A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

They charged again and when they got to the next trench Robert Johnston came up to them. "Hello," he said cheerfully, "Having fun?"

2/7/2009 #331
Irish toaster

Seamus raised an eyebrow at the man but decided not to say anything.He was already doubled-over,panting hard.

2/7/2009 #332

Albert looked at the man, not recognizing him.

"Great." he mumbled, looking at the next goal.

2/7/2009 #333
Star the Foxhound

"Are you wondering where my brother went?" Robert asked, "Because if you would like I could tell you."

2/7/2009 #334

Albert stopped and looked at him.

"Where's Lewis?" he said, remembering.

2/7/2009 #335
Irish toaster

"Sorry but,who are you?"Seamus wheezed.

2/7/2009 #336
Star the Foxhound

"Ah, now you remember," Robert said smirking, "Lewis is dead, he was shot through the heart, I saw it myself."

John looked up his hazel eyes wide but he didn't say anything.

2/7/2009 #337

Albert looked at him, then smirked back.

"Ye're the worst bullshitter I ever met." he said.

2/7/2009 #338
Star the Foxhound

"I tell you he's dead," Robert spat showing him a body of a black haired man who had been shot in the chest and then the face, it wasn't Lewis but he didn't have to tell anyone that, "See?"

2/7/2009 #339
Irish toaster

Seamus felt a chill run down his spine.

2/7/2009 #340

The body was all the "proof" Albert needed - he looked in horror at the body and then at Robert.

"Ye're a piece of work." he said in anger. "Ye know that?"

2/7/2009 #341
Star the Foxhound

"What do you mean?" Robert spat at him, "I thought I was doing you a favor by telling you what has become of your murdering friend!"

John stepped back towards Seamus not wanting to get in the middle of it.

2/7/2009 #342

"He was ye're brother, ye arse!" Albert growled. "Ye don't have to gloat about him dyin'! What're ye gonna tell his lass? Eh? Or are ye gonna let me do that too?"

He glanced over at the officers, waiting for the order to get in the next trench so he could get away from Robert.

2/7/2009 #343
Irish toaster

Seamus leaned over to John "What's going on?"he whispered.

2/7/2009 #344
Star the Foxhound

Robert made a face, "By all means you tell the girl! She was nuts to get in over her head in stuff like this and you know that! I'll gloat over him dying for as long as I live and you can sob into your pillow at night all you want."

He grinned and then grabbed the body and disappeared into the crowd. John looked at Seamus shaking his head before turning to Albert. "I'm so sorry...."

2/7/2009 #345

Albert punched the side to the trench and gritted his teeth.

"Dammit." he muttered. "I knew this would happen."

2/7/2009 #346
Star the Foxhound

John went to his side, "What can I do?" he asked softly.

2/7/2009 #347

He looked at John.

"Don't get yerself killed." he said. "That's all ye can do, lad."

2/7/2009 #348
Star the Foxhound

John nodded, "I wish I could do more. He was a close friend of yours, I can tell. He was a good man."

2/7/2009 #349

He laughed.

"He was far from bein' a good man."

He waited impatiently for the signal, remembering the letter in the pocket of his coat.

2/7/2009 #350
Star the Foxhound

The signal from the officers came and yet again the soldiers charged out of the trench.

2/7/2009 #351

Albert fell in time with the rest, falling into the next trench.

2/7/2009 #352
Star the Foxhound

John fell into the next trench with a sigh. "Only two more to go before we fight the germans with our own guns."

2/7/2009 #353
Irish toaster

"Shouldn't they give us a break before we storm them? If we don't get one were going to die of exhaustion!"

2/7/2009 #354

He nodded and readied his gun.

2/7/2009 #355
Star the Foxhound

"We don't get a rest," John said with a sigh, "They need every man we can get as soon as they can get them so they are just throwing us into the mist of it until they can get some new French replacements up there. We are you can say quick replacements."

The order came to charge again.

2/7/2009 #356
Irish toaster

Seamus cursed and went over the top.He could hear his heart pounding in his ears and he was breathing heavily.An explosion ripped up the ground in front of him and he was flung backwards to the ground.

2/7/2009 #357
Star the Foxhound

John grabbed his friend and pulled him into the trench where all the soldiers who had just arrived were greeted with shouts from the French troops who were stationed there. "Finally," one of them cried, "Now we can all go together and take on the germans once and for all!"

2/7/2009 #358

Albert made it to the trench and realized his leg was bleeding badly. He gritted his teeth and grinned at the French.

"Let's get 'em."

2/7/2009 #359
Irish toaster

Seamus felt sick and dizzy.He just saw the french as a blur as he tried to recollect his thoughts.

Hawkins aproached him and sat down. "First taste of combat is hard"he said sympathetically. "You'll get used to it boy"

2/7/2009 #360
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