A roleplay for the first World War.
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I'm typing up the fic that you keep pestering me about, and I'm changing some things.

Then I hit a wall of "this is point A, this is point C, What the *** happened to point B?!"

6/5/2009 #1,411
Star the Foxhound

Oh, I see then. Have you written any more in the fic or are you typing up the part you've already showed me??

6/5/2009 #1,412

Typing up the part I've shown you and editing a bit.

Although I'm still keeping the Kurt falling flat on his... erm... rear end.

6/5/2009 #1,413
Star the Foxhound

Cool :D

6/5/2009 #1,414


6/5/2009 #1,415
Star the Foxhound

so.... *is lost at what to talk about*

6/5/2009 #1,416

hey ppls! I will be on for the next 2 weeks but not constantlyD: but oh well, I missed alot! I have 20,000 unread messages.

6/8/2009 #1,417
Irish toaster

Wow that is alot O.o haha

I got dragged to an elton john concert by my family,well parents. Standing in the rain 6 hours xP.Still xD

6/9/2009 #1,418
disused account

Hmm..not my syle.

6/9/2009 #1,419

Okay I'm a little scared. . .this guy from school somehow got my email address and confessed his love. . .yea he said he loved me 0.o

6/10/2009 #1,420
disused account

Its called block :)

6/10/2009 #1,421

lol I guess that's true, sadly I'm going to have to see him next year in school

6/10/2009 #1,422
disused account

I am no means a relstionship person, in fact I was the guy who would have his buddy ask the girl out so I dunno what to tell ya. If only i had learned I looked like coward having Eloit go up I might have a girlfriend or two. Just say Zebulon, I'm flatered, but i'm sure you'll make some other girl very happy. I've been rejected a ton, I'm not writing to sound like a looser, cuz i haven't tried date anybody snice I was a Softmore, too much derma in plesing a person and homework. But just tell this do like it is but be nice.

6/10/2009 #1,423
Irish toaster

Just get a restraining order.I did that once.

6/10/2009 #1,424

Lol, I have one against another guy

6/10/2009 #1,425
Irish toaster

Alice:haha nice highfive!

Lee: plenty of fish in the sea man. Ugh but girls are back-stabbing needy tounge-twisting spinsters I tell ya! better off without them.

wow im harsh today O.o xD

6/10/2009 #1,426

*Glares* no. . .I'm not back-stabbing needy tounge-twisting spinster. . .that'll be my sister lol

6/10/2009 . Edited 6/10/2009 #1,427
disused account

You're a Freshman, much wrose!

6/10/2009 #1,428

Nope! I'm a sophmore. . . finaly that awkward freshman stage is over

6/10/2009 #1,429
Irish toaster

Please explain terms. *feels dumb*

6/10/2009 #1,430
disused account

Freshmen are frist year of high school. Softmore is second year.

6/10/2009 #1,431

Don't feel dumb, u don't know american terms *Pats back*

6/10/2009 #1,432
disused account

Maggie plz.

I should go watch WTSTB

6/10/2009 #1,433


6/10/2009 #1,434
disused account



6/10/2009 #1,435
Irish toaster

Super. I know theres a juniour high and a senior high anyway.And there are semesters or is that college? And your football involves throwing and kicking the ball while our football is with feet and heads and is your soccer.but irish football which we call football means that most irish call it soccer.except in the south where soccer is called football except when used in the same sentence where football is gaelic football and socccer is football. wow.

6/10/2009 #1,436
disused account

You know, I read so much Irish/ British stuff I have tell myself a Lorry is a truck in America and boot is a trunk when I write.

6/10/2009 #1,437

confusing. . .

6/10/2009 #1,438
disused account

How so?

6/10/2009 #1,439
Irish toaster

We say trucks though.If they are big. We never say trunk though,or vacation xP

6/10/2009 #1,440
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