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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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disused account

"Pharpas a son," he said hesitantly.

8/17/2009 #31
Little Miss Priss

"You aren't happy to be surrounded by girls?" she teased.

((I guess they only have girls then.))

8/18/2009 #32
disused account

(Do think my chars are flat?)

"I do love it, but I wish had boy to mold into the ways of a man

8/18/2009 #33
Little Miss Priss

"Hum. That would be nice." she replied

((Not anymore than mine are. Why?)

8/18/2009 #34
disused account

He kissed her.

8/18/2009 #35
Little Miss Priss

"And what would you do with this son of yours?"

8/19/2009 #36
disused account

"Raise him to treat females as I have."

8/19/2009 #37
Little Miss Priss

"Is that all?" she teased.

8/19/2009 #38
disused account

"Why he'll make Parliament," he chuckled

8/19/2009 #39
Little Miss Priss

"Of course he will!" she replied playing along "But he will of course marry for love rather than money, or prestige."

8/24/2009 #40
disused account

"as i did with you my love."

8/24/2009 #41
Little Miss Priss

"Do you think our children will be as lucky in thier marriages." she asked thinking of the future ahead of her children.

8/24/2009 #42
disused account

"With you to teach then of open hearts, yes love."

8/24/2009 #43
Little Miss Priss

"It is not their hearts I worry about." she replied finally putting her fears into words. "What if we have tainted them with our own choices?"

8/24/2009 #44
disused account

'We haven't my love." He hugged her tightly.

8/24/2009 #45
Little Miss Priss

"But how can you be so sure?" she asked not convinced "We have raised the girls to be free thinking, and educated. Will they find a man who can accept this?"

((Do you think people will be mad about me shelving characters?))

8/24/2009 #46
disused account

"You found one, and they will."

(Yeah, but its about you doing well, not a silly game.)

8/24/2009 #47
Little Miss Priss

"I hope so. I can not stand to think that we have held them back in anyway." she replied and leaned against him.

((Your just saying that cause you made the cut!))

8/24/2009 #48
disused account

He fingered her hair, wondering if she'd let him unpin it. "We've made them smarter then most their age."

8/24/2009 #49
Little Miss Priss

"We've made them smarter than most woman twice their age." she corrected.

8/26/2009 #50
disused account

He kissed her and grinned. "You're right, comander. As always."

(Happy sheila is still alive :O)

8/26/2009 #51
Little Miss Priss

Feeling relaxed she reached up and began to remove the pins from her hair. "Have you given much thought to this son of yours?" she asked still working her hands through her hair.

8/26/2009 #52
disused account

"He shall be as handsome as his mother is pretty, help to give the poor a voice and marry for love." he touched her hair with a soft hand.

8/26/2009 #53
Little Miss Priss

"Alot to ask of one man. Perhaps we should have two to make sure they can live up to your expectations." She teased

8/27/2009 #54
disused account

"If you wish to start soon, pharaps we might."

8/27/2009 #55
Little Miss Priss

"I do believe you are correct." she replied slipping into his lap. "We must get started very soon."

8/27/2009 #56
disused account

He kissed her lovingly

(Little kiddies walk in "Oh my God!" :)

8/27/2009 #57
Little Miss Priss

She returned his kisses and ran her fingers through his hair.

((Okay, okay I'm here, now what.))

8/28/2009 #58
disused account

He sighed content. "Let's venture upstairs."

(Had no real plan, wanted to play with amazing Priss. How's school?)

8/28/2009 #59
Little Miss Priss

She laughed "Do you think we'll be missed?"

((I don't know what I was thinking going back to school.))

8/28/2009 #60
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