A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

In Bordeaux, where Alexis brings Marianne to protect her from the bomb threat at the house she shares with Lewis.

2/14/2009 #1
Star the Foxhound

Philip Lamarck came up to the front door and knocked before placing Lewis carefully on the doorstep. Lewis had fallen asleep during the train ride up there and Philp didn't want to wake the man who had been through too much. So without a backwards glance he left him there, hoping that someone would have heard the knock and would answer the door only to find Lewis there.

2/18/2009 #2

Marianne rested upstairs, jolted from the long trip and deciding it was worth a nap. One of Alexis' cats decided to accompany her, falling asleep across her stomach and purring in rythm to what she heard - a mix of Marianne's breathing and something else.

Alexis, who sat downstairs in the parlour reading, heard the knock and went up to get it.


2/18/2009 #3
Star the Foxhound

Lewis woke up when he heard his name and blinked a few times before he realized where he was. He pulled himself to his feet, leaning on the railing of the porch so that he could keep the weight off of his injuried ankle. Glancing down he could see the dried blood from his latest wound and the pain from it made him feel a little dizzy. "Alexis?" he whispered softly, "Yes, it's me..."

His blue eyes threatened to close and he could feel himself wobble a bit where he stood.

2/18/2009 #4

"Dammit, man." Alexis said, hurrying to help him in. "What'd you do, get hit by the train?!? What're you doing here?"

He dragged him into the parlour and got him into a chair.

2/18/2009 #5
Star the Foxhound

Lewis closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. "Robert...shot me," he gasped.

2/18/2009 #6

Robert? The brother?

"Dammit." Alexis repeated. "Do you need a doctor, or anything?"

2/18/2009 #7
Star the Foxhound

Lewis opened his eyes and focused on Alexis. "I don't know," he said truthfully, "Though it would be nice to get the bullet out."

He took another deep breath. "How's Marianne?"

2/18/2009 #8

"She went upstairs." he said, shrugging his shoulders. "Long trip."

He looked at the wound and shook his head.

"I could get a doctor from town..."

2/18/2009 #9
Star the Foxhound

Nodding Lewis pulled himself into more of a sitting position. "I'm sorry I didn't finsih the job...." he gasped, "Maybe I should have just stayed there and made sure the bomb threat was over....Have to make it safe for Marianne...."

2/18/2009 #10

Alexis groaned.

"Okay, quit trying to kill yourself, you'll wake her up." he said. "Don't move, I'll call the doctor."

2/18/2009 #11
Star the Foxhound

He nodded again. "Thank you," Lewis whispered.

2/18/2009 #12

Alexis went into a room and dialed for a doctor.

Marianne woke up and felt the cat on her belly. She smiled and petted it, but then the reality came back to her and she sighed.

I'm late...

And I've been so sick...

And I'm not even married...

2/18/2009 #13
Star the Foxhound

Lewis waited downstairs, his eyes closed.

2/18/2009 #14

She sighed and sat up in the soft downy bed, looking out the window. She felt lost, and there was no one to turn to. She wanted to know what to do now, what she'd have to do to take care of herself and her baby. Lewis' baby. Maman wasn't here, Alexis wouldn't know, and anyone she knew from her summers would ask her too many questions. She sighed and looked down at her flat stomach.

"Alors, ma petite." she whispered tenderly in French. "C'est maintenant a toi et moi."

Alexis went back, sighing and running his fingers through his hair.

"He'll be around soon." he said. "I also want him to check Marianne, she looked a bit sick when I brought her up."

2/18/2009 #15
Star the Foxhound

"Sick?" Lewis asked opening his eyes, "I hope she's alright!"

He suddenly felt very worried about the love of his life.

2/18/2009 #16

"It's nothing bad." Alexis dismissed. "She was just really tired and looked more pale than normal."

The doctor came and smiled at him.

"Mr. Lewis, how are you?" he asked.

- - -

Marie began to talk to her stomach, smiling and laughing as if that tiny baby could talk back.

2/18/2009 #17
Star the Foxhound

Lewis forced a smile. "I've been better," he remarked, "But I'll live."

2/18/2009 #18

Alexis went upstairs to get Marianne, but stopped short of the room when he heard her talking.

"Marie?" he called. "Are you alright?"

Marianne gasped and sat up.

"Oui!" she replied. "I'm alright!"

"Come on down, I've got a surprise for you."

- - -

And so, the doctor removed the bullet.


2/18/2009 #19
Star the Foxhound

"Thank you," Lewis said feeling a little better.

2/18/2009 #20

"A surprise?" Marianne asked, pulling her dress back on. "What is it?"

"Come on." Alexis urged, a childish grin on his face. "I think you'll like it."

Marianne staggered down, and gasped when she saw Lewis. She called his name and ran towards him.

"Oh, ma chere, c'est toi?"

2/18/2009 #21
Star the Foxhound

"Oui," Lewis said, smiling when he saw her, "How are you my love?"

2/18/2009 #22

"I - I'm fine!" she said in delight. "I've never felt so wonderful!"

"Marie, I wanted the doctor to look at you." Alexis said.

"Non, non, I feel so much better, I just needed rest." she said with a smile. "Merci."

2/18/2009 #23
Star the Foxhound

"Marie," Lewis said, "Where you sick earlier?"

He sat up all the way, ignoring the pain in his side and looking directly at her, worry cleary showing in his eyes.

2/18/2009 #24

She looked at him.

"Only a little." she assured, sitting beside him and holding his face in her hands. "I'm better now love, really."

2/18/2009 #25
Star the Foxhound

Lewis took her hands in his own and looked at her, smiling before he kissed her briefly on the cheek. "Maybe you should just have the doctor look at you," he suggested, "Just to make sure while he's here anyway."

2/18/2009 #26

"It's nothing love, I was just tired." she said. "And I'm not fond of train rides. They make me sick."

She would tell him about the baby when it was a quieter, easier time.

2/18/2009 #27
Star the Foxhound

"If you are so certain," Lewis said blinking a few times and sighing.

"Marie, your mother doesn't want you to see me anymore."

2/18/2009 #28

She paled.

"What?" she asked softly.

Alexis decided now would be the best time to walk away.

2/18/2009 #29
Star the Foxhound

"When I went to tell her that you went away she got mad, said we were keeping secrets. She found out about the past," he explained, "Said it is too dangerous for you to be with me...."

2/18/2009 #30
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