A roleplay for the first World War.
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Irish toaster

He shrugged. "If its meant to be its meant to be and I'm sure it'l happen"

7/16/2009 #1,651
Star the Foxhound

((*smirks* They are never going to actually get married.))

"Of course," John said. He was silent for a moment, his thoughts going to his unborn child.

7/16/2009 #1,652
Irish toaster

((Evil Fox xD))

He nodded. "So what do you do for fun on the ship anyway? Besides swim and card-play"

7/16/2009 #1,653
Star the Foxhound

((Yup, they are going to get engaged but then Anne is going to die in childbirth. I'm just an evil author, what can I say... *evil laugh*))

"That's mostly what we do for fun on the ship," John said, "There isn't that much to really do here."

7/16/2009 #1,654
disused account

(Fox! Poor Jack wants take abby on a boat.)

7/16/2009 #1,655
Irish toaster

Seamus groaned. "I'm so bored."

7/16/2009 #1,656
Star the Foxhound

John shrugged. "We could head into town if you'd like. There's bound to be something better to do there."

7/16/2009 #1,657
Irish toaster

He shrugged. "Yeah maybe. Worth a try"

7/17/2009 #1,658
Star the Foxhound

"Yes, it is." John looked at his friend, then glanced out to sea again.

7/17/2009 #1,659
Irish toaster

"Okay let's go. We might as well before we all have to go to battle again"

7/17/2009 #1,660
Star the Foxhound

John laughed. "Yes, that's a very good idea."

He turned the headed off of the ship.

((To Town))

7/17/2009 #1,661
SnowClaw of Windclan

Colonel Laudionerre-Roux headed up the cement staircase towards the decks, his hand just barely running along the cool metal rod of the railing. His uniform, pristine white in color and decorated with the insignia of his rank, was stiff from thorough ironing that morning, as he did every morning, and everything on him, from the bars of his various merits to his beret, was perfectly organized and clean.

The ebony-haired man smiled at this as he headed into the sunlight, dusting off his right cuff. Everything is just as it should be. He scanned the area with slanted, sage green eyes, about the color of the rosemary his mother sprinkled on their food, come to think of it. But yet there was no rosemary to sprinkle on delicate, juicy strips of chicken soaked in lemon sauce, there were no delicately cooked filets of fishes caught fresh in the bay, this was the army. But Henri was willing to make this small sacrifice, even the larger ones, in order to have this perfectly planned, orderly life, with firm, set discipline and codes, darkly drawn lines that were impossible to accidentally overstep. The army was secure.

He looked around the deck again, at the various officers, at the various enlisted men, spoke a formal greeting. "Good morning, gentlemen."

10/7/2009 #1,662
Star the Foxhound

Captain John Jeffery turned at the sound of the voice, smiling ever so slightly when he saw the man before him and saluted. "Good afternoon sir."

10/7/2009 #1,663
SnowClaw of Windclan

Laudionnere-Roux looked him over for a moment, examining his uniform with slanting, catlike eyes, although he was not angered, just...keen, intelligent, checking him over, searching for any flaws, impurities in the man's dress. But overall he was pleased with this officer, Jeffery was a smart one, and he did good work, was a valuble man to have working alongside you, and his like for this particular man partially stemmed from the fact that, unlike some he could name, he did not directly oppose orders and the like.

He smiled by reflex, still standing stiffly as he had from the moment he had awoken, aware that he needed to consistently keep an appearance of authority, order, luckily both came very naturally to him. "Waters are calm today.", he mused, putting a hand to his forehead and looking out towards the stretching blue plain, "We should get far, should we need to."

10/7/2009 #1,664
Star the Foxhound

"We've been docked for some time," John said simply, "Been doing a lot of fighting with the infantry, but I'm looking forward to the sea again."

He looked towards the water, calm, just like the other man had said. "It's why I signed up to be a Marine of course."

10/7/2009 #1,665
SnowClaw of Windclan

Henri nodded and folded his hands behind his head, looking out towards the placid azure waters that stretched out for thousands of miles before them. He was quiet for a few moments before he answered, composing his thoughts. "Ah, a marine. I myself was in the navy until recently, Captain. They assigned me to the Saint Lucien about a week back, I am surprised we haven't been able to talk until now. I have been most interested in getting to know my fellow officers."

Laudionerre-Roux watched him for a moment with the same intelligent but felinesque look he had displayed when the two had first met, interest gleaming gently behind the sage green of his eyes, one ebony brow slightly inclined, displaying the value he placed on what the other man...On what the other officer...had to say next.

10/7/2009 #1,666
Star the Foxhound

John nodded. "It is important that we all know each other, as officers, so that we know who we are working with. I enjoy getting to know people myself, especcially those I work with. Have you met many of us yet on the Lucien?"

10/7/2009 #1,667
SnowClaw of Windclan

Henri paused for a moment, then shook his head. "I know a few men, I suppose." He leaned back on the rail, a cool, pleasant sea breeze running across him, a welcome exchange from the warm weather that he had endured for so long, and continued with what he was saying. "Although I still have many to get to know, a few superiors too I would imagine, as such is the way of the military, is it not?"

And that's precisely the way I like it as well. Order, order and discipline. Without them, what are we besides apes? He smiled at this thought, a frequent notion of his.

10/7/2009 #1,668
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