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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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She chuckled.

"I can't believe she's walking."

5/12/2010 #1,861
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"Yeah," he smriked.

5/13/2010 #1,862

"I heard her say "Dada" this morning." she grinned."

5/13/2010 #1,863
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5/28/2010 #1,864

She nodded.

"Well, I was getting tired of her calling you Mama." she laughed.

5/28/2010 #1,865
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He smirked.

Many hours later they landed.

5/28/2010 #1,866

"Woot! France!"

5/28/2010 #1,867
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Taking her hand, they headed out into the Paris streets.

5/28/2010 #1,868

She looked around in sheer awe.

5/28/2010 #1,869
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He sqeezed her hand. "Love me?"

5/28/2010 #1,870

"Uh, yeah." she said with laughter. "This is place is great!"

5/28/2010 #1,871
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(Ally, Kate)

He leaned closer.

5/28/2010 #1,872

She kissed his cheek.

5/28/2010 #1,873
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He smriked as they headed toward there four star hotel.

5/28/2010 #1,874

She held his hand.

6/21/2010 #1,875
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He smiled. "I love you," he whispered in her ear

6/21/2010 #1,876

She laughed.

"Love you too babe."

6/21/2010 #1,877
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He inisted on trying to carry her over the treshhold

6/21/2010 #1,878

"You're kidding me, right?"

6/22/2010 #1,879
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"I figure it be a second honeymoon," he blushed. Useally Rob wasn't mr. romantic.

6/22/2010 #1,880

"What, first honeymoon wasn't good enough?" she teased, not exactly romantically-inclined either. She smiled at him.

6/26/2010 #1,881
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"I made you go to a cabain in the middle of nowhere," he laughed.

(WW2 or a will poo

6/26/2010 #1,882

"It was a nice cabin." she tried after a short pause.

6/26/2010 #1,883
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"Not nice enough for mah lady." He carried her inside, lying on the bed, almost knocking her head on a lamp.

6/26/2010 #1,884

"Eek!" she said before shrinking her head back, avoiding the offending lamp shade. "Rob!"

7/2/2010 #1,885
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He kissed her forehead where the lamp would of hit her. "Sorry.." He gently lay her on the bed.

7/2/2010 #1,886

She rolled her eyes.

"I'm gine." she chuckled.

((Guess who's totally watching The Civil War on PBS?))

7/17/2010 #1,887
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He smiled. "I'm glad."

7/17/2010 #1,888
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(My little T is growing up!

7/17/2010 #1,889
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