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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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Lee's ghost re-born

He made hwe toast. "I'll miss you so much.."

7/29/2009 #31
Star the Foxhound

Zelia nodded. "I will too!"

Smiling, Abigail looked at both of them and kissed her daughters forehead. "We'll both miss you sweetheart."

8/2/2009 #32
Lee's ghost re-born

He hugged her. "Be Daddy's good girl."

8/2/2009 #33
Star the Foxhound

"I am a good girl," Zelia said, her arms wrapped around his neck.

8/2/2009 #34
Lee's ghost re-born

He beeped her nose. "That's right."

"Ready dear?"

8/2/2009 #35
Star the Foxhound

"John's picking Zelia up first," Abigail reminded him.

There was a knock on the door and Abigail winked at him. "That must be him now. I'll go get it honey."

She disappeared and came back a few minutes later with her brother, who had little Nate in tow.

8/2/2009 #36
Lee's ghost re-born

"Hello old chap," he smiled. "Thank you for everything."

8/2/2009 #37
Star the Foxhound

John nodded in greeting. "You are welcome. You two deserve a little time alone and Zelia is no trouble."

9/18/2009 #38
Lee's ghost re-born

"See you in a few days."

9/18/2009 #39
Star the Foxhound

"Of course, have a good time," John said as Zelia wiggles to get down from her father's arms so that she could go over to say hello to him and Nate.

9/18/2009 #40
Lee's ghost re-born

Jack took Abby's hand. "We'll repay the favor anytime."

9/18/2009 #41
Star the Foxhound

John smiled slightly. "I appreciate it but there won't ever be a need. It's just me and Nate and there's no place I'm interested in going alone to. You two both enjoy yourselves."

"I will John," Abgiail said, smiling at him as she took Jack's hand.

9/18/2009 #42
Lee's ghost re-born

"Let's go, darling." He hugged his daughter one last time.

(I posted in base so you know)

9/18/2009 #43
Star the Foxhound

Zelia hugged him back and waved as they went out the door together. Abigail smiled and wrapped her arms around Jack.

9/18/2009 #44
Lee's ghost re-born

He kissed her tenderly. "Are you ready, love?"

9/18/2009 #45
Star the Foxhound

"Of course I'm ready." She kissed him back.

9/18/2009 #46
Lee's ghost re-born

He smiled at her as they got in the taxi.

(Don't forget the allies

9/18/2009 #47
Star the Foxhound

Abigail smiled back.

9/18/2009 #48
Lee's ghost re-born

The taxi pulled up to the ship and they got on.

9/18/2009 #49
Star the Foxhound

"It feels like we are going back in time," Abigail remarked as they got on the ship, "As if we are going back to time where we first met. It's silly, I know, for me to think of that now."

9/18/2009 #50
Lee's ghost re-born

"I feel it too."

(The base deary

9/18/2009 #51
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