A roleplay for the first World War.
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"But... it can't last forever!" she protested. "And you'll always keep me safe, right?"

She looked at him, pleading.


2/18/2009 #31
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sqeezed her hand. "I will always keep you as safe as I am able too," he told her, "And I will always protect you, to the last. Maybe if you try explaining that to your mother..."

2/18/2009 #32

She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, trying to hold back tears.

"Maman wouldn't understand." she said, looking at him. "Lewis, promise me you won't leave me. Please."

2/18/2009 #33
Star the Foxhound

"I promise that I will be by your side forever," Lewis said, "No matter what happens. We know that we are in love and that is all that really matters."

He pulled her into a hug, holding against his good side and wiping away one of her tears with the sleeve of his uniform.

2/18/2009 #34

She sighed and fell in his arms, cherishing that feeling and debating if she should tell him now.

2/18/2009 #35
Star the Foxhound

Lewis just held her. "Everything will work out in the end," he said softly rubbing her back, "We'll get married, go back to our house and when the war is over we will live in peace, together."

2/18/2009 #36

She pulled back and looked at him.

"Tu promets?" she whispered. "You promise?"

2/18/2009 #37
Star the Foxhound

"I promise," Lewis replied kissing her cheek, "And have I ever broken a promise that I've made to you yet?"

2/18/2009 #38

She gave him a smile and shook her head, looking down.

"No, you haven't."

Not one promise.

2/18/2009 #39
Star the Foxhound

"Then you know that I mean it," Lewis told her smiling, "I will always be there for you. No matter what happens, maybe one day your parents will understand that we are meant to be together."

2/18/2009 #40

She nodded, but said not a word. It took all her strength to hide this from him for much longer.

2/18/2009 #41
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sighed and looked at her. "What are you thinking about my love?" he asked, "Why were you sick earlier when Alexis brought you here but now seem to be better?"

He stared at her, wondering if it would be possible. But...it can't be...could it?

2/18/2009 #42

She looked at him seriously, biting her lip.

"Love, I... I need you to stay."

She sighed.

"Je suis enceinte."

2/18/2009 #43
Star the Foxhound

Lewis took a deep breath and hugged Marianne tightly. "Alright," he said taking another deep breath, "We will get through this and I will be there for you the whole way. I still have my duty's to the army, I can't just leave my post but I'll try and get permission to leave in our house with you instead of at the base."

2/18/2009 #44

She breathed heavily and nodded.

"I'm alright." she promised. "You don't need to ask, I'm alright. Albert will need a friend, and I'm hardly good company."

She sighed.

"I can stay with Alexis as long as I need to."

2/18/2009 #45
Star the Foxhound

"Mon ami," Lewis said, "You are wonderful company but alright, stay with Alexis. I'll stay here with you for a week if Alexis will have me and then I'll go back to the base. Albert went back to Canada for a little while so he won't be lonely."

He kissed her cheek. "But what about your parents?"

2/18/2009 #46

She shrugged.

"I don't know." she said. "I don't know what to tell them."

2/18/2009 #47
Star the Foxhound

He held her in his arms. "We are going to have to tell them..." Lewis sighed, "And I would suggest that you did the explaining because your mom has already made it clear that she wants me to stay away from you.."

2/18/2009 #48

"And this will make them want you close to me?" she asked, sighing. "They'd rather believe out this is Alexis' baby than know it's yours."

2/18/2009 #49
Star the Foxhound

"I know," Lewis said, "But we both know that it isn't. What do you think they would want to do?"

2/18/2009 #50

She shook her head, more tears coming down her cheeks.

"They'd send me away." she said with a shrug. "They'd take my baby and move us away so I'd never see you again."

2/18/2009 #51
Star the Foxhound

"What do you want to do?" Lewis asked softly, "You could stay here for a while but they are bound to come looking for you at somepoint..."

He carefully wiped away another tear from her cheek. "Does Alexis know? Because if he does he may be able to help us..."

2/18/2009 #52

She shook his head.

"I didn't tell anyone but you." she said. "Lewis, I don't know what to do!"

2/18/2009 #53
Star the Foxhound

((It took me a while to post cuz my dad came to help me with my project :P Sorry about that..))

Lewis rubbed her back some more, "I think that we should tell Alexis, he may be able to help us a little..."

2/18/2009 #54

She nodded and wiped her eyes.

2/18/2009 #55
Star the Foxhound

"Alexis!" Lewis called, "Can you come here for a minute?"

2/18/2009 #56

Alexis came back in.

"Yeah?" he said. "Is Marie alright?"

2/18/2009 #57
Star the Foxhound

"She's fine," Lewis replied, "Although there is something important that you should know.."

He looked at Marianne, "Marie, will you do the honor."

2/18/2009 #58

She shook her head, too shy to admit to her oldest friend that she was pregnant with someone else's baby. She looked at him desperately, and from that look in her eyes Alexis could tell there was something awfully wrong.

2/18/2009 #59
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sighed and looked at Marianne. "You want me to tell him?"

2/18/2009 #60
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