A roleplay for the first World War.
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"This is a WAR, dammit!" Albert shouted back. "And him gettin' shot in the head by a Hun has NOTHING to do with some half-assed plot!"

Marianne nodded and held his hand tight.


3/12/2009 #331
Star the Foxhound

Justin glared around the room. "FINE," he shouted, "Don't believe the truth when it looks you in the eyes! Lewy is a murderer and you can't change that no matter what you do!"

Turning around Justin stomped from the tent!

Lewis didn't move, just continued to hold Marianne's hands, getting sick of laying on the floor.

3/12/2009 #332

Albert caught his breath and glanced around him at the fish-eyed stares. He merely shrugged and went over to help Lewis.

"Come on, lad." he muttered. "Up ye go."

3/13/2009 #333
Star the Foxhound

Lewis looked at him and tried to raise himself up on his elbows, gritting his teeth from the pain. "Thanks Albert," he gasped.

3/13/2009 #334

He helped.

"No problem, lad."

Marianne watched on.

3/13/2009 #335
Star the Foxhound

"Glad you know I could've killed Robert..." Lewis muttered weakly, glad that he was no longer on the floor.

3/13/2009 #336

Albert shrugged.

"Lad, ye couldn't have." he replied. "Any Canadian'll tell ya."

He grinned.

3/13/2009 #337
Star the Foxhound

Lewis smiled. "Hard to kill someone when you're not even near them. Actually I didn't even know that Robert was dead until Justin came running in..."

3/13/2009 #338

"Probably a german, lad." he said. "I'll look into it."

Marianne still held Lewis' hand.

3/13/2009 #339
Star the Foxhound

"Thanks Albert," Lewis said squeezing Marianne's hand, happy to have her back in his life.

3/13/2009 #340

Albert smiled.

"So, can I head back?" he asked. "I left my boys in the middle of a cardgame I was winnin'."

3/13/2009 #341
Star the Foxhound

Lewis nodded, "Sorry for dragging you out here.."

He smiled at Marianne and keep holding her hand. "Je t'aime."

3/13/2009 #342

Marianne just smiled and squeezed his hand lightly. Albert coughed awkwardly and made for the exit.

Marie and turned towards the nurses' station.

3/13/2009 #343
Star the Foxhound

Closing his eyes Lewis decided to get some rest.

((Lewis helpless is really getting boring...))

3/13/2009 #344

((I know))

Marianne went towards the coat rack and reached for her lunch box, then stopped suddenly and looked down at her stomach.

3/13/2009 #345
Star the Foxhound

((I want to do a FF. What do you think??))

Lewis fell asleep.

3/13/2009 #346

((Sure, when to?))

3/13/2009 #347
Star the Foxhound

((A week later??))

3/13/2009 #348

((...OK...what's a week later, he gets out?))

3/13/2009 #349
Star the Foxhound

((Yeah, I thought that Marianne could a week later take him back to their house to finish healing.))

3/13/2009 #350

((I think by then she'd have gone home.))

3/13/2009 #351
Star the Foxhound

((Then when do you think we should FF too??))

3/13/2009 #352

((I'm fine with the week, let's just start it at the house.))

3/13/2009 #353
Star the Foxhound

((Ok, I'll head over and start it! *heads towards Lewis and Marianne's house* :D))

3/13/2009 #354

Abigail walked into the hospital in search of a doctor. She was new to town. "Docter?"

3/24/2009 #355
Star the Foxhound

Philip Lamarak glanced up from his work on a patient. "Are you looking for one doctor in particular?" he asked, "Or just a doctor?"

3/25/2009 #356

"Um, head doctor." Abigail answered.

3/25/2009 #357
Star the Foxhound

Gesturing for another nurse to take over his work Philip put down his medical equipment and cleaned his hands in a bucket of water. "I guess you're looking for me then," Philip said, "I'm the main French doctor though there's a head American doctor somewhere..."

3/25/2009 #358

"Oh no, It doesn't matter, I was just hoping you could have a spot for another nurse." Abigail stately sadly.

3/25/2009 #359
Star the Foxhound

"We do," Philip said, "But not in this hospital, we've sent many of the nurses back now since the battle was a week ago. I could take you to the hospital in the Allies Base, there's always room there."

3/25/2009 #360
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