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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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Liam stood nerous.

(Its's at 32. And its word 03 if that helps, so times new roman should be thin and light ya know.

5/7/2009 #181

((Wow, ancient. Anyways... yeah, try sizing up. If that doesn't work, restart and bribe one of the programming geeks from the comp. lab. Pizza usually works.))

"Aw, they won't kill you." she laughed. "Hey Dad! Over here!"

5/7/2009 #182
disused account

Ownen ran to her beaming.

(It works its just anoyin. Yeah, gonna see if dad will update.

5/7/2009 #183

Anna grinned and threw arms around him.

"Hey Dad!"

5/7/2009 #184
disused account

"Hey sweetheart."

5/7/2009 #185

"Where's the rest of the gang?" she asked, looking over his shoulder.

Laura hobbled over and grinned.

"So this is the man with the cash." she laughed. "Hi Liam, I'm Laura."

5/7/2009 #186
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"Hello," he said. "Glad to meet you, Annie has said good things about you."

5/7/2009 #187

"Argh, she lets ya call her Annie?" Laura laughed. "Little thing always hated being called Annie."


5/7/2009 #188
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"I know, its why I do it." he laughed.

5/8/2009 #189

Anna glared.

"Come on kids, let's head back to the homestead." Laura grinned. "This place is freezing."

5/8/2009 #190
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He peck her cheek. "You know you love it."

5/8/2009 #191

Anna growled and hit his shoulder.

5/9/2009 #192
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"Love you."

(Read my play 'America A History so fun!

5/9/2009 #193

She muttered back and grabbed his hand, following her parents to the car.

5/9/2009 #194
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He got in the car.

5/9/2009 #195

"So dad, did you ever buy that house in town?" she asked as she sat down. "Or did Mom talk ya out of it."

Laura grinned.

"We don't get to eat anymore, but we've still got that ol' rundown shack you were born in."


5/9/2009 #196
disused account

Liam wasn't sure if it was joke or what.

5/9/2009 #197

"Long story." Anna offered as an explanation.

5/9/2009 #198
disused account


5/9/2009 #199

She held his hand while her father drove, feeling like a teenager again.

5/9/2009 #200
disused account

(Who talkin bout? liam or Owen? I PMed you btw)

5/9/2009 #201

(She's holdin' Liam's hand.)

5/9/2009 #202
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He sqeezed it.

5/10/2009 #203

"Hey dad, could we stop by a restaurant or something?" she asked. "Food on the boat was crap."

5/11/2009 #204
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he drove to a Ma and Pa place.

5/11/2009 #205

She climbed out.

"You want anything?" Anna asked.

"Get that salisbury steak thing, they're good."

5/11/2009 #206
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Liam walked in with her.

5/11/2009 #207

She sighed.

"So how do you like the Duffys so far?" she asked, waiting in line.

5/11/2009 #208
disused account


5/11/2009 #209

"Not as crazy as you thought?"

5/11/2009 #210
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