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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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"I renewed it a month ago."

5/3/2009 #151

She blinked.


5/3/2009 #152
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"I was doing mine away."

5/3/2009 #153

"Al... right then."

5/3/2009 #154
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"Just kiss me, damn it," he laughed.

5/3/2009 #155

"Fine." she laughed, kissing him. "Thank you."

5/3/2009 #156
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"MMM.." he slid his tounge into her mouth "hmm"

5/3/2009 #157

She laughed and pulled away.

"God dammit Liam."

5/3/2009 #158
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5/3/2009 #159

"You're crazy."

5/3/2009 #160
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"And you love it."

5/3/2009 #161

"Most of the time." she agreed. "Now move your ass."

5/3/2009 #162
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He started packing bags.

5/3/2009 #163

"I meant for getting tickets."

5/3/2009 #164
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"Alright, you pack." He wen to get them.

5/3/2009 #165

Anna chuckled and started filling the suitcases with what she could fit in them.

5/3/2009 #166
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He came back.

(Dah Bear wants you in CW

5/3/2009 #167

She was sitting on a suitcase, trying to get it closed. Her skirt had ridden up above her knees and she looked frustrated.

"So?" she asked when he came in. "Did we get tickets?"

5/3/2009 #168
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"Yup," he smiled. "Need help?"

5/3/2009 #169

She sighed and stood up, fixing her clothes.

"Nope, I've got it." she said with a smile. "So when do we leave?"

5/3/2009 #170
disused account

"Bright and early tomrow."

5/3/2009 #171

"Good find." she smiled, kissing him. "Well, I'll have to leave some cheese on the sill for the cat, but he'll be okay."

5/3/2009 #172
disused account

"Carzy old thing."

5/3/2009 #173

She grinned.

"Yeah, he does bite. But you know that."

5/3/2009 #174
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He smiled.

5/6/2009 #175

"Alright, well I don't know about you, but I'm gonna respect the cat and take a nap."

5/7/2009 #176
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"Me too."

5/7/2009 #177

She smiled.

((Wanna FF to America))

5/7/2009 #178
disused account

(Sure. And changes the pixles back to 1024 by whatever it was and works but pint in word is still darker then normal. I got a 30 inch mentor I think, flatscreen, what should it be at? *Kisses susi's brain*

5/7/2009 #179

((Mine's the same. Try sizing it up to 1440 or whatever. Check your bits first, that's usually what causes the color change. Should be 32 or 16, higher the better.))

Anna got off the boat and immediately recognized her parents.

5/7/2009 #180
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