A roleplay for the first World War.
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"Please." she said in English.

"What's going on?" Alexis asked. "Someone tell me before I snap."

2/18/2009 #61
Star the Foxhound

"Alexis," Lewis said, "Marianne is pregrent."

2/18/2009 #62

Alexis' eyes widened and he looked at her.

"Marie?" he asked softly. "Is that true?"

She nodded and bit her lip.

2/18/2009 #63
Star the Foxhound

Lewis looked at Alexis, "We were wondering if you would have any ideas of what to do. Marie's parents aren't very happy with me at the moment and this is only going to make it worse."

2/18/2009 #64

Alexis sighed and scratched his head.

"I, uh... I have no idea." he said, looking at them. "Marie..."

2/18/2009 #65
Star the Foxhound

"It might be good for Marianne to stay with you until we come up with something. Marianne's worried that if we tell her parents that they will take her and the baby and that never let me see her again. We are hoping to come up with something that would allow both of us to raise the child," Lewis said, "Would you mind if I stayed here for a few days to try and help get his started out. Marie and I are in this together."

2/18/2009 #66

"Yeah, yeah sure." Alexis said, starting to get a headache from processing this. "I'll just, uh..."

He disappeared into another room, leaving Marianne and Lewis.

2/18/2009 #67
Star the Foxhound

"At least he knows now," Lewis said softly, "We'll deal with this together."

2/18/2009 #68

She nodded, at a loss for words.

2/18/2009 #69
Star the Foxhound

He just held her, not knowing quite what to say either...

((Want to do a FF to a few hours later??))

2/18/2009 #70

((I'm gonna roll with this for now.))

Marianne looked at him.

"I'm tired." she said, blinking sleepily.

2/18/2009 #71
Star the Foxhound

((Ok, I have to go now anyway...late. I may get a few posts in tomorrow if I tell my mom I need to work on the project some more.))

Lewis smiled, "Let's get you to bed then."

He then realized that he couldn't even walk enough to help Marie to bed... "Uh, Alexis," he said.

2/18/2009 #72

"I'm fine, love." she said softly, holding his hands. "I can do this."

She realized she wasn't just talking about getting upstairs.

2/18/2009 #73
Star the Foxhound

"And I have faith in you," Lewis replied giving her hand another squeez, "And I know that we will get through this, no matter how hard it is."

He kissed her hand and smiled, "Go get some rest my love, I'll still be here when you wake up."

2/19/2009 #74

She wrapped her arms around him gently, giving him a quick hug and an 'I love you' before going back upstairs to find her bed inhabited by several cats.

Alexis came into the parlour and yawned.

"Need anything?"

2/19/2009 #75
Star the Foxhound

Lewis shrugged, "I don't really know. I wasn't expecting to come here and find out that I'm going to be a father after Marianne's mother told me she doesn't want me near her daughter..."

2/19/2009 #76

Alexis shrugged.

"Can't blame her." he said. "She probably isn't expecting that either."

He came over and sat.

"Look, I've made a few calls. I'm gonna bring the doctor back up and see if he can check up on Marie tomorrow. After that, you have a ticket back to Paris. You've gotta deal with a few things."

2/19/2009 #77
Star the Foxhound

"Alright," Lewis said, "I certainly have a lot to deal with but Marie is staying here. I'm not sure what my brother is planning but I'm not getting her in the middle of it, or you either. That's my problem... Then maybe I should pay another visit to Marianne's parents.."

He sighed and looked at Alexis, "Thank you for being so understanding Alexis, I know that you've never liked me very much..."

2/19/2009 #78

Alexis shrugged.

"I'm doing this for Marie." he said. "I don't care what happens to you, as long as she's safe."

He stood up and went towards the stairs.

"She'll stay as long as she needs to."

2/19/2009 #79
Star the Foxhound

Lewis smiled, "At least we agree in one thing. That Marianne's safety is of topmost importance. Do you mind if I stay down here for the night? I would like to say good bye to Marie in the morning before I head back and I want to be here if you are having the doctor take a look at her."

2/19/2009 #80

He nodded.

"Yeah, sure. There's an afghan over the back couch there, you can use that for a blanket."

He went up the stairs and barricaded himself in his room.

2/19/2009 #81
Star the Foxhound

Lewis took down the afgan and soon feel asleep on the couch.

((Next Morning??))

2/19/2009 #82


In the morning Marianne woke up sick, but made an effort to get up and get dressed. She saw how pale she looked in the mirror and her head pounded with the stress of the previous evening. She moaned and curled back up in beg, her knees brought up to her chest in effort to quell the nausea.

Alexis was downstairs, making breakfast for himself.

2/19/2009 #83
Star the Foxhound

Lewis woke up too and rolled over, ginerly putting weight on his injuried ankle and limping into the kitchen. "Morning," he said softly, "Need any help Alexis?"

2/19/2009 #84

He glanced up.

"Morning." he said dully. "I've got this, though if you want there's some stuff in the icechest. Mostly eggs and bread."

2/19/2009 #85
Star the Foxhound

"I don't want to be a trouble," Lewis said, "Make what you want, it's your house. I'll go cheek on Marie."

He limped slowly up the stairs and looked around. "Marianne," he called softly, "You awake?"

2/19/2009 #86

Marianne heard Lewis's voice and moaned.

"Oui?" she called painfully, attempting to get up.

2/19/2009 #87
Star the Foxhound

He limped to her side and wrapped an arm around her. "You look sick," he said, "Where does it hurt? Do you want Alexis to get the doctor?"

2/19/2009 #88

She coughed and shook her head.

"It's like this every morning." she said, shaking her head. "It goes away, I just need more rest."

2/19/2009 #89
Star the Foxhound

"Every morning?" Lewis asked, "You get sick every morning?"

He looked at her for a second then sighed. "It's the baby isn't it?"

2/19/2009 #90
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