A roleplay for the first World War.
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She smiled and kissed him back.

5/5/2009 #691
Star the Foxhound

After a few minutes, Philip pulled away and smiled at her. "I love you Abby, more than the world."

5/5/2009 #692

Abby smiled lovingly, "As do I."

5/5/2009 . Edited 5/5/2009 #693
Star the Foxhound

((Wrong name...))

Philip smiled and ran a hand over her cheek, loving just being with her.

5/5/2009 #694


She leaned into his hand automaticaly.

5/5/2009 #695
Star the Foxhound

Philip smiled and cupped her face in his hands.

((Did you get my PM??))

5/5/2009 #696

She stared at him smiling.

5/5/2009 #697

Alexis ran in, Marianne bundled tightly in his arms.

"Please, someone help!" he begged in French, in hysterics. "It's alright Marie, I've got you. You're safe."


5/5/2009 #698
Star the Foxhound

"We're all going to be ok," Philip whispered, resting his forehead on her own, "As soon as your well enough we'll having the wedding."

Philip looked up when Alexis bounded in and stood up. "What's going on?" he asked.

5/5/2009 . Edited 5/5/2009 #699

She watched him leave. She looked at the man and woman, wishing she could help. She sighed and layed back down.

5/5/2009 #700

"She's sick, I think." Alexis said. "She came to my house and just... fainted."

5/5/2009 #701
Star the Foxhound

"Alright, I'm coming." Philip leaned down and kissed Abby quickly before hurrying over to Alexis.

5/5/2009 #702

Abby smiled and closed her eyes.

5/5/2009 #703

"I just left the room for a minute... God please tell me she's alright!" Alexis asked worriedly, rocking Marianne like a broken doll.

5/5/2009 #704
Star the Foxhound

"Put her down here." Philip gestured to an empty cot.

((Tell me what's wrong with Marie. Did you notice that Lewis was almost choked to death??))

5/5/2009 #705

((Yeah, kind of an -.0 moment.))

Alexis set her down and stroked her hair.

((She's pregnant, malnourished and fell on a hardwood floor.))

5/5/2009 #706
Star the Foxhound

((XD Claire's such an emotional character.))

Philip knelt beside Marianne and started doing some tests on her in an effort to find out what was wrong. After a few minutes he finished and looked up at Alexis. "She's just malnourished for the most part. We need to get some good food into her. Are you the bady's father?"

5/5/2009 #707

Alexis shook his head.

"I'm just taking care of her for awhile." he said, stroking her hair. "The dad's a deadbeat."

5/5/2009 #708
Star the Foxhound

"I see. Well let's get some food into her and we'll see how's she's doing. Having the people she loves around could help her though. Any way to get in touch with the dad or is he out of the picture?" Philip sent one of the nurses off in search of some real food, telling her not to settle for any of the army junk.

5/5/2009 #709

"I frankly don't give a damn." he mumbled. "He could go - "

He glanced up and noticed Abby. He cleared his throat.


5/5/2009 #710
Star the Foxhound

Philip shrugged. "Alright, alright. But if she asks for him...."

The nurse came back with some food and Philip handed it to Alexis. "How about you just see if you can get her to eat something son."

5/5/2009 #711

Alexis nodded and coaxed her awake.

"Marie?" he called gently, stroking her forehead. "Marie, it's alright. Wake up."

Marianne moaned and woke up.

"Alex - "

"Eat this." he instructed, sitting her up and holding her there. "You're weak."

5/5/2009 #712
Star the Foxhound

Quietly, Philip watched them.

((From Allies Base))

Lewis entered the hospital, his left shoulder bleeding heavily and a panicked look in his light blue eyes.

5/5/2009 #713

Alexis held her and fed her the bread like the most loving and concerned of friends that could exist. This was, after all, his little Marie. She would never be anyone but his, at least to him.

So when Lewis entered with his arm bleeding, Alexis' eyes narrowed and he hid Marie from him, using his bulky coat, and continued to coax her.

5/5/2009 #714
Star the Foxhound

Lewis didn't even know that Marianne was there, he headed striaght for where he had left Albert earlier, trying to take deep breaths and look calm when really he was panicking.

5/5/2009 #715
Kid of Colors

Sybille stopped Lewis.

"Do you need help sir?" she asked, looking at the man quizically.

5/5/2009 #716
Star the Foxhound

"Ah yeah," Lewis said, "In a matter of fact I would like to get the bullet out of my shoulder."

He didn't think it nesseciary to explain everything else to her.

5/5/2009 #717

Albert yawned, having just woken up, and looked at the man.

"Evenin', lad." he greeted. "Looks like ye got in some trouble again."

5/5/2009 #718
Star the Foxhound

"Trouble?" Lewis snorted, "It's more then just trouble this time."

5/5/2009 #719

Albert was all ears.

5/5/2009 #720
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