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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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She stuck out her tongue and chuckled.

"Well, time for her to meet her uncles, I guess."

9/27/2009 #1,051
disused account

"Crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap, we're gonna have one fucked up kid."

9/27/2009 #1,052

"She'll be an international chef who works as a history writer in her spare time. Most people would call that talented." she grinned.

9/27/2009 #1,053
disused account

He laughed.

9/27/2009 #1,054

She kissed their daughter's forehead.

"Alright, almighty little fucked-up one," she grinned. "Let daddy take your first Myspace photo."

9/27/2009 #1,055
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He stood there with camra

9/27/2009 #1,056

Amy held the baby Lion-King style.


9/27/2009 #1,057
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"Whatever you bye baby."

9/27/2009 #1,058

She smirked and waited for the picture.

"After this, we'll get you a twitter account. But no facebook until you're four. And no blogs until you can write with a pencil. Legibly."

9/27/2009 #1,059
disused account

He grinned.

(She is soooo u

9/27/2009 #1,060

(No, she's so u..... XD)

"Take the damn photo before the drugs wear off."

9/27/2009 #1,061
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He did and kissed both mother and baby. "There."

9/27/2009 #1,062

"Thank god." Amy mumbled.


9/27/2009 #1,063
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Rob carried the crying baby over to the changing able. wiping sleep from his eyes. 'Three times in one night, really?" He put on a freash one and laid her gently back down.

9/28/2009 #1,064

Amy chuckled sleepily.

"She just wants her Daddy's attention."

9/30/2009 #1,065
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"Mhm, i'm sure."

9/30/2009 #1,066

Amy smiled and sat up to look at him.

"Well, at least she doesn't hate you."

10/1/2009 #1,067
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"She will when she's 16."

10/1/2009 #1,068

"Well, yeah, but that's 'cause her daddy will hate the guy in the convertible that comes to pick her up from school."

10/1/2009 #1,069
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He yeah I will."

10/1/2009 #1,070

She laughed and kissed him.

"Go to sleep. God knows when she'll wake up next."

10/1/2009 #1,071
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"Hey honey," he said musically. 'Why did you unfriend me on Facebook?" he pushed her nise.

(These guys are so freakin cool :)

10/20/2009 #1,072

"Sorry, wrote something on my wall I didn't think you'd wanna see." she mumbled.

10/20/2009 #1,073
disused account


10/20/2009 #1,074

"It was updated while I was in labour, what do you think it said?"

10/20/2009 #1,075
disused account

"We both wished I was dead at that point?"

10/20/2009 #1,076

"Something to that effect, yes."

10/20/2009 #1,077
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(You have no idea where that line is from do you XD

He laughed

10/20/2009 #1,078

(Of course I do. XD)

She stuck out her tongue.

10/20/2009 #1,079
disused account

He kissed.

(Its so fun to listen to Dave Mathews ramble on in concerts :) Makes no snese half the time

10/20/2009 #1,080
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