A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

John followed everyone back inside the ship where he want to Donnie's side. "Relax," he said placing a hand on his shoulder, "It will make it easier for the doctor to treat you if you hold still."

11/25/2008 #331
disused account

He nodded weakly.

11/26/2008 #332
Kid of Colors

(I was going to make a holocaust RP, but i figured i'd get to depressed rping in it.)

11/26/2008 #333
J.A. Fletcher

(That's a great idea, Hugs! I can help you with it, because back in WWII my grandfather was part an American division that helped liberate a smaller concentration camp in eastern Germany. He told me stories about it. Anyway, it's important that people know about sort of thing.)

Beth found a doctor and hurried back to Donnie. The doctor ordered everyone from the room and worked on Donnie's ribs.

11/26/2008 #334
Kid of Colors

(if i made it, would anyone come?)

11/26/2008 #335
J.A. Fletcher

(Probably. Anyway, what have you got to lose if they don't?)

11/26/2008 #336
Kid of Colors

(i guess i'll make it...)

11/26/2008 #337
J.A. Fletcher
11/26/2008 #338
Kid of Colors

(i made it. go to my forums. if you see any mistakes, give me a call.)

11/26/2008 #339
disused account

(There's a concamp in the ww2 rp I'm apart of..but I might join that..)

11/26/2008 #340
Kid of Colors

(i know more about the holocaust then the actual war...plz do join :P)

11/26/2008 #341
disused account

(I'll think about it, I can bring my chars from WW2 :)

Donnie did as best as he could to stay calm.

11/26/2008 #342
Kid of Colors


11/26/2008 #343
disused account

(Did you link it? I'm zee wrost mod ever, we should go to offtopic..)

11/26/2008 #344
J.A. Fletcher

(Good job)

11/26/2008 #345
Kid of Colors

(link is in off topic lee)

11/26/2008 #346
disused account

Donnie looked at the wall.

11/26/2008 #347
Star the Foxhound

John knelt down beside him. "Are you in a lot of pain Mr...." he trailed off not knowing his name.

After a pause, "The doctor's coming."

When he was herded out of the room John smiled one last time at Donnie then headed back out on deck.

11/26/2008 . Edited 11/26/2008 #348
disused account

Donnie spat his frist name out.

11/26/2008 #349
Star the Foxhound

Nodding to show he heard John left the doctor in peace and strolled along the deck wondering where the rest of the group had gone.

11/26/2008 #350
J.A. Fletcher

Anne saw John walking and walked up next to him.

"Where did everyone go?"

11/27/2008 #351
Star the Foxhound

He paused and looked back at Anne. "I'm not sure, Seamus and Lucy went off somewhere together?"

John looked around. "Where'd Beth go? I thought she was with you."

11/27/2008 #352
disused account

Donnie wished he could talk to someone to keep his mind off the Dr. work.

11/27/2008 #353
disused account


11/27/2008 #354
Star the Foxhound

((I think he left us))

11/27/2008 #355
Star the Foxhound

Lufbery looked around when he reached the ship, taking in the almost empty deck. "Look's like most of the soldiers are in the town," he noted.

There were a few people here and there, some of which were not wearing marine uniforms but looked to be exploring just like they were.

(John and Seamus and I think the two nurses are on the deck)

11/28/2008 #356
disused account

He wanted a full veiw so they went up on deck.

11/28/2008 #357
Star the Foxhound

No one said anything to them as they walked along the deck. "This is certainly a nice place for a stroll."

11/28/2008 #358
disused account

He nodded and wandered around.

11/28/2008 #359
Star the Foxhound

"Want to talk to someone?"

11/28/2008 #360
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