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"Wisconsin cold and boring.

(Tis true :O)

7/16/2009 #61


She laughed. "Well, I guess the weather's gotten a little better here."

7/16/2009 #62
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He smiled. "Its not as cold."

7/16/2009 #63

"What I'd give for a snowflake." Amy laughed. "I live in Florida."

7/16/2009 #64
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"Then wade through 30 feet of snow."

7/16/2009 #65

"I'll freeze to death."

7/16/2009 #66
disused account

(FF to somthing cupply?)

7/16/2009 #67

(Such as?)

7/16/2009 #68
disused account

(Like a FF?

7/16/2009 #69

(Yes, I know an FF, but where to?)

7/16/2009 #70
disused account

(Like a 1st or second date?)

7/16/2009 #71


"Where're you going?" Jack asked his sister while she put a pair of earrings on.

"Rob's taking me out." she replied. "You?"

"Got a meeting with a guy from the historical society." he replied, fixing his tie. "He's got some stuff he wants me to look at."

"Cool." Amy nodded, fixing her dress. "How do I look?"

Jack shrugged.

"Uh... you look like my sister in a dress."

Amy smirked.

7/16/2009 #72
disused account

Rob was waiting at the restaurant

7/16/2009 #73

"Be back by eleven." Jack said. "Gotta be at the airport by eight tomorrow."

Amy rolled her eyes.

"Fine." she groaned dramatically, giving him a hug before heading down the street to the restaurant.

7/16/2009 #74
disused account

Rob grinned.

7/16/2009 #75

She grinned back and sat down across from him.

"How're you?"

7/16/2009 #76
disused account

"I been good."

7/16/2009 #77

"Brother been making you wash dishes?" she laughed.

7/16/2009 #78
disused account

He smiled.

7/16/2009 #79

"I'll take that as a yes." she smiled. "Alright, what should I get?"

7/16/2009 #80
disused account

"They have great pasta."

7/16/2009 #81


7/16/2009 #82
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They ate and bah..

7/16/2009 #83


7/16/2009 #84
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7/16/2009 #85

"There's an ice cream place across the street. Would your brother kill you if I bought you one?"

7/16/2009 #86
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"I'd fight him off."

7/16/2009 #87

She laughed and went for her purse to pay her part of the tab.

7/16/2009 #88
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"Surpised you came out again."

7/16/2009 #89

She shrugged.

"Finished packing an hour ago." she said. "Thought'd I'd have some time to spare."

She smiled.

7/16/2009 #90
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