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The Death Muse

I really dislike the mother ghost from "Ju-on" 1&2 and "the Grudge" 1&2. The sharp, sudden, unnatural movement of that thing really gets under my skin. And that creaking noise that comes out of her mouth. I remember that on vacation one time I was unable to turn off the lights because I kept picturing her coming along the floor to my bed. I was even sharing a room with my brothers - you'd think that would have had a calming effect.

I am also terrified of zombies. I know their characteristics change from book to book, movie to movie, but generally they are scary. Even if slow, I believe zombies would grow in numbers at an alarming rate because people wouldn't believe what's happening, or think they could stay out of their grasp with ease. Outbreaks can have a devastating effect on populations, as per cholera, bubonic plague, and syphillis (there was a particularily nasty strain that developed when the Old and New World met, but it later dwindled into what we have today). Now I don't think that zombies will ever be real, but to delve into a world (story, script) where it is, I imagine them to be worse in ways to diseases that exist in reality.

And please, if you got more reasoning as to why zombies are your fictional fear, then do elaborate.

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