A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

John Jeffery paced back and forth in his sleeping quarters looking every once and a while at the book still laying on his bed. "I have got to control myself better," he said to himself, "Even though I am falling in love with her."

Sighing he sat on the bed and looked out the window where he could see a little bit of the ocean. "Oh, god," he said, "I have to do something to make her love me."

(What's a prostitute??)

10/30/2008 #31

((Look it up. John's acting very much like the kind of guy who spends a lot of time with them. I'm sure you didn't intend to write him that way, but I feel like I should warn you that he's coming off as a pretty creepy guy. Vivian may be cold-hearted when it comes to men, but I would react the exact same way as her if a guy like John crossed my path.))

10/30/2008 #32
Star the Foxhound

(I didn't mean to make him seem like that! He just likes girls!)

10/30/2008 #33

((I know you didn't mean to. That's why I feel like I should warn you- he's sounding like a dangerous kinda guy. Think about it- you're a girl- if a guy you didn't know kept grabbing you when you were trying to get away and forced himself on you, wouldn't you be kinda creeped out? When writing a romantic male character, you want to think of the kinds of things you'd like a guy to do. As it is, first impressions are pretty crucial and John pretty much blew his chances with Vivian. So I'm sorry if you were hoping for a love story there, because I can't see it happening.))

10/30/2008 #34
Star the Foxhound

John decided that he had had enough of sitting around in his cabin so he went back out on deck to stand at the rail looking in the blue water. His head was hanging down on his chest as he realized that he had blown it with the girl. "There are always more girls," he whispered to hiimself but the only one in his head was the one he had just attack on the deck.

10/30/2008 #35
J.A. Fletcher

Nate Taylor stood on the top deck, looking down. The scene he had just witnessed had made him disgusted. How could a guy think he could get a girl like that? He wanted to tell the nurse that he was sorry for that j***'s actions, but he was shy. How could he talk to a woman?

In school, Nate had always been the popular one, would court all types of girls. But he had grown up and realized that his childish antics would not attract a mature woman.

10/31/2008 #36
Star the Foxhound

John Jeffery noticed the man and walked up to him holding out one hand. "Hello sir," he said, "How do you fair today?"

10/31/2008 #37
J.A. Fletcher

"Better than you, I'd say." Nate said, smirking.

10/31/2008 #38
Star the Foxhound

"I'd say so," John whispered, "I am such an idiot."

10/31/2008 #39
J.A. Fletcher

"Maybe if you knew how to talk to women you'd fail less."

10/31/2008 #40
Star the Foxhound

John looked at the sky. "I am always a failure when it comes to woman," he said, "I seem to fall in love at first sight but then I move to fast and scare them off."

He looked at the man. "Do you know how to make a woman love you?"

10/31/2008 #41
J.A. Fletcher

"There's no secret to making a woman love you." Nate said. "All women are different, and they're all mysterious. We'll never know the secret to getting women. So we should just stick to who we love and try."

10/31/2008 #42
J.A. Fletcher

"But there is a way of treating women. First of all, you never physically touch a stranger, and don't pronounce your love to a woman when you first meet her. Just a little compliment, a few jokes, and a mature manner will help you."

10/31/2008 #43
Star the Foxhound

"I'm going to try and be nice to her," he said, "Do you think she likes flowers?"

He was silent for a few seconds then sighed. "I don't even know her name."

11/1/2008 #44
J.A. Fletcher

"Yeah, I think you should stay away from her." Nate said.

11/1/2008 #45
Star the Foxhound

"If you see her," John said nervously, "can you tell her that I am truely very sorry for kissing her and.....and everything?"

11/2/2008 #46
Kid of Colors

Brady wwalked round the ship aimlessly, waiting for some chance to be helpful to hit him in the face. He bit his lip with axiety, wondering what this whole exsperience was going to be like.

11/2/2008 #47
J.A. Fletcher

(Hugs, I don't follow your post at all.)

"Uh..." Nate said, at a loss for words. "Sure."

11/2/2008 #48
Kid of Colors

(it doesn't matter. just bored. basically, he's walking around the ship.)

11/2/2008 #49
J.A. Fletcher

(Oh, thanks.)

11/2/2008 #50
Kid of Colors


11/2/2008 #51
Star the Foxhound

John say Nate and waved. "So," he said turning back to the person he had been talking to before, "Have you ever impressed a girl."

11/2/2008 #52
J.A. Fletcher

"Oh, I had courted more than a few girls back in the states."

11/2/2008 #53
Star the Foxhound

John sighed. "I always scare them off."

11/2/2008 #54
J.A. Fletcher
"You just move too fast." Nate said, seeing the girl on deck. "I've gotta go."
11/2/2008 #55
Star the Foxhound

"I'll come with you."

11/2/2008 #56

Vivian was nervous about leaving Richard's side. "Thank you for your help," she said to him.

"You're very welcome, Miss." Richard tipped his white hat to her with a smile. "Don't hesitate to call if Jeffery bothers you again. I'll talk to the Captain about him."

Maybe this is why women got married, Vivian thought as she nodded and walked away down the deck, for protection! It seemed a twisted conclusion- marry a man to protect you from other men- but Vivian knew she was smarter than to fall for it herself.

Richard, for his part, let the lady walk away without even an attempt at learning her name. She was pretty alright, but he recognized her kind from a mile away. Feminist. Likely the daughter of a divorced suffragette. Any guy would be beating his head against a rock if he tried to flirt with her. With a tragic sigh, Richard returned to his game.

11/3/2008 #57
J.A. Fletcher

Nate lost John by ducking into the galley and leaving through the back door. He saw Vivian strolling along the deck.

Nate took off his cap and placed it at his heart. He slowly sauntered up to her.

"Excuse me, miss?"

11/3/2008 #58

Vivian was instantly on her guard as she stopped and looked at the man, taking a step back in case his intentions were similar to those of Mr. Jeffery. He looked to be a little younger than herself- eighteen or nineteen, perhaps- with blond hair and blue eyes. He didn't seem too imposing. "Well? What do you want?" she folded her arms and breathed an impatient sigh.

11/3/2008 #59
Star the Foxhound

Somehow John Jeffery was able to find him again but then he say the girl and hung back in the shadow, not daring to make a move and annoy her anymore.

11/3/2008 #60
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