A roleplay for the first World War.
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Irish toaster

Seamus shrugged."Roaming around somewhere I don't know.But that man,left unchecked,is a disaster waitting to happen I tell ya"

1/1/2009 #901
Star the Foxhound

John nodded and stood up, fully awake now. "We'll find him Seamus," he said, "I don't want him to hurt anyone."

He saw Vivian sleeping and shook her with his good arm. "Miss March," he said softly, "I think you had better sleep in your own room."

1/1/2009 #902

Vivian's head lulled up and her eyelids fluttered open. "I wasn't asleep," she murmured, rubbing her eyes as she pushed herself up out of her seat and began trudging back to her room.

1/1/2009 #903
Star the Foxhound

John put a hand on her shoulder when she started to walk away. "Before you go Miss March," he said, "I want to ask for your forgiveness."

1/1/2009 #904

"It doesn't matter," she said and returned to her room and her comfy bed.

1/1/2009 #905
Star the Foxhound

"It does matter," he shouted after her, "I'll do anything to make it up to you!"

1/1/2009 #906
Kid of Colors

Seth leaned over the railing, breathing in the salty sea spray as he thought.

1/2/2009 #907
Star the Foxhound

He moved to follow her but when Vivian disappeared into her room he sighed and headed onto the deck. He needed some fresh air before he started chasing after his brother. Putting his hand in his pocket, John Jeffery fingered the pistel, hoping against hope that he wouldn't have to use it.

1/2/2009 #908
Kid of Colors

Seth turned and spotted the man. Maybe he should talk to a few of the shipmates, make some friends or something. The man looked pretty stressed out about something.

"You look like you've got quite a bit on your mind," he siadleaning against the railing again.

1/2/2009 #909
Star the Foxhound

"You have no idea," John said with a sigh as he looked at the other man. He hadn't seen him around before but he seemed a nice man. He held out his left hand since he could barely move his right shoulder. "I'm Sergeant John Jeffery, what's you name?"

1/2/2009 #910
Kid of Colors

"Seth Farris," he said, taking the hand and shaking it once before letting his fall back to his side. He green eyes wandered to his right shoulder. He regained eye contact, realizing he was being rude by staring.

"What happened to your shoulder?" he asked curiously.

1/2/2009 #911
Star the Foxhound

John made a face and looked at his shoulder wondering to himself if he should just get a sling or something since his arm was pretty much useless right now. He looked back at Seth. "I was shot, by my own brother."

He blinked his hazel eyes held a touch of sadness in them. "And now that very same brother is wandering around the ship with a gun."

1/2/2009 #912
Kid of Colors

Seth looked a little shocked. He furrowed his brows in thought.

"Umm, shouldn't we go find him? I mean, it's not very safe for this guy to be wandering around with a gun apparently..." he began to say, wondering if he was being nosy, "I'm sorry, but still, it's not to safe..."

1/2/2009 #913
Star the Foxhound

John reached into his pocket and pulled out the pistel. "I'm going to find him," he said softly, "But I don't know what to do with him when I find him. I can't hurt my own brother."

He sighed and looked up at the sky. "I'm just waiting for my friend who say him last. We are going to look together."

1/2/2009 #914
Kid of Colors

"Do you need any more help?" Seth said, offering some more help.

Don't be stuid, Seth. Watch what you get yourself into, he thought to himself.

1/2/2009 #915
Star the Foxhound

"Well if you really want to..." John said looking at him, "I don't see any reason why you can't come with us. Get a gun though, you don't want to cross him unprotected."

John slide his pistel back into his pocket. "I'll met you back here in a few minutes."

1/2/2009 #916
Kid of Colors

Seth gave a nod and forced a smile before looking to the ground and heading back to his cot. He took the pistol from his bag of things, holding it loosely in his hands, feeling the weight. He wondered why he was dumb enough to ust throw a weapon with his things when he should keep it in a safer place. He exhaled, shoving the weapon into his pocket, the cold toouch of he metal on his leg starltling him. Seth rose to his feet and left to meet John on the deck again.

1/2/2009 #917
Star the Foxhound

John, in the meantime, walked back to the hospital to get his arm in sling. He came back feeling a little better since his arm wasn't hanging uselessly by his side anymore. He leaned agains the railing and kept an eye out for Seth.

1/2/2009 #918
Kid of Colors

"Hey," Seth brreathed as he saw John, noticing something different, "Nice sling."

1/2/2009 #919
Star the Foxhound

He laughed. "I'll need to keep my bad arm out of the way if I'm going to be chasing after my brother." He looked down at his hand. "Got your gun?"

1/2/2009 #920
Kid of Colors

"I feel uncomfortable and a little edgy, so I guess I do," Seth said with a nod, patting his side where the gun was. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

1/2/2009 #921
Star the Foxhound

"It's normal to feel nervous," John replied, "My brother is anything but normal. He wants me dead and he is going to try and kill me whatever way he can."

He felt embrassed all of a sudden and couldn't believe he was telling all this to an almost stranger.

1/2/2009 #922
Kid of Colors

"You aren't going to...you know...kill him are you?" Seth said awkwardly, the last part a little quiet. He shifted his weight and waited for an answer.

1/2/2009 #923
Star the Foxhound

"Of course not," he said, "If I kill him then I stoop to his level and I could never do that. How do you kill your own flesh and blood? How do you even raise a finger against them?"

1/2/2009 #924
Kid of Colors

Seth's shoulders relaxed, relieved. He wondered how he tolerated all of it thought, the very thought of being shot by someone he was related to made Seth angry.

"Beats me."

1/2/2009 #925
Star the Foxhound

"I can't even begin to picture what runs through the man's head," John said softly looking out to sea, "What does he think he would gain by my death?"

1/2/2009 #926
Kid of Colors

"Again, I don't really know the answer." He shrugged. He had always been a very mellow person who tried his best not to hold grudges or cause quarrels. Seth simply didn't like to hurt other people, and had no idea why he was standing there on the deck about to go on a man hunt with a gun at his side.

1/2/2009 #927
Star the Foxhound

John looked at him. "Sorry, sometimes I just start talking to myself," he said, "I want to know the answer and I can't help wishing sometimes that things were different."

1/2/2009 #928
Kid of Colors

"We all wish for change. Hell, I wish for alot of things, but I guess we just have to learn to live with it, because thats just how cruel life can be," Seth said with a shrug.

1/2/2009 #929
Star the Foxhound

"Life is hard," John said with a sigh, "Things happen that we will never be able to explain no matter how hard you search for the answers."

1/2/2009 #930
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