A roleplay for the first World War.
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J.A. Fletcher

"I just saw what happened back there with you and John." He said. "I just...I just wanted to say that I am sorry for his actions." Nate felt awkward and rubbed the back of his neck.

"So where're you from?" He asked, trying to make conversation.

11/3/2008 #61

Vivian stared the blond sailor down. He seemed intimidated by her. Good, she thought, he should be. "I don't see how that's any of your concern," she replied before continuing to walk. Against her will, a twinge of guilt nudged at her stomach and she tried to push it away. He was only trying to be nice, she knew, but that didn't make him any less male than Jeffery.

11/3/2008 #62
J.A. Fletcher

"Now see here, miss." Nate said. "I can understand you being nervous about a man approaching you after what just happened, but I assure you, my reasons for talking to you are purely innocent and for the attention of making conversation only." He breathed for a moment and then continued. "So that does not mean that you should be rude to me. I have not been rude to you, and I have not made a pass at you, therefore giving you reason to have that attitude with me. I assure you, I just came over here to apologize for that man's rudeness, and to talk to you so that you might be relieved of some of the anger that he put on you. But if you want to be the way you are acting toward me, you can just tell me to leave. Well?"

11/3/2008 #63

Vivian widened her eyes as she watched the blond stranger ramble on about politeness and relieving anger. When he was done, she turned to face him fully and folded her arms again. "Hmm," she said, considering his argument. "What did you say your name was?"

11/3/2008 #64
J.A. Fletcher
"Taylor." Nate said. "Nate Taylor. And yours?"
11/3/2008 #65

"Vivian March." Her eyes flashed with annoyance at herself for answering his question before she went on. "Did you ever think, Mr. Taylor, that I'm not hear to make friends? If I wanted to take part in a conversation I would have stayed home and done it over a cup of tea." Still, she stayed where she was.

11/3/2008 #66
J.A. Fletcher

"I'd never think you to be one who sits around drinking tea." Nate said. "I thought that you were full of courage, enough to come on this ship, anyway. You know, there is a certain degree of danger. Oh, I never thought that I would make friends either, but, here I am, and here you are."

11/3/2008 #67

Vivian strummed her fingers against her folded arm, trying to appear bored, but really she was at a loss for words. After several moments, she said, "I don't see how tea has anything to do with courage."

11/3/2008 #68
J.A. Fletcher

"It's simple." Nate said. "You're not a talking, tea social kind of girl. No girly girl I ever knew would join the military. You should be proud of yourself."

11/3/2008 #69

"I see," Vivian frowned. "You are implying that I must be like a man. Good day, Mr. Taylor." She turned around and started to storm away. So like a man, she thought, assuming that they are so much better than women. The blind fools! As if I'd ever want to be like one of them! Crude, unintelligent, untalented, needy....

11/3/2008 #70
J.A. Fletcher
"I hope to see you again soon!" Nate called after her.
11/3/2008 #71

"Don't count on it," she huffed.

11/3/2008 #72
J.A. Fletcher

Nate walked the deck for a little while, then headed to his bunk for some sleep.

11/4/2008 #73

Vivian went to the hospital quarters where the other nurses were chatting and getting to know each other. There were no wounded men, as of yet, but crisp white beds sat at the ready and Vivian sat on one of them. She pushed the marines from her mind and smiled as she joined one of the conversations.

11/4/2008 #74
J.A. Fletcher

Nate wandered into the medical ward, hoping that Vivian was there. He saw her, sitting on one of the beds, smiling. He sat down next to her quietly.

"So why don't you like me?" He said, hoping to take her by surprise. "What did I do?"

11/4/2008 #75

Vivian jumped when she heard Nate speak beside her and pressed a hand over her heart to stop its wild palpitation. She frowned when she recognized him. "I never said I didn't like you." But she stood anyway and folded her arms again.

"Oh, is this a friend of yours, Vivian?" one of the nurses asked with a wink at Nate.

"No, he's not," Vivian replied quickly.

"He's so cute," another nurse whispered behind her.

A third went to sit by him on the bed, casting him a flirtatious smile. "What did you say your name was?"

Vivian rolled her eyes, embarassed on behalf of the other girls.

11/4/2008 #76
J.A. Fletcher

"Nathan." He told the nurses, then turned back to Vivian.

"So if you don't hate me, then why do you act the way you do toward me, when I all I do is try to be friendly?" He paused for a moment, thinking, then turned back to Vivian.

"Tell you what." He said. "If you meet me tonight at the top deck, above the pilot house, at the flagpole, I won't ever talk to you again. No, I won't ever even think about you again. Is it a deal?"

11/4/2008 #77
J.A. Fletcher
Nate stood up and wakled out of the medical ward, whistling, hands in his pockets.
11/4/2008 #78
Star the Foxhound

John Jeffery who was heading towards the room Nate had just been leaving bumped right into him at a run. He appeared out of breath and there was a little blood on his left sleeve.

11/4/2008 #79
J.A. Fletcher
"What happened to you?"
11/4/2008 #80

"Tell you what." He said. "If you meet me tonight at the top deck, above the pilot house, at the flagpole, I won't ever talk to you again. No, I won't ever even think about you again. Is it a deal?"

Vivian opened her mouth to reply to Nathan's first question when all of the other nurses started buzzing.

"Aw, is Vivian not very nice to you?"

"Viv, what did you do to the poor boy?"

And then she frowned thoughtfully at his offer. "I can't, I have things to do tonight." She'd barely finished her answer when all of the other girls gushed out exclamations of surprise and disappointment until she felt like a villain. Rolling her eyes, she sighed in surrender. "Alright, fine! I guess I can spare a few minutes." She looked away grumpilly, hating the feeling of giving in.

11/4/2008 #81
Star the Foxhound

"Oh, I'm sorry," John said backing up a little, "I didn't mean to run into you. There's a fight that has broken out on the deck and the soldiers won't stop fighting each other. I have no idea how it started."

11/4/2008 #82
J.A. Fletcher
"I have to go." Nate said, and headed down the hall.
11/4/2008 #83
Star the Foxhound

"Should we tell the caption about the fight?" John asked falling in step with Nate as he turned to leave, "Or do you want to try and break it up ourselves?"

11/4/2008 #84
J.A. Fletcher
"I've got something to do. You can break it up. Just don't get thrown in the brig."
11/4/2008 #85
Star the Foxhound

"You aren't going to help me?" John said backing away in surprise. "I didn't think that you would like everyone on the deck trying to kill one another."

He started off down the hall a little upset at the lack of help he was getting so far. Then he realized that he had come to ask the nurses what they thought. He moved back towards the hosiptal part of the ship.

11/5/2008 #86
J.A. Fletcher

Nate ran down deeper into the ship. He had a surprise waiting for Vivian.

11/5/2008 #87
Star the Foxhound

Muttering to himself John went up onto the deck where he saw a bunch of men having a fist fight. "Hey! Stop that!" he shouted, "I thought we were surposed to be working together.

That got a pile of men charging after him. Oh, great, he though as a fist collided with his face knocking him down.

11/9/2008 #88

Vivian waited by the flagpole with her arms folded and her mouth pursed into a straight line of annoyance. She tapped her foot impatiently, but deep in her gut she was actually a little nervous. What did Nathan want? What if he never showed up and made her look like a fool for waiting here for him? The wind blew lightly over the ship, stirring a few stray curls around her face.

11/10/2008 #89
J.A. Fletcher

Suddenly Nate and two of his buddies walked up to the deck. One had a table and two chairs, the other, a platter of food, two plates, and silverware. When they set up the table and chairs, Nate pulled out two candles, lit them, and put them on the table. He also had a bottle of wine and two glasses, "borrowed" from the captain's quarters.

11/10/2008 #90
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