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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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Lee's ghost re-born

He gave a rare blush.

4/30/2009 #61

She leaned back on him and read through it again.

"Aw, you remembered when you got shot." she laughed.

4/30/2009 #62
Lee's ghost re-born

He kissed her neck. "Not easy to forget."

4/30/2009 #63

She grinned up at him.

"Did they ever tell you how it went over back home?" she asked.

4/30/2009 #64
Lee's ghost re-born

"Ran in all the NY papers and Boston."

4/30/2009 #65

"You're bullshittin' again."

4/30/2009 #66
Lee's ghost re-born

He dropped a copy of two majoor papers in front of her.

4/30/2009 #67

Her eyes went wide.

"Are you kidding?" she looked at him. "Why the hell would people wanna read about me?"

4/30/2009 #68
Lee's ghost re-born

"People want a mushy love story?"

4/30/2009 #69

She made a twisted face.

"Only soppy housewives and silly church girls read love stories. And they don't read the papers."

4/30/2009 #70
Lee's ghost re-born


"And you would know what slopy girls read why?"

4/30/2009 #71

(Ooh that's good :D)

"I'm not an only child." she said. "I'm just the oldest."

4/30/2009 #72
Lee's ghost re-born


(Yep. Was the song tha hooked me in.)

4/30/2009 #73

(This is the song that makes me want to read more of Patrick's prologue. :D)

She smiled.

"I told you about my parents, right?" she laughed. "You didn't expect me to be the only one!"

4/30/2009 #74
Lee's ghost re-born

He smiled. "Guess not."

( Where his house is.)

4/30/2009 #75


She laughed and got up.

"Well, I've gotta go work." she smiled, kissing him. "Don't trash the place."

4/30/2009 #76
Lee's ghost re-born


"Do my best."

4/30/2009 #77

She ruffled his head and headed out the door.

4/30/2009 #78
Lee's ghost re-born

He began to write.

4/30/2009 #79

She walked around and went into the factory, muttering to herself.

4/30/2009 #80
Lee's ghost re-born

He smiled.

4/30/2009 #81

"C'mon, there's gotta be something here. I'm pretty strong, I work hard and I don't mind gettin' my hands dirty."

"Sorry miss, it's full."

Anna groaned and turned away. It had been like this for weeks. The only jobs that seemed to be availible to her were waitressing and prostitution. She went back to the apartment and fell on the bed.


5/3/2009 #82
Lee's ghost re-born

"Sorry hu, you'll find somthing," he cooed.

5/3/2009 #83


She sighed.

"I almost loose my life fightin', and all they can repay me with is a job at a diner."

5/3/2009 #84
Lee's ghost re-born

"I know," he stroked her face. "But I keep a roof over us don't i?"

5/3/2009 #85

"Yeah, but first off," she said, sitting up and looking at him. "I hate havin' you pay my rent. Second, the roof you keep over our head leaks like a sieve."

5/3/2009 #86
Lee's ghost re-born

"I dunno, do they need a hotel resption person?"

5/3/2009 #87

She shook her head.

"There's nothing here anymore." she sighed.

5/3/2009 #88
Lee's ghost re-born

He leaned aginst her. "Back to stealin'?" he grinned.

5/3/2009 #89

She smirked.

"I wish." she laughed. "Nah, I have to play nice now."

5/3/2009 #90
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