A roleplay for the first World War.
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Star the Foxhound

A school where soldiers are trained so that they can become officers. It is a touch training and as a result not all of them make it through and are just sent back to the army. However for those who are strong enough and who have the leadership needed it is a good chance to become an even better soldier.

3/7/2009 #1
Star the Foxhound

Lt. John Jeffery stepped briskly up the steps of the building and pushed open the door with one hand, the other clutching his small bag which held the few items he choose to carry with him. "Hello?" he called softly, his hazel eyes drifting around the almost empty room.

A small man, much shorter then the tall young officer, hurried from the shadows of the room where there was a wooden desk in the corner. "Your name sir?" he asked.

"John Jeffery," the marine replied, "I was sent over from the USS St. Lucien. I am to replace an officer that was killed in action. My captain already gave me the promotion but he is required to send me here.

"Of course he is Jeffery," the man said, "All officers must be seen as fit and ready for their duty or we can not allow them to serve. There are some that make it to these doors that come out their old rank."

John nodded although it was nothing new to him, he had heard the rumors about the place. Some claimed that the new officers were tortured but John was smart enough to know that it wasn't true. Training was very important to the army and he was determined that he would finish his training as soon as possible so that he could get back to his ship and his friends. "I believe I have the strength Mr." he said calmly, "And I am willing to work as hard as I have to work to succeed."

The man made a small gesture to show he had heard and lead John to a room. "You start training tomorrow first thing," he said, "Don't be late of you will regret it."

"Don't worry, I won't be late," John remarked, sitting down his bag and looking out a tiny window in the wall that looked out over the French town.

It was an interesting feeling to John to even be in the room and in the school for officers. Not long ago he had been a humble factory worker in Connecticut but then the war had broken out and America had finally realized that their duty was to help the English and the French reach victory. Still, even then that it was towards the end of June, John had only seen a few real battles. The Americans were used as replacements and weren't even fighting under their own commanders half the time. John had heard much complaining about it but more of the complaining was from the infantry men, not the marines who had already been in tangles with the U-boats.

With a sigh John leaned against the wall of the room and closed his eyes, remembering the first time he had seen the bullets whipping towards him and he knew that only luck had helped him live as long as he had. His friend Nate hadn't been so lucky and John drifted back into the memories of trying to save the drowning man who he had reached after it was too late.

"Hey you, new boy." John's head shot up and he looked for the speaker, a large, bulky man with dark brown hair and eyes that almost appeared black. "What's your name?"

"John Jeffery. I'm a marine from the USS St. Lucien."

The other man laughed. "A marine, hey. I'm fight infantry, more honor it."

John shrugged. "More of a chance of death really. Being a marine is an excuse to spend only a limited time in the trenches."

"You a coward Jeffery?"

"No," John said, "I'm just speaking from my mind and using my brain. Death isn't a problem really but I feel that there is more honor if I am killed out at sea."

"You're still dead."

"You're the one who brought up the subject," John replied, "If you want to get into a fight with someone go elsewhere."

The other man shook his head. "I don't think I want to go Jeffery, I think I want to know you real good. The name's Omar Richard."

Omar held out one hand in a graceful gesture and John, not wanting to appear rude shook it. "A pleasure Richard," he said, "I guess we will be going through training together."

For the first time since he had entered the room Omar smiled. "It would appear that way Jeffery."

4/6/2009 #2
Star the Foxhound

Major Patterson came into the room a few days later and looked around him. "Lt. Jeffery!" he shouted, "Get down here!"

John hurried to his bosses side and saluted. "Yes sir?"

"We are going to battle so I need you to get back to the men on the ship. Look sharp Lt, and let's beat those useless Germans!"

John nodded and hurried to find his men.

4/11/2009 #3
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