford pushed the stick back and the Sopwith sprung up into the air. He fired his machine gun at the plane above him and the chambers rattled noisily.

11/4/2008 #4
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery was right by his side hand just over the machine gun waiting for the right moment to fire.

11/4/2008 #5
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford swiftly glided his plane through the formation, scattering the planes.

Great, he thought. Now they're on the defensive.

He got on one bomber's tail and let a rip of fire take the tail off. The plane twisted for a moment, then fell out of the sky like a dead bird.

11/4/2008 #6
Kid of Colors

Andi watched the bomber plunge down to the earth, hoping that her fate would not be the same. She targeted one of the planes to the farthest to the left and barrel rolled to get a good shot. After letting another round go, she pulled up to fly over the german plane as he began to shoot back, cursing as she heard a few bullets hit the metal of her own plane. She looked back and saw a bit of smoke emitting from the plane she had targetted, but it was still going.

11/4/2008 . Edited 11/4/2008 #7
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery pulled the trigger on his gun, just missing a German plane. Come on he thought, come on as he aimed again.

11/4/2008 #8
Kid of Colors

Andi grit her teeth as she just barely missed a couple shots, looping back around to fire again at the already damaged German. It smoked even more and began to descend. She shot the wing and it snapped, the plane spinning down out of the air. Andi shouted in delight, celebrating her first take-down.

11/4/2008 #9
Star the Foxhound

Carefully shotting Lufbery shot a plane down but he didn't watch to see it fall. He'd shot down so many planes, killed so many pilots and it didn't matter as much to him anymore. As he flew upwards a bullet hit his wind and the plane spun. Grinding his teeth together he stuggled to keep the plane in the air.

11/4/2008 #10
Kid of Colors

(did they have parachutes?)

11/4/2008 #11
Star the Foxhound

(ummm....no idea. Ask danger, he knows a lot about this stuff)

11/4/2008 #12
Kid of Colors

(whats the year in this rp again?)

11/4/2008 #13
Star the Foxhound


11/4/2008 #14
Kid of Colors

(hmm...tthat puts a damper on things...)

11/4/2008 #15
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery managed to level the plane a little and he fired at the plane that had hit his sending it spriling to the ground. Taking a deep breath he turned the plane around heading behide his other two pilots so that he could see how much damage the bullet had done.

11/4/2008 #16
Kid of Colors

Andi flew straight at another plane, slowly beginning to dip a little as he began to shoot. She bit her lip, her gray-blue eyes narrowing hardening in concentration. She flew under the belly of the plane, that barrel rolled to the side. She began to fly straight up, turning up and over in a loop, and beginning to dive towards the german, pulling the trigger on the guns. The bullets snapped half the wing off, throwing the plane out of control and catching it on fire. Her small victory was short lived though when she ran out of ammo, and the hull began to smoke. She growled, beginning to lower her plane to the ground. She began to perspire, nervous that the smoke would turn to fire and the gas tank would catch fire and blow up the plane. Sure enough, the front caught fire. She cursed, preparing herself for a rough landing. The plane's wheels hit the ground with a loud thump, and she flipped off the engine. As it slowly began to slow down, she lifted herself out of the wobbly plane, struggling to keep her balance, and jumped from the plane, rolling to a stop. She watched it roll on, panting hard, her heart racing as it blew up.

"Thank...God...." she mumbled between breathes, throwing off her helmet and laying in the cool mud.

11/4/2008 #17
J.A. Fletcher

(Remember, no parachutes, only leather helmets, flimsy goggles, on windshield at the front of the cockpit, the machine gun mounted at the cockpit to the right of the pilot, so it was like using a standard machine gun, it shot through the propellers. Oh, yeah, and planes were made of a metal frame, a flimsy wooden base, and cloth.)

Hartford saw the downed Allied plane, and hoped that the person was not killed. He got on the tail of one plane, and shot it down. Suddenly, his plane jerked around, doing a 360. He looked behind him. His tail was almost gone. He pulled the stick around and did the falling leaf manuever. The German plane fell for it, and flew off. He fired at another plane, crippling it, then jumped out of his seat. He stood on the edge of the plane, ready to jump off. Then he remembered his pistol. He took it out of its holster and put it to his head. Then he saw a plane on Lufbery's tail. They started to zoom past his plane.

Hartford carefully aimed the pistol, closed his eyes, and prayed to God that the bullet would hit its mark. He fired, opened his eyes, and saw the plane that had been on Lufbery go down. The plane wasn't damaged, but the pilot was slumped over in his seat, dead.

Hartford climbed back into the cockpit, determined to make it back. But instead of keeping its course, the plane started a steep downward dive.

Hartford looked down in horror at the trees that were rushing closer into view, and said, "Oh, sh-" Before his plane slammed into a clump of trees.

Hartford opened his eyes a moment later. His head was bleeding. He breathed for a minute and painfully climbed out of the plane. He landed on the ground and fell around, dizzy.

He fell on the ground and laid there for a few minutes. Then he got up and looked around. There was a burned plane a few hundred yards away, and laying in mud, was the pilot. Hartford gasped and ran to the pilot's aid. When he saw that it was a woman, he gasped.

11/4/2008 #18
Kid of Colors

Andi had not heard the other pilot run over to her side, but when he gasped, she jerked up, nearly ramming into him. She grit her teeth together, clutching her arm, and blinked a few times to clear her clouded vision. He looked shocked, and at first, she thought it was just because of the whole situtation they had just gotten out of, but she then realized, that it was because the man had been exspecting a fellow male, but instead came across a women. Her eyes went wide and she began to plead with him.

"Please don't tell sir! Please, please please! I beg of you! I'll do you a huge favor if you don't tell! I'll um..I'll ummm..." she paced, thinking of what she could do, "You name it! Just please don't rat me out!"

she spoke very quickly and frantically.

11/4/2008 #19
J.A. Fletcher
11/4/2008 #20
Kid of Colors

(*does a little jig*)

(now how about ya post to celebate? huhuh? how about that? lol)

11/4/2008 . Edited 11/4/2008 #21
J.A. Fletcher

Hartford helped the woman to her feet. "I'm not gonna rat you out." He said. "We're in enemy territory. Why the hell would I do that? Come on, we gotta move."

11/4/2008 #22
Kid of Colors

Andi quickly grabbed her mud covered helmet and followed after the man. She had her suspicions, but decided it was alright for now.

"Thanks Mr....?" she waited for him put his name in the blank, squeezing the flimsy helmet dry and making sure the inside was clean before shoving her hair in it. She pushed her over grown bangs to the side and waited.

11/4/2008 . Edited 11/4/2008 #23
J.A. Fletcher

"Ernest Hartford." Hartford said. "Now can you please explain to me what you were doing in that plane?"

11/4/2008 #24
Kid of Colors

"Getting a little fresh air?" She told him, a little unsure. She was doing pretty much the same thing he was. Was it a crime to want to fly?

11/4/2008 #25
J.A. Fletcher

"Your little stunt is gonna get us both kicked out of the Air Corps. If we get back at all."

11/4/2008 #26
Kid of Colors

Andi bowed her head slightly, feeling a bit ashamed for her impulsive behavior. She wasn't completely sorry for what she did though. She took down a few Germans to after all.

"Your head okay?" she asked him, seeing the wet blood glisten in the sun.

11/4/2008 #27
J.A. Fletcher

"Don't worry about me." Hartford said. He stopped Andi with his arm. "Look. I'm sorry. I shouldn't act this way. You must be hurting. Let's find a place to sleep. The sun's going down."

The two walked on and found an abandoned barn. Hartford helped Andi up into the loft and plopped down beside her.

11/4/2008 #28
Kid of Colors

Andi wanted to insist that they kept going, but something kept her from saying so. Maybe she was really hurting, even if she didn't want to admit it. She yawned deeply and ripped off the helmet, throwing it somewhere in the barn. She leaned back and cradled her arm, looking to Hartford.

"You sure you don't want me to take a look at that gash for you?" she asked him casually, watching the room obtain an orange glow.

(g2g to bed now bye!)

11/4/2008 #29
J.A. Fletcher

Ernest took off his jacket and put it over Andi.

"You may not like this, but you need warmth or you'll freeze to death."

Ernest laid down on the hay.

11/4/2008 . Edited 11/5/2008 #30
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