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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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(Okay, I'll forgive you.)

He smriked back, his eyes dancing.

9/27/2010 #901
Maggie licked his bottom lip slowly and ran her hands down his chest.
9/27/2010 #902
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His heart seemed to thump as loud as a kettle-drum. He closed the gap beteewn their lips. "My dream girl," he said as soft as the breeze outside.

9/27/2010 #903
Maggie smiled softly against his lips, "take me away pat," she whispered, her eyes burning with love and passion.
9/28/2010 #904
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He kissed her hard, pushing against her.

9/28/2010 #905

Maggie grunted and pressed her lips hard to his, her hand fisted in his shirt.

9/30/2010 #906
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He pushed her back against the barn wall. knowing she'd want it no other way.

9/30/2010 #907

Maggie's heart raced and she arched her body aagainst his, leaving no space between them.

9/30/2010 #908
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He rammed his tounge beteewn her lips. His arms closing round her neck. His eyes blazed of green fire.

9/30/2010 #909

Maggie tangled her tongue with his, her hand slid into his hair and she tugged lightly.

9/30/2010 #910
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He gasped for air, smrking at the tug on his hair. "You're gonna turn it gray!"

9/30/2010 #911

Maggie smirked back at him, ''we'll see,'' she said smoothly.

9/30/2010 #912
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He flexed for grinning.

9/30/2010 #913

Maggie kissed him again hard and pressed her body against his.

10/4/2010 #914
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He felt her heart against his as their chests met together. A easy smile cut across his lips.

10/4/2010 #915

Maggie looked up at him, her eyes burned with passion and fire. Her blonde hair hung in loose waves and was a little muffled from messing around.

10/6/2010 #916
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"Whatca thinkin?"

(gotta let Maggie be maggie ;)

10/6/2010 #917

Maggie smirked devilishly, ''Well i'm just wonderin' why we're still dressed,'' she said in an innocent tone.

(gotta love her)

10/6/2010 #918
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"Cuz these clothes are just so heavy for a shriff like me."

10/6/2010 #919

Maggie pressed closer, ''mmm, then we should remove them.''

10/7/2010 #920
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"It might be dangrous,' he joked/

10/7/2010 #921
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