A roleplay for the first World War.
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disused account

Anyone on?

5/22/2009 #1,171
Star the Foxhound

I am now.

5/22/2009 #1,172

I'll be on for a short while.

5/22/2009 #1,173
Star the Foxhound

Just a quick note, I will not be on at all today because I'm really busy and I'm not going to get home until after my usual bedtime. Sorry folks.

5/23/2009 #1,174
Irish toaster

Im on but I might not be when you read this message O.o

5/23/2009 #1,175
disused account


5/23/2009 #1,176
Irish toaster

Am I that surprising?

5/23/2009 #1,177
disused account

*Bows down to toast* You can be at one place at once! Magic!

5/23/2009 #1,178
Irish toaster

*Heroic music* I know I'm great. I mean, I never really admit I'm a god but now I know I am. I created whats great about the world.Everytime a bird coo's I look in the mirror and sing...sing! Sing that I am absolutely the greatest thing that has graced these lands. Long live-ME!

5/23/2009 #1,179
disused account

But where would toast be without Jam?

5/23/2009 #1,180
Irish toaster

Toast would be with butter because butter beats jam.Yum

5/23/2009 #1,181
Star the Foxhound

Hello everyone. Is anyone on??

5/24/2009 #1,182
Irish toaster

hey whats up?

5/24/2009 #1,183
Star the Foxhound

*shrugs* Nothing overly exciting, went to an amusement park all day with my family yesterday.

5/24/2009 #1,184
disused account

Not much eithier.

5/24/2009 #1,185
Irish toaster


Yeah not much happening here either. I have to do maths soon. Getting tudored (is that the right word?)by my brother :P

5/24/2009 #1,186
disused account

Ya know, Cork has so many historical soecties I don't who to contact. They have over 20!

5/24/2009 #1,187
Star the Foxhound

hmmm... I'm trying to decide whether I want Alvin to be shot or not...

5/24/2009 #1,188
Irish toaster

Lee: I might be going there when I go to college. mwhaha

Fox: You sound like a serial killer...;)

5/24/2009 #1,189
Star the Foxhound

O.O That's a mean thing to say... I just like to torture my characters is all...

5/24/2009 #1,190
disused account


5/24/2009 #1,191
Irish toaster

And that's not a mean thing to say? xD

5/24/2009 #1,192
Star the Foxhound

*shrugs* I still can't decide... And if I'm going to do it, I should do it within a post or two.

5/24/2009 #1,193
Irish toaster

meh plenty of time to get shot during the war

5/24/2009 #1,194
Star the Foxhound

I did it. :D Although it isn't as serious as I was thinking of making it.

5/24/2009 #1,195
Irish toaster

Yeah I'm thinking of Jan having a gunfight with Hitler and Jan throughs a kinfe which sticks hitler to the door by his collar then says:

"Stick around" in a really cheesy hollywood fashion.What do you think?

5/24/2009 #1,196
Star the Foxhound

It's up to you, he's your character although if he gets in a fight with Hitler he had better be careful... if it is made known that he doesn't like Hitler he could be punished severely especcially if he's with all the other high ranking Nazi people who I'm trying to write right now... It takes me awhile to post there sometimes, other then Goebbels I really don't know alot about the German High Command. That's why I'm making Goebbels do more of the talking...

5/24/2009 #1,197
Irish toaster

Fox I'm joking my idea is terrible xD

5/24/2009 #1,198
Star the Foxhound

*headdesk* Why do I never pick up on any of the jokes....??

5/24/2009 #1,199

Hey folks, I need some help; I need a list of sappy WWI-themed songs. Preferably slow songs (like After the War). I'm just trying to get in the mood for a new one-shot.

5/25/2009 #1,200
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