A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

Lewis leaned down and kissed her carefully, hoping that he could see her again soon. So much for staying in the house like Albert told me too...

"I'll be careful," he told her softly, "And before you know it everything will be taken care off. And so long as you are safe I can rest in peace."

He turned to Alexis, "Thank you for taking her away from this dangerous place. Now tell me the address of your house where you are taking her. I have a good memory so I should be able to remember it. I'll send a note when it is safe for Marie to come back."

((I have to go now, it's ten where I am and I'm going to bed.))

2/13/2009 #301
Kid of Colors

Seth slipped in and out of a daze as he stood there, catching english and french words, and comprehending very few.

"Yes Robert. And that nurse...." Seth said drowsily.

2/13/2009 #302

Marianne nodded and tried staying with Lewis as long as she could before knowing she had to go with Alexis. She gave him another tender kiss before going back to Alexis, who's stomach floped uneasily with their romantic exchange. He hated seeing the way she adored him, and the way he seemed to care for her with unending love. He swallowed and gave the address.

"It's in Bordeaux." he said. "It's a five-hour drive, but you could probably bribe a pilot and get there faster if you need too."

He looked at the girl and chuckled.

"Marie hates planes."

2/13/2009 #303
Star the Foxhound

Lewis nodded. "Thank you Alexis," he said, "I will be there as soon as I can."

He turned to Marianne, "You'll have fun with Alexis, I know you two get along very well. I'll be there before you know it as soon as this bomb threat is over and it's safe for you to come back. Are you going to tell your parents were you're going or should I stop by and try to explain everything to them."

((I'm making a thread for Alexis' house since there's no thread we can really use for it that already exists :D))

2/14/2009 #304

"Please, could you tell them for me?" she asked. "They're at the factory, and Bordeaux is so far away..."

She gave him one last hug.

"Je t'aime."

2/14/2009 #305
Star the Foxhound

Lewis hugged her too for one last time. "I'll go over there right away," he told her, "And I'll explain everything. They can't mind that you are going there since it is for your safety."

He dropped his arm her around her shoulder, shifting away from her and trying his best to smile. "Don't worry about a thing Marie. It will be over before you know it. Je t'aime."

And with that he moved away, not looking back or he was sure that he would never be able to leave her. The one comfort that he had was that at least his dear Marianne would be out of harms way.

((To Marianne's Parents House))

2/14/2009 #306

Marianne watched him go with a heavy heart, the sinking feeling in her stomach mixing with insistent nausea that had been plaguing her recently. She looked to Alexis desperately and he gave a half-smile.

"Don't worry, Marie." he said. "You remember Oies Blanches, right? You used to visit us all the time when we were there."

He put his hand on her shoulder.

"Come, let's go back to my place, and we'll get the car."

((To the Summerhouse... hee hee...))

2/14/2009 . Edited 2/14/2009 #307
Star the Foxhound

Philip Lamarck looked at both of them. "Well...ah, good luck," he said to them, "I hope that everything works out in the end."

He kept his stony expression as he watched them.

2/15/2009 #308
Kid of Colors

Seth glanced at Philip and then looked warily at the house. With a tired sigh, he shuffled down the path and then down the street, bac to the Allies Base.

2/17/2009 #309
Star the Foxhound

((From Alexis' Summerhouse))

Lewis walked into the house, feeling like he was living in a dream, a nightmare and that if he could just wake up then everything would be better. But he knew that it wasn't a nightmare, he was never going to see Marianne again and with that everything that he lived for died away in the blink of an eye. He limped up the stairs and into the bedroom where feel to his knees before the bed and let his mind transport him back to the times he had spent with his love there. A tear fell down his cheek but this time he didn't force himself to stop the flow of tears. He was alone, alone...and now one would ever know.

He wondered just once if what he was planning on doing would hurt Marianne even more but he felt that it would be better for everyone, better if he just vanished and was never heard from again, better if his lungs stopped taking in air. Lewis reached into a draw on the table beside the bed and pulled out the pistel, figuring it carefully in his hands before letting it rest on his palms. He wondered what Albert would do if the kind man came back to find everything in a total mess and he wondered if the man would miss him. But then he thought to himself that no one could ever love a murderer no matter how much he tried to make himself a better person.

Lifting the pistel in his hand and placing it against his head Lewis closed his eyes and took in the cold feel of metal but he wasn't afraid. It seemed like ages ago that he had been scared of dying, scared of leaving his dear Marianne behind but now it seemed like it would be a blessing. Maybe Marianne was meant to belong with Alexis and maybe one day they would tell his child how much he cared and how much he wished he could have raised it. Lewis moved his finger to the trigger, feeling it in his hand before whispering a prayer in his head, softly to himself. He hoped that after death that he could watch Marianne move on and forget that she ever was in love with him. It was safer for her this way, he knew that although it still wouldn't make it any easier for her. He hoped that one day she would realize that he was doing this for her, not because he just wanted to take the easy way out.

His finger pressed the trigger and Lewis then heard the empty click and realized that the weapon was not loaded. It fell from his hand then and clattered on the floor making Lewis shutter at the noise in the quiet house. His face then fell into his hands and he let out a soft sob, realizing that it was not yet his time and that he would have to go on living, go on being. He choked on his sob and raised his wet face to the room feeling as if Marianne was there again, loving him. "Oh lord," he cried softly, "Take away my pain!"

2/20/2009 #310

Albert's own sorrows were weighing heavily in his mind, like the pack on is back that had him hunched like a modern-day Quasimodo in the streets of Paris. No one would look at him, for fear of having to see his stone-cold face that etched of loss. For his heart seemed to have gone, shriveled up and died in the cavity of his chest. His heart couldn't break, he was too tough for that. No, it had just shrunk, and would expand to it's full capacity with time and patience. All he knew was that now he was free from the responsibility of being a father and a husband.

Ella was gone.

Physically no, she was still alive, his baby growing inside her rounded belly. He could tell she was alive from the memory of her waiting for him at the dock in that green and cream velvet gown, with at floppy feather hat she so adored and the silver locket around her neck. Her hair had been cut and she looked somehow older than her few years. He remembered coming off the boat and waiting for her tender 'Welcome Home' kiss that never came.

He closed his eyes as he tried to shake the memory of the ring on her finger that wasn't a gift from him.

It's over. she had said, I can't do this anymore.

I've found someone else.

He sighed and climbed up to the steps, knocking. He stopped and heard a voice that he recognized as Lewis' and paused.

"Lad?" he called, opening the unlocked door slightly.

2/20/2009 #311
Star the Foxhound

Lewis whipped around at the sound of the voice, his blue eyes glazed over from his lost. "Leave me alone," he cried his voice shaking, "Just please leave me alone..."

2/20/2009 #312

Albert found his friend a wreck, and immediately forgot all of his woes for Lewis.

"Lad, what happened?" he asked, setting down his pack.

2/20/2009 #313
Star the Foxhound

Lewis glanced up at Albert and felt himself shaking a little. Quickly he tried to kick the pistel he had dropped earlier under the bed, hoping that Albert wouldn't notice and wouldn't find out that he had been trying to take his own life...

2/20/2009 . Edited 2/20/2009 #314

Albert noticed it and glared at Lewis.

"Dammit lad, ye better tell me what happened." he said, going over and taking the dead gun. "Is Marianne alright?"

2/20/2009 #315
Star the Foxhound

He nodded briefly and turned his back on Albert, ashamed of what he had been planning on doing. He bent his head and covered his face in his hand.

2/20/2009 #316

Albert sat beside him with a grunt.

"Look at me, lad."

2/20/2009 #317
Star the Foxhound

Lewis raised his head and looked directly into Albert's eyes. "I'm sorry..." he whispered, "I thought..."

Then he shook his head and sighed.

2/20/2009 #318

Albert was growing into his usual softie self.

"Lad, tell me what happened." he said.

(I've gotta go for a bit, I'll be back in a half-hour ish.)

2/20/2009 #319
Star the Foxhound

"I don't know where to begin," Lewis whispered, "It all seems like a dream almost but yet it isn't and everything I live for is over..."

He stood up and paced around the room a little. "If that darn gun had worked right it would have all been over," he said harshly, "I wouldn't have had a worry in the world!"

2/20/2009 #320

Albert looked at him.

"Lad, ye're startin' to make me think Marianne's dead."

2/20/2009 #321
Star the Foxhound

"She isn't dead," Lewis said still pacing, "But she isn't mine anymore."

2/20/2009 #322

He looked at him.

"Ye left her?"

2/20/2009 #323
Star the Foxhound

Lewis shook his head. "Not exactly but it's too dangerous, my blasted life is too dangerous!"

2/20/2009 #324

He looked at Lewis.

"Lad... what happened?"

2/20/2009 #325
Star the Foxhound

"Robert tried to kill me again," Lewis said sharply, "And he tried to kill Marianne too. He was going to bomb our house so I sent her down with Alexis went to tell her parents. They found out everything, everything and banned me from seeing her again!"

He cursed as he continued to pace the room.

2/20/2009 #326

His eyes followed the short pacing soldier.

"Lad, ye didn't just give her up. I know ye too well."

((I feel like Albert should have popcorn.))

2/20/2009 #327
Star the Foxhound

"No I didn't," Lewis said softly walking over to him, "But that's what happened in the end. Alexis is taking her back to her parents, I'm never going to see her again."

He lowered his head, "What is there to even live for anymore?"

2/20/2009 #328

Albert stood up and looked at Lewis.

"Lad, give them time." he said. "It'll all go right in the end, ye'll see."

2/20/2009 #329
Star the Foxhound

"No it won't," Lewis snapped, "Because my brother is trying to kill her! Albert, and he will kill her if I'm with her! I'm useless to everyone and I can never make up for what I did. They don't want their daughter to marry a murderer and they're right, I can't ever make up for what I did. I can't change the past or bring back my honor. Remember when we first met and you said that to me, well I can see it now. I don't have any honor and I don't have Marianne. My life is worthless and I'd rather die."

He looked Albert in the eye. "You have been a greet friend Albert but it's over for me. The gun was broken but there's more guns and next time I will make sure it works."

2/20/2009 #330
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