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Genetic Enginering becoming socially acceptable therefore, preventing "less fit" people (or people whose genes were combined God, not doctors) to be regarded as lower beings by society. We were not ment to be perfect and the idea that we may one day be scares the pants off of me.
11/21/2006 #1
Lyn Kinsei
I agree. The thought of everybody being a perfect clone is just weird.
11/27/2006 #2
if yall want to read about a story pretty much based on genetic eng. then go read my book Code BLACK, however I need to post the edited version but you get the main point.
3/10/2007 #3
dog problems
Well, honestly, I think genetic engineering is a good idea. It would prevent all kinds of things -- birth defects, mental retardations, cancer, mutations -- and, if we tried hard enough, we could make ourselves immune to those diseases that aren't genetic -- say, AIDS. But if everyone were exactly the same... well, you couldn't really write a horror movie about that, could you? The hero(ine) would be exactly like everyone else and thus, incapable of ascertaining how horrible his/her situation is. - Lola
5/5/2007 #4
Aisu Kyo
geneticvb engineering would SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who wants to live in a world where yopu have no persanality!!!!!!!!!!!!? but it would make a great horror movie. one man in a world of rocbots. now THAT'S scary!!!!!!!!!!!!lol
6/7/2007 #5
Rose Valentine
That hurts. ^-^ Genetic Engineering is the gift from God. I disagree. In fact, I love Genetics, and it has its own wonderful benefits. Weigh the positive and negative sides of it and after that, you may decide. I think that it helps mankind understand their own genetic structure. Genetics has always been my favorite subject. It brings us to a new world, a path where man can modify others for the better. Man's brilliance has spawn a new era, thus bringing this technology to life. Of course, I there are the dark sides of it. Many geneticists MIGHT ignore the moral code of it and play God - determining the fate of people through their genes. And that unfortunate fact won't stop, I'm afraid. It really depends on the person - whether to loathe it or like it. Genetic Engineering is a sheer topic that should be given meticulous considerations first before being decided upon. Other than that, I still LIKE genetics *_*
6/12/2007 #6
Aisu Kyo
i am waying the pros and cons, but with every one good thing, there are two bad things. like: telepathy-good no sickness-good complete equality-good no personality-bad no mind-bad no emotions (like love)-very bad can't have kids-very VERY bad no fun-bad you are just a box with no prize-BAD!!
6/14/2007 #7
Rose Valentine
Well, what can I say? In this world, there are ALWAYS good and bad, positive and negative, pros and cons, pro and anti . . . *_*
6/14/2007 #8
Aisu Kyo
which is why youy need to way a sitch. on what has more and make the write descisions. My pointr is, GOD made us all different on purpose, so I don't want to be a mindless robot freek wirth noithing but wash springs and mettal skin ans a cord up my nose! KK. I'm done know.
6/14/2007 #9
Bobby McGee
I love how none of the anti-GI points make real sense. :D - Carly
6/30/2007 . Edited 6/30/2007 #10
Thomas K.T.K
If man was not mean't to do something he would not be able to.
7/18/2007 #11
Rose Valentine
Man has the capability to do all he pleases. It really matters on the person. But I think we can handle genetic engineering.
7/19/2007 #12
Aisu Kyo
you really need top read Maximum Ride. It'll clear things up 4 ya. and ya, but if man could do whatever he wanted, why can't we fly, go into space w/out shuttles, explore the stars and not take 20000000000 years to do you get my point, or should i keep rambling on about this boring inatiquit useless...
7/19/2007 #13
Thomas K.T.K
I started the maximum ride series however I have yet to finish. It seems to more resemble Dr. Franklin's Island. But I am pro for genetic engineering and as it has been stated there will always be positive and negative factors for any situation, but here is a difference between open minded and the closed minded.
7/20/2007 #14
Rose Valentine
Yeah, I have read Maximum Ride too, and yet I'm still in favor of genetics. Why can't they make a fiction that focuses on the positive side of it??? Now even though it's still in its infant stage, genetics is now highly disfavored. That's just playing dirty.
7/20/2007 #15
I'm baffled by these naturalists. There's *tons* of s*** problems with "natural" genetics that could be fixed up by mankind's ingenuity. How about retardation, as someone said? Or deformities? There are so many things that could be done to benefit us. What's this God malarky? Until the "Big Man" comes down Himself and gives us a firm "No" on the issue, why not? Morals are ultimately subjective things. It's not as if scientists want to do horrible, Dr. Moreau type s***. They want to HELP people. Also, what idiot concluded that genetic engineering equals emotionless, soulless human beings? If anything, genetic engineering could work even better than *nature* to eliminate that potential problem. Think about it, a child who would've been born with susceptibilities to things like Asperger's, autism, or even sociopathy, could have a normal life like the rest of us thanks to, what? Genetic engineering, that's what. --dreamshell--
8/7/2007 . Edited 8/7/2007 #16
Rose Valentine
I totally agreee with dreamshell (hear ye!!) That's the point I was making myself!!!!
8/7/2007 #17
Marie Darkholme
To start, I think it's just stupid of people to be thinking about genetic engineering in the senses of cloning. People, cloning is only a small part of genetic engineering. Besides the points already made by Silver Snowberry and Dreamshell, let me clear something out. Genetic engineering is concerned with the genetic code, but not only human, that's the human genetic engineering (GE). Many products that we buy today suffered genetic modifications (GMO - genetically modified organisms). Besides that, GE is concerned with the better quality of life. It already can save your life. There are some diseases that when diagnosed early in their development can be corrected through some drugs and sometimes even with a different diet. Also, do you know how hard it is to find compatible donors for heart, liver even bone marrow transplantation? Did you know that with genetic engineering developing strong enough we can actually create singular organs with the exact same genetic code of the person in need? This means that there are a thousand of problems of compatibility solved in a second. The advantages are just too many to be ingored. And people, even if we clone a person, for instance, if someone cloned me now, the second me would never be exactly as me, not even in appearence. There are scars you make, there are diseases you have, there are different types of life, it's a different time. The second me would always live in a different time and therefore would never be exactly like me. At the most, she could look much like a daughter. There's no thing like being without emotion and everyone looking and thinking the same. That's not the point. Well, I think I've said enough. Lol. Just one more thing. This one is directed for people who believe in God: i don't believe, even so, i think that if there was a God he wouldn't make mankind intelligent just so we could hunt, fish and have children. That would be pointless. We should use our genius in the best way. Of course that there are always bad people with weird ideas. As for someone that said that we couldn't go to space without shuttles, well you wouldn't want God to give us everything in the hand, right? Besides, it is because of the fact that we can't go there by ourselves, that we built things to get us there. That is how intelligent we are. And if it weren't for that, we would still be in pre-historic age. would you like that?
12/6/2007 #18

Is anyone else here afraid of nuclear war, or am I just odd?

8/4/2009 #19

Anyone here seen Splice? Or maybe The Fly?

11/22/2010 #20

My god toasters are cool.

But that's not the point.

Yes, i'm scared as well. People forget how strong uranium and all that what-not is.

There'd be nothing/no-one left after one. And if you did live...Cannibals. You watched that movie 'the road..?'

11/16/2012 #21

Maximum ride is a mutilated version of When the wind blows. It drives me insane that there's two books so damn the same...

11/16/2012 #22
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