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yea my grandma has a huge forest behind her house and I decided to camp in the middle of it...bad idea. the wind was tornado like.rain destroyed my tent. lightning struck a tree...i had to hike 3 miles to get back.

6/13/2009 #1,471
Irish toaster

Haha wish i could camp.I only did it once when i was like ten and in my garden with my brother and his friend. There is an abandoned castle though a mile from my house in a wood in a secluded spot where no one goes. Im thinking of coaxing people to camp the night there xD

6/13/2009 #1,472

haha after watching too much ghost hunters international, abandoned castles in ireland sounds fun.

6/13/2009 #1,473
Irish toaster

Haha that's why i want to do it,over the summer. Dunno if i believe in ghosts but hey,may find out...mwhaha.

Since its in a forrest i figured its natural shelter from rain and sun so win all round i say.Now i have to see if anyone is p for it haha

6/13/2009 #1,474

lol sounds like fun, heck I sure believe in ghost BIG TIME from personal experiences in mississippi

6/13/2009 #1,475
Irish toaster

My mam believes in ghosts. Our old house was haunted apparently haha.She says that once a glass just burst and that when she was putting my brother who was a baby at the time to sleep he said "whos the lady mommy?" and pointed behind her.Made her hair stand up hahaha

I'll believe one when i see one though :)

6/13/2009 #1,476

That's how I was..I didn't believe in my mama when she told me my grandmama's house in mississippi was haunted so she sent me down there w/ a weeks worth of close and a ouiji board...I sure as heck believe in ghost now.

(Jeez I just looked into a mirror...I look so texan right now XD

6/13/2009 #1,477
Irish toaster

Well all texans have big mustaches with wide-brimmed hats and checkered shirts riding on horses,eat buffalo and are republicans so im guessing like that?

Just like all Irish have red hair and freckles and dance sing,get drunk and have faries on their shoulders,because i look like that.


6/13/2009 #1,478
disused account

Wanna play in Westren? I like touchin dead things :)

6/13/2009 #1,479

toaster: I have on a checkered shirt, my hair is naturauly very curly and is big, I have on a wide-brimmed hat, levi jeans, cowboy boots and a lasso is hung on the back of my chair...oh and tell your fairy said hi

Lee: Sure XD

6/13/2009 . Edited 6/13/2009 #1,480
disused account

You post!

6/13/2009 #1,481
Irish toaster

Alice: haha fair enough xD. Fairie is off today.Bank-holiday.

Lee: You like touching dead things? Necrophilia much? well what ever floats your boat i say.

6/13/2009 #1,482

i posted

6/13/2009 #1,483
disused account


6/13/2009 #1,484


6/13/2009 #1,485
disused account

Yep its your turn. Not digin the avie btw

6/13/2009 #1,486

avie? okay i'm confused

6/13/2009 #1,487
disused account

An avie is sort for avitar or pic in your bio.

6/13/2009 #1,488

Oh okay

6/13/2009 #1,489
Irish toaster

crazy days

6/13/2009 #1,490

hey do ya'll like my horse??? her name is cheyenne...we bought her a few days ago ^_^

6/14/2009 #1,491
Star the Foxhound

Cute Alice. :D

6/14/2009 #1,492

thanks I...was riding her earlier...she's pretty good, I'm thinking about using her for barrel racing

6/14/2009 #1,493
disused account

She a palomino ?

Wanna rp buddies?

6/14/2009 #1,494
Star the Foxhound

Maybe Lee, but I'm really not going to be on for long.

6/14/2009 #1,495
disused account

Well do it anyway. Lee bored.

6/14/2009 #1,496

Palomino's are a gold color w/ a white mane and tail, she is an american paint

6/14/2009 #1,497
Star the Foxhound

That's neat. :D

6/14/2009 #1,498
disused account

My mom had an Arab. So, got us set up in Fast-forward fics.

6/14/2009 #1,499

I had an Arab named sparkie... he was fast and high strung

6/14/2009 #1,500
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