A roleplay for the first World War.
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all the soccer football stuff,

6/10/2009 #1,441
disused account

And I have once called my phone a mobel, so many stares. :) Hey, writing a letter to a pal in Cork, do you say High School or..?

6/10/2009 #1,442
Irish toaster

We call em phones.We call them phones and mobiles.Never cell phones though.

And just say secondary school.

6/10/2009 #1,443
disused account

Isn't it funny how foue conuties speak English but we barely understand each other.

6/10/2009 #1,444

My dad went to Italy 4 a year and when he came back, if he yelled at me it was n italian, then he'd yell more when I laughed.

6/10/2009 #1,445
Irish toaster

Lee: America is a new country so us and Britain should get royalties. :)

Alice: Italians are legends.so cool.I was in lourdes in france with some chrisitan group (im not christian mind,just went for the laugh) and the italians there were awesome. I hate the welsh though.well all the ones i met...three of them :P

6/10/2009 #1,446

lol my dad went to 'rediscover' his italian side

6/10/2009 #1,447
disused account

Oh god! The people that go somewhere explore thier roots often think they know it all.

6/10/2009 #1,448
Irish toaster


6/10/2009 #1,449

He told me that pasta will be looked at differently once you go

6/10/2009 #1,450
disused account


6/10/2009 #1,451

yea. . . hey lee did the western rp die again??

6/10/2009 #1,452
disused account

Scotty is gone for good and rougie has not been heard from in 6 monthes so yep.

6/10/2009 #1,453

*tear* what happened to scotty??

6/10/2009 #1,454
disused account

She is a colloge student now, and got boring.

6/10/2009 #1,455

that sucks. oh well

6/10/2009 #1,456
disused account

Well, it really turned into Pat's and maggie's lovein so..

6/10/2009 #1,457

yea. . .it was kinda borin though. . .they are one happy couple...so I guess she doesn't get kidnapped?

6/10/2009 #1,458
disused account

If you're really attched to them a friend created a rp where could play rp chars after the story is over. Like 5, 10 years whatever.

6/10/2009 #1,459
Irish toaster


im tired. Im going sleep.

6/12/2009 #1,460

poor toast...sweat dream! wow I'm really hyper and like NOBODY is on. *Tear* I've been answering questions on yahoo all day...some people are just idiots.

6/12/2009 #1,461
disused account


6/12/2009 #1,462
Star the Foxhound

Sorry I haven't been on peoples. I've been studying for my finals and haven't had alot of computer time.... I miss you all

6/12/2009 #1,463
Irish toaster

Haha no i was just in a weird mood yesterday and really tired after a test. i logged in then realised nah im going to sleep :)

On holidays now though for 2 and a half months mwhaha

6/13/2009 #1,464

Everybody have a good summer...I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere (Blum; population 399) w/ my 2 annoying sisters,3 pugs( one only has one eye) a dachshund in heat. a p*** next door...

6/13/2009 #1,465
disused account


6/13/2009 #1,466

no not hurray...gr *twitch* I swear I have issues

6/13/2009 #1,467
Irish toaster

Use the dog to attack the p*** haha

yeah im stuck here because the rain is back.Were having three days of rain three days of sun.So weird O.o

6/13/2009 #1,468

yea I'm basicaly having the same thing... idk why but I love bad weather, we nearly had a tornado and I was happy but my sister was freaked.

6/13/2009 #1,469
Irish toaster

Yeah ad weather is cool. We had sheet lightning.Heavy rain is great to look at too.Only problem is if you want to go town or something.But i love hiking in the rain.did it once for six hours and for five hours up and down irelands tallest mountain. Both times it was raining,no surprise really but i enjoyed it anyay xD

6/13/2009 #1,470
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