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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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disused account

They got home.

1/9/2010 #691
Zina Nevirone

Joey unlocked the door and let them all in.

1/9/2010 #692
disused account

Jack went inside and lay on the sofa.

1/10/2010 #693
Zina Nevirone

Joey followed him in, shutting the door behind Colin.

1/10/2010 #694
disused account

Jack was already snoring, Joey had worn him out. A small smile was on his lips.

1/10/2010 #695
Zina Nevirone

She laughed softly and shut the living room door behind her as she left for the kitchen to clean up what they'd left that morning.

"Do you want anything to eat, Baby?" she asked Colin.

1/10/2010 #696
disused account

"Hmm, PB & J."

1/10/2010 #697
Zina Nevirone

Joey nodded and began humming to herself as she made her son a sandwich.

1/10/2010 #698
disused account

(Hey would you want play them even oldder sometime? Like cion is in high school sometime?)

Jack woke from his nap. "Lunch already?" He dipped his finger in the jelly jar.

1/10/2010 #699
Zina Nevirone


"Great, now we have to get some more." Joey sighed, then laughed. She put Colin's sandwich on the table.

1/10/2010 #700
disused account

The sandwich vanished in a matter of minutes.

(So should we start here or should I make a new one?)

1/10/2010 #701
Zina Nevirone

((Make a new one.. .. .. ..?))

"Someone was hungry." she laughed.

1/10/2010 #702
disused account

"Kisses can't feed you," laughed Jack.

1/10/2010 #703
Zina Nevirone

"True." Joey grinned as she found herself some ice cubes in the freezer.

1/10/2010 #704
disused account

Jack popped one in for himself.

1/10/2010 #705
Zina Nevirone

Joey sat up on the counter top and stared at the wall for a moment, before shaking herself.

1/10/2010 #706
disused account

Jack came up behind her and kissed her neck.

(I made it :o)

1/10/2010 #707
Zina Nevirone

((Okies, I'll go post there in a minute.))

Joey closed her eyes and leaned backwards, into him.

1/10/2010 #708
disused account

He rubbed her shoulders.

1/10/2010 #709
Zina Nevirone

"Have a nice nap then?" she smiled.

1/10/2010 #710
disused account

He kissed down her neck. "mhm."

1/10/2010 #711
Zina Nevirone

Joey inhaled deeply.

1/10/2010 #712
disused account

His arms wrapped around her.

1/10/2010 #713
Zina Nevirone

She smiled and turned her head to kiss his cheek.

1/11/2010 #714
disused account

He smiled back playing with her hair.

1/11/2010 #715
Zina Nevirone

Joey laughed.

1/11/2010 #716
Zina Nevirone

((You around??))

1/13/2010 #717
disused account

He kissed her softly.

(Yes ma;am! :o)

1/13/2010 #718
Zina Nevirone

She kissed him back, but only for a few moments.

((Shall we ff soon??))

1/13/2010 #719
disused account

(Sure. But to what? Any more luck with the new story?

1/13/2010 #720
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