A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

((From Marianne's Parent's House))

Lewis opened the door and looked inside. "I'm back," he called softly, "And it sure didn't go well."

2/20/2009 #151

Marianne was downstairs with Alexis, curled up on the couch and reading a book. She glanced up she heard his voice, but her heart sank when she heard the next part.

"Oh, Lewis..." she mumbled, going over to hug him.

2/20/2009 #152
Star the Foxhound

He hugged her back. "It ended in your father threating to call the police and have me hanged," he sighed, "I don't think they are going to let you marry me anytime soon..."

2/20/2009 #153

She looked at him and felt her world shatter.

"But..." she said, heartbroken and unsure.

2/20/2009 #154
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sighed and held her tightly. "It will all work out in the end," he said, "If it is meant to be we will find a way. It's something Albert told me once."

2/20/2009 #155

She nodded and gave a tiny half-smile.

2/20/2009 #156
Star the Foxhound

Lewis kissed her and looked her in the eye. "When Albert gets back from Canada I'll talk to him," he said, "For the time it may be better if you stayed with Alexis..."

He glanced over to the other man, "If it's alright with him."

2/20/2009 #157

He nodded, then scratched his head.

"Marie, go upstairs." he said softly. "I'm just gonna talk to Lewis, alright?"

She nodded and kissed his cheek as she went up.

2/20/2009 #158
Star the Foxhound

Lewis turned around and looked at Alexis, waiting for him to speak first.

2/20/2009 #159

She sighed and walked over.

"Lewis, I... I've been thinking about this whole thing, and... I've got something I think you should hear."

2/20/2009 #160
Star the Foxhound

"Go ahead," Lewis said, "I would like to hear it."

2/20/2009 #161

He sat down and paused for a minute to collect his thoughts.

"I love Marianne." he said. "I love her more than you could imagine."

He sighed.

"And... I think you need to understand that... Marie, she's young. She's scared. Before you came she was happy and carefree. She used to smile all the time. And now, I've never seen her like this before. I've made my mistakes with her. I've done so much wrong by her it's a miracle she still sees me as a friend. You coming here... you've upset her life and everyone's lives around her. Marie deserves better than that. She deserves a husband who doesn't have to leave when the generals say so, or that doesn't have a brother intent on killing her."

He looked at Lewis.

"Do you really want that for Marie?"

2/20/2009 #162
Star the Foxhound

Lewis looked down and he knew that Alexis spoke the truth and slowly he shook his head. "It's not what I want for and I wish that it could be different. When I first saw her I knew that I wanted to be with her and she has changed me more then anyone else ever could when she fell in love with me. I wish that I could have seen all this coming because I had then I would never have even tried to win her heart but the way I see it there's no going back now, we have all made mistakes in the end we are going to have to learn to pay the price for them."

He looked up them and fixed his blue gaze on Alexis. "I know how you feel about her," he said, "And part of me is thinking that you would be better for her in the long run but I also think that in the end it is up to Marie herself. If she wants you then I will step back and be just a friend but I don't think it's going to happen. We both want what is best for Marianne and because of that I think that together we could set this right. We just need a good plan..."

2/20/2009 #163

"Lewis," Alexis said, like a friend talking, "I think now, the only way to set this right is if you go back to the camp."

He looked at him.

"Let it be like it never happened. Marie would be safe, and she could go home to her family."

He sighed and looked away.

"Marianne would hate me for the rest of her life, I know. She loves you more than I could ever hope to have her love me."

2/20/2009 #164
Star the Foxhound

Forcing a smile Lewis turned and looked around the house wondering what it would be like to try and forget to try and go back to the way things where. Finally he looked back at Alexis. "Do you have a piece of paper and a pen?" he asked, "You don't have to take the blame for me going back. I trust that in time she will turn to you and I hope that you can raise the child inside of her like it's your own."

Looking down he felt certain that his eyes were watery and he felt as if he was tearing his heart in two.

2/20/2009 #165

Alexis nodded.

"I'll love her for the rest of my life." he promised. "Her and the baby."

He stood up to allow Lewis a break as he searched for paper and pen.

2/20/2009 #166
Star the Foxhound

Lewis sat down on the couch and buried his head in his hands wishing that the world would just move on without him.

2/20/2009 #167

Marie giggled upstairs as one of the sleeping cats brushed her face with his tail.

2/20/2009 #168
Star the Foxhound

Lewis just remained on the couch, waiting for Alexis to hand him the pen and paper, the paper on which he would make his last goodbye.

2/20/2009 #169

Alexis came back and handed it to him.

"I'll take care of her, I promise." he said gently, knowing he had just destroyed this man's reason for living.

2/20/2009 #170
Star the Foxhound

"I know you will," Lewis said softly, "Just treat my baby like your own..."

He took the paper and pen and began to write his note.

Dear Marianne,

Our love has always been true and I know that it could have always been but you need to face the facts. This love is too dangerous and I can't have you in danger anymore. Please go on living and don't forget me and everything we could have been. I will always regret not having the change to get to know our child but it is the way life has to be.

I am a murderer Marie, and nothing I ever do will change that no matter how much I wish it wasn't true. You deserve someone better, someone who still will love you with all his heart but someone who also doesn't have a bloody past. Remember that in the end I am doing this for you.

Je t'aime,


2/20/2009 #171

Alexis sighed and nodded, knowing soon it would all be over and Marie would start to hate him for what he'd done.

2/20/2009 #172
Star the Foxhound

Lewis handed him the note, "Give this to her..."

2/20/2009 #173

He nodded and grabbed his shoulder for a second.

"I'll tell her you love her."

2/20/2009 #174
Star the Foxhound

"Yes, I do that," Lewis said getting up, "But let me leave you in peace, I've caused too much pain already."

2/20/2009 #175

Alexis went to get the door for him.

2/20/2009 #176
Star the Foxhound

"Good bye Alexis," Lewis whispered slipping outside.

((Not sure where he's going yet, either the base or his house...))

2/20/2009 #177

Alexis held the note his hand and sighed, turning to go up the stairs with every step paining him even more. He stood outside the doorway and opened it slightly.


Marie turned with a smile, but it faded slowly when she caught the grave look on his face. She studied him for a moment, then gasped.

"You said you were going to talk to him..."

"Marie, I'm sorry..."

"You made him leave?!?"

She ran past him, hurrying down the stairs and out the door.

"LEWIS!" she plead to the unforgiving emptiness of the street. "LEWIS! Non, non non non..."

She fell to her knees on the walk and cried, while Alexis wrapped her arms around her.

"Marie... I'm so sorry..."

2/20/2009 #178
Star the Foxhound

Quiltamirra Gold walked down the street and stopped when she saw the scene in front of her. "Hello," she said not really caring, "I've come by to see a...Lewis Filler."

2/20/2009 #179

Alexis looked up.

"He's gone." he said, causing Marie to go into a fit of sobs again.

(Darn Quill. XD)

(OK now I really have to go :P)

2/20/2009 #180
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