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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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She smiled at him, ''you're welcome,'' she said, taking a drink.

1/1/2010 #301

[won't be on till three tommorow]

1/1/2010 #302

[lol so when she going to break a rib?]

1/11/2010 #303
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(idk up to you)

"How's your day?" he asked.

1/11/2010 #304

Maggie shrugged,''a little slow,'' shr stated.

1/11/2010 #305
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"It'll get better," he encouraged. "So, do you have any family?"

1/11/2010 #306

Maggie nodded, ''not blood related but he is family to me.''

1/11/2010 #307
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"And who is he?" asked Patrick. She's profitably got a man somewhere, he thought sadly. "My family lives in Ireland, I was the only Murphy with a snese for adventure," he laughed.

1/11/2010 #308

She smiled, ''Jonathan came to live with us with his sister when their parents passed away.'' she said than smiled, ''Ireland huh? Should've guessed.''

1/11/2010 #309
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"Yes, ma'am," he grinned. "From county Armagh."

1/11/2010 #310

She grinned at him, ''that's very interesting,'' she said.

1/11/2010 #311
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"Thanks," he smiled. "Would maybe want to go for a walk?"

1/11/2010 #312

Maggie smiled and nodded, ''I would love to.''

1/11/2010 #313
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The pair headed out into the street.

1/12/2010 #314

She smiled, walking beside him.

1/12/2010 #315
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"So tell me about yourself."

1/12/2010 #316

Maggie shrugged a little, ''well there's not much, my daddy was a blacksmith, he died when I was young, so my momma raised me. When I was 10, my friend Jonathan's parents died so he moved in with us, sixteen is when I started dancing.''

1/12/2010 #317
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"Sorry abour your father," he said. "But you're the best dancer I've ever seen."

1/12/2010 #318

Maggie blushed a little, ''thank you,'' she said smiling.

1/12/2010 #319
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He smiled back.

(Should she break her leg when they go back or wait awhile?)

1/12/2010 #320

(hmmm....probaly wait, because I read over the original and they've known eachother for like a year, though we can shorten that)

"So, how about you? What's some things about yourself?" She asked.

1/12/2010 #321
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"My Dad fished for a living so i love the sea. I fought in the tail end of the Mexican War. I love horses. I like to sing. Not much elese."

1/12/2010 #322

Maggie grinned at him, ''you are very interesting Mr. Quinn.''

1/12/2010 #323
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"Glad someone does," he smiled. "And please its. Patrick."

(Shall we ff or do you have any ideas?)

1/12/2010 #324


Maggie grinned, ''okay Patrick.''

1/12/2010 #325
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Patrick walked into the saloon. It was time for one of Maggie's dances.

1/12/2010 #326

Maggie got on stage, grinning. She had hurten her leg earlier but it felt fine. The pianist started the music and she kicked up, a crack, her bone slipping out of place since it was already cracked.. That very kick bringing her down, hitting her head on the wood of the stage.

1/12/2010 #327
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Without even knowing he had moved, Patrick scumbled to the stage and leaned down. "Maggie?! Arre you ok?!" there was fear in his voice.

1/12/2010 #328

Maggie clenched her jaw to keep from screaming at the pain in her leg. Her head was throbbing.

1/12/2010 #329
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He leaned down. "Doc Johnson is on his way, you need to be brave for me ok? I know you're good at it."

1/12/2010 #330
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