A roleplay for the first World War.
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Kid of Colors

Sybille rolled her eyes when Lewis's attention was focused on his friend. Did he know that his pregnant girlfriend was only a few beds away. She told Lewis to sit down while she retrieved some supplies from the drawer.

5/5/2009 #721
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sighed, sat down and ran his good hand through his black hair. "I was just going back to camp, minding my own business when this girl came flying out of no where and tried to choke me to death. This man came over to stop her and at first I though that the problem was going to be solved. But then the man pulled out his gun and told me to go and never came back, said he was a MP. I told him that I was a soldier and had every right to be in the base but he told me he'd kill if I didn't go. Said that he knew I'm wanted for murder and wouldn't listen when I told him I had nothing to do with blowing up the damn school. Still, he shot me and I had enough sense to get out of there..."

5/5/2009 #722

Abby watched them all, she winced and looked at her bandage, her blod seeped through it, She cursed under her breath and grabbed more to change it.

5/5/2009 #723
Kid of Colors

Sybille returned and tore open the sleeve where the bullwt wound was, taking a wet cloth and cleaning away some of the blood.

5/5/2009 #724
Star the Foxhound

Lewis winced slightly but just looked at Albert, waiting for him to answer.

5/5/2009 #725

Abby changed her bandage then continued to watch the people.

5/5/2009 #726
Kid of Colors

Sybille then picked up a set of lage tweezers and gave him a look that told him to brace himself. She then quickly set to work removing the bullet, not flinching at the flesh or blood.

5/6/2009 #727
Star the Foxhound

Lewis braced himself as she worked, clenching his teeth together so that he wouldn't embarrass himself by making a sound.

5/7/2009 #728

Abby watched them work and layed back down.

5/7/2009 #729

Alexis stayed with Marianne until she was well, and made a decision. He had to get Marianne away from here. If Lewis was as cruel as to let his own wife starve herself and risk losing his child, then he didn't deserve her. He gathered the delicate little girl in his arms and told her that they would go to Bordeaux, where the fresh air and calmness would do her well. He told her that Lewis had agreed to this, and that he would meet them in the house as soon as he could. Marie, still sick, agreed. They left the hospital and headed to the train station.

Albert, however, was kept there for longer. An infection had started and, while still quite mild, was serious enough to keep him under observation by one of the nurses. They let him sit up and walk around every once in awhile, but only when he felt up to it. They let him read the news as well. When he sifted through the pages one morning, his heart sank. It reported the murder of Lewis Filler, and that the murderer had escaped from prison. He sighed and put his hand over his forehead.

"By god, lad, ye're such an idiot."

5/10/2009 #730
Kid of Colors

The French nurse Sybille began distributing trays of breakfast to what patients were awake. Oatmeal. She approached Albert's bed and pursed her lips. He looked upset about something.

"Would you like breakfast, sir?" she asked him, Holdin the tray between her hand and hip, the other hand bearing a pitcher of water.

(they do that right?)

5/10/2009 . Edited 5/10/2009 #731
Star the Foxhound

Lucy was working her shift as well and she looked at Sybille and then at Albert. "What's going on?"

5/10/2009 #732
Kid of Colors

Sybille glanced at the nurse.

"Perhaps we should leave him be. Lucy, would you pick up that water glass for me?" she said, remembering the nurse's name.

5/10/2009 #733
Star the Foxhound

"Sure." Lucy grabbed the glass. "Where do you want it?"

5/10/2009 #734
Kid of Colors

Just hold it for a moment," Sybille responded, setting the tray at Albert's bedside table and then taking the glass fom Lucy and refilling it before setting t on the tray, "Thank you."

5/10/2009 #735
Star the Foxhound

Lucy nodded. "Did you hear about Claire? She killed someone and ran off somewhere, everyone's looking for her!"

Claire had been a nurse only a month earlier before she had left to run off with Donnie.

5/10/2009 #736
Kid of Colors

"Yes. I heard," Sybille reponded, she found little interest in gossip, "She was stupid."

5/10/2009 #737
Star the Foxhound

"I agree." Lucy said, "Anyone who thinks they can get away with something like that is stupid."

5/10/2009 #738

Albert said nothing to either of the pesky nurses, and found himself with no appetite. He needed to get out of here.

"Hey lasses, I'm gonna go for a walk." he said with a forced smile. "My legs are tired of jus' lyin' there."

5/10/2009 #739
Star the Foxhound

"Be careful," Lucy told him, not even glancing in his direction.

((If you want him to find Lewis... he's in the abandoned trench...))

5/10/2009 #740
Kid of Colors

"I hope they find her," Sybille said, "So she can be put on trial." She over her shoulder at Albert.

"Alright. Take it easy, sir," sSybille said, watching him get out of bedd.

5/10/2009 #741

Albert smiled at Sybille, to whom he had taken to befriending.

"No worries, lass." he said. "I'll be back the same way I left."

He chuckled and left the hospital.

((To Trench... multitasking so gimme a bit.))

5/10/2009 #742
Star the Foxhound

((I'll give you ten minutes. XD After that I start getting impatient.))

Lucy watched him go and shrugged, not really caring.

5/10/2009 #743
Kid of Colors

Sybille smiled softly and then turned back to Lucy.

"Who..Who was murdered?" she asked quietly, her smile fading as she continued to filll glasses of water.

5/10/2009 #744
Star the Foxhound

"Lewis Filler," Lucy replied. She'd never met Lewis so the name really didn't mean anything to her.

5/10/2009 #745
Kid of Colors

Sybille's head snapped up and she looked at Lucy in shock.

"Lewis Filler?" she asked again. No wonder Albert was frustrated. What about Lewis's girl..Marianne? She was pregnant. She had despised Lewis, but she didn't think he should die.

5/10/2009 #746
Star the Foxhound

Lucy looked at Sybille, surprised by her reply. "Yes, that's who was murdered," she said, "Does it matter?"

5/10/2009 #747
Kid of Colors

Sybille was beginning to become frustrated with the nurse. She was so oblivious.

"His death matters to some people," she mumbled, taking a soldiers empty oatmeal bowl.

5/10/2009 #748
Star the Foxhound

"I don't know him," Lucy replied, "So it doesn't matter to me."

5/10/2009 #749
Kid of Colors

"Every death matters, Lucy,: Sybille responded, as if talking to a small child.

5/10/2009 #750
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