A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

A small hospital just outside the town where some of the injured soldiers are sent who are unfit to stay on the front.

12/13/2008 #1
Star the Foxhound

Lucy followed Tim inside and looked around. A nurse was working on a man a few feet away. "Excuse me," she said, "Do you know Seamus O'Higgins and John Jeffery?"

12/13/2008 #2
disused account

(Are they wounded?)

12/13/2008 #3
Star the Foxhound

(no, John's on the boat and Seamus went back to his camp.)

12/14/2008 #4
disused account

(Good to know.)

They looked and looked but couldn't find them.

12/14/2008 #5
Star the Foxhound

"They must be alright," Lucy said after a while, "Maybe I can find the place where Seamus' camp is since I don't know where the boat is."

12/14/2008 #6
disused account

“Worth a shot.”

12/14/2008 #7
Star the Foxhound

Lucy sighed, "I'll try to find it, come on."

12/14/2008 #8
disused account

He was few steps behind.

12/14/2008 #9
Star the Foxhound

(Back to the town now.)

12/14/2008 #10
disused account

(You post first.)

12/14/2008 #11

It felt like days had gone by since Marianne had gotten on the train with the other nurses and personnel. She swallowed hard against the nervousness of being so close to the fighting, and so far away from the only place she'd ever known. The only thing she could think of was Lewis and how she was afraid she could lose him.

2/7/2009 #12
Star the Foxhound

Lucy McFee was helping Quill move the supplies off the train and into the hospital. She was as nervous as she had ever been, the only thought on her mind was...Seamus..what if something bad happened to him.

Quill wasn't worried at all, to her all of this was a job and nothing but a job. She wasn't in love and so she knew that she would never have to risk feeling the pain.

2/7/2009 #13

Marianne helped out, holding the thoughts of her beloved back into the recesses of her mind.

2/7/2009 #14
Star the Foxhound

"This is going to be a huge battle," Quill said thoughtfully, "They are going to be charging right into no man's land I think."

2/7/2009 #15

Marianne felt her heart sink and closed her eyes.

2/7/2009 #16
Star the Foxhound

"Are you alright?" Quill asked, "They won't all die you know, just some of them. And then a lot of other's we will have in here, we are going to be so busy!"

"Quill," Lucy said sharply, "You aren't helping here! Some of us actually care about the soldiers!"

2/7/2009 #17

Marianne set down the pillows she'd been carrying and went back to the train to grab more, biting her lip.

2/7/2009 #18
Star the Foxhound

Lucy followed her. "I wish Quill wouldn't talk so," she said, "She always makes things seem worst then they are."

2/7/2009 #19

Marianne nodded.

"But... what if it is that bad?"

2/7/2009 #20
Star the Foxhound

"I don't know," Lucy said, "I wish I did but I really don't. All we can do now if pray for the ones we love."

2/7/2009 #21

She nodded and lifted one of the cots.

"Could you help?" she asked shyly.

2/7/2009 #22
Star the Foxhound

"That's what I came out to do," she replied reaching over to help, "It helps take my mind off everything else."

2/7/2009 #23

She smiled and trekked the cot back to the hospital.

2/7/2009 #24
Star the Foxhound

By this time they were almost ready to take some patients. The head nurse called them all together. "They are fighting now," she said in English then in French, "There have already been some deaths and some injuries, people are preparing to bring them over to us. I hope you are all ready for a long day."

2/7/2009 #25

Marianne nodded and swallowed, praying one of those people wouldn't be her Lewis.

2/7/2009 #26
Star the Foxhound

The injuried were carefully carried in one by one and laid on the cots.

Lucy hurried over to an injured man who had been hit in the chest and started to take the bullet out. She remembered the first time she had done that with John.

2/7/2009 #27

Marianne rushed to a patient with a similar injury, who seized constantly as his heart tried to maintain itself.

2/7/2009 #28
Star the Foxhound

After having helped the man as best she could Lucy moved to another patient and then another, not even thinking about anything but saving the lives of all the men who needed all the help they could get.

2/7/2009 #29

The patient Marianne was working was on a fine line, and Marianne hoped her small efforts could let him go home without any more pain. She moved to the next one with the same hope.

2/7/2009 #30
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