A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

Lucy looked up when Vivian came out of the room. "It's my friend John," she said, "He was shot by his brother and now we need a nurse to take care of him but there's no one around, no one I tell you. Please miss, please can you help us."

((hehe, can't wait to see Viv's reaction when she realizes whats going on))

12/30/2008 #841

Vivian rubed her forehead wearilly with her fingertips. "I'm not on duty right now," she said. "The other nurses will get to him."

12/30/2008 #842
Star the Foxhound

"Oh, but please," Lucy said, "From one person to another you have to help me. I don't want him to die!"

12/30/2008 #843

Vivian leaned against the doorframe and folded her arms, her eyes closed sleepilly with her delusions of reprieve. "Where was he shot?" she asked.

12/30/2008 #844
Star the Foxhound

"In the shoulder," Lucy replied, "But the bad part is that he didn't get it looked at right away. I think he's in a lot of pain."

12/30/2008 #845

"The shoulder isn't a bad place to be hit," Vivian said, her voice slightly slurred from sleep deprivation. "He can wait his turn."

12/30/2008 #846
Star the Foxhound

"No, please," Lucy ran up to Vivian and grabbed her shoulders, "Please, John is a good man! He deserves your help!"

12/30/2008 #847

Heaving a heavy sigh, Vivian stepped out into the hall. "I'll take a look at him."

12/30/2008 #848
Star the Foxhound

Lucy grinned from head to toe and lead Vivian to John's side. "Here he is miss," she said still smiling.


John looked up and then blinked in surprise. "Of all the people who you could have found Lucy," he said shaking his head before smiling at Vivian. "So we met again Miss March."

12/30/2008 #849
J.A. Fletcher

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12/30/2008 #850

Vivian groaned when she recognized John Jeffery. "He's perfectly fine," she said. "See how coherent he is? He can wait for a nurse."

12/30/2008 #851
Star the Foxhound

John smiled. "I try telling them I'm alright but some people don't agree with that idea."


"No he's not," Lucy said, "He needs a nurse. What don't you like about him? He's such a good man."


"Lucy," John said looking at her, "There is a certain think that happen between us that you do not want to know about."

12/30/2008 #852

"Oh cut the drama!" Vivian hissed in annoyance before filling a surgical needle with morphine. "Hold still," she commanded before injectine the drug into his good shoulder. "That should keep him out of pain until one of the on-duty nurses can get to him." And it would also knock him out in a few moments.

12/30/2008 #853
Star the Foxhound

John closed his eyes and leaned back against the pillow. "Thanks Miss March."


"Please just banadage him up now," Lucy said looking at Vivian, "Please."

She knelt down beside John and took his hand, "John why are you closing your eyes, are you alright!"

12/30/2008 #854

"He's fine," Vivian assured. "I just gave him some morphine to ease the pain. And trust me, he can wait for another nurse. The shot is clean and the bullit didn't hit anything vital." She yawned and turned to head back to her room.

12/30/2008 #855
Star the Foxhound

Lucy ran and grabbed Vivian by the shoulders. "But why can't you help him, um...what did John say your name was??"

She looked up at her, moving around to block her way. "The way John looked at you, and the way you groaned when you saw him. What happened between you? Why don't you want to help him?"

12/30/2008 #856

"Look, I'd love to help you, but I'm so tired! If I worked on him right now I'd probably kill him. I need my sleep. I've been up for the past 48 hours helping more that were worse off than he is! If you're so worried, you are perfectly welcome to clean his wound yourself."

12/30/2008 #857
Star the Foxhound

"I don't know how to take care of wounded people," Lucy said, "But I know that I care about him so much and I need you to help me. Maybe if you could just tell me what to do."

Lucy felt like she was begging as she looked at John Jeffery who was still not moving on the bed. "Don't you realize how much he means to me, haven't you ever cared about someone before."

A tear started to run down her check, "Please miss, please do this for me."

((I'm leaving now, going to watch The Dark Knight again :D))

12/30/2008 #858

Vivian pursed her lips. Of course she'd cared about people! There was her mother for one... and... well there were lots of people! She sighed. "If I did this for everyone that came running to me, I'd never get a moment of shut eye," she sighed, but she sat down in the chair beside Jeffery's bed. "Alright, first see if the bullit is still there."

12/30/2008 #859
J.A. Fletcher

Beth left the closet and walked onto deck.

12/30/2008 #860
Star the Foxhound

Carefully Lucy looked at the wound. "The bullet is still there," she said looking up at Vivian, "What should I do about it?"

12/31/2008 #861

"There should be some tweasers on the table right there. Use them to pull it out. You might have to do a bit of digging."

12/31/2008 #862
Star the Foxhound

Lucy was feeling sick from the blood but after a few minutes she managed to get the bullet out. She held it with the tweasers looking at it with disgust.

12/31/2008 #863
J.A. Fletcher

Beth walked down to the lower deck, where Anne was.

"Hello Anne."

((RM, could you review my story I posted in off topic?))

12/31/2008 #864

"Don't think about it," Vivian advised. "Set it on the tray on the table. There should be a bowl of warm water and a rag in that cabinet...."

12/31/2008 #865
Star the Foxhound

Lucy hurried to get the rag and cream which she came back with a few moments later. "How do you do this day after day?" she asked.

12/31/2008 #866

"It's very exhausting," Vivian said evenly, hoping the young lady would realize just how hard it was for her to sit up and give instructions. "Now wet the rag and clean the wound. Be careful not to tear any of the tissue."

12/31/2008 #867
Star the Foxhound

Carefully Lucy wetted the rag and tapped it on the wound until it was clean. She looked at Vivian next for the next insturction.

12/31/2008 #868

"We'll have to cauterize it...." Vivian looked over the girl, wondering if she could handle that.

12/31/2008 #869
Star the Foxhound

"What's that," Lucy asked, "I don't know anything about taking care of people...."

12/31/2008 #870
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