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Florence Crosse

(I'll try, and I don't write Lemons. But the rest are really good.)

Susanne breathed in a bit. She didn't really know if she wanted to try for another child.

"Do you?" She asked.

10/7/2009 #31
disused account

(Lemons? Not sure what you mean?)

He snuggled closer. "I dinno, I just talking. i kind of would like a son."

10/7/2009 . Edited 10/7/2009 #32
Florence Crosse

((I don't write sex.))

"A son huh?" She asked. She wanted a son as well, actually.

10/8/2009 #33
disused account

He pressed closer and nodded. 'I'd like that very much."

(Well are you totally morally against t or just don't really try too? If you don't to stadfast I understand. I promosie It'd be nothing to graphic, generally one the girl's pants or bra comes off the scene is done. For me, its about the emotions of the people involved just before and just after. I think ot'd be fun to see what they are thinking and how they react to the idea its gonna happen. Are they scard? Are they excited? I think if you totally ignore it, you loose a chance to explore all that. Would you be willing to try it once here? That way you can see if it'll make you uncomfortable. but its up to you. :)

10/8/2009 #34
Florence Crosse

(It's not that I think it's wrong. It's just that I'm not comfortable writing a scene. If we do have to make them do it, can you be the one to type it down in one post please?)

Susanne smiled and kissed him soundly on the lips.

10/9/2009 #35
disused account

He moaned softly and wrapped his arms round her.

(If you really are (I sopose

10/9/2009 #36
Florence Crosse

Susanne smiled againts the kiss, her hands lost in his hair.

10/9/2009 #37
disused account

He leaned his head on her shoulder.

10/10/2009 #38
disused account

(Are you ever gonna be on at 8pm FP time again? It was cool how are times crossed over :) Now you post here at like 1am my time and I am not getting up then to play, no matter how hot Susan sounds lol :P

10/10/2009 #39
Florence Crosse

(Lol. Haha, well, I'm on now, but only for a little while :( )

"Something wrong love?" She asked.

10/10/2009 #40
disused account

Todd shook his head no and kissed her shoulder. "Nothing is wrong, darling, my life is perfct

10/10/2009 #41
Florence Crosse

Susanne laughed and pushed him away gently.

"MOMMY! I"M READY!" Alice shouted, bounding down the steps. Susanne laughed. "That's good to hear love." She said, picking up an already dressed Alice.

10/10/2009 #42
disused account

"Sweetpea, you can't go to school with your shoes on the wrong feet. Let Daddy fix them."

10/10/2009 #43
Florence Crosse

Alice pouted.

"My shoes are correct daddy." Alice said, showing him her feet proudly. Susanne laughed and kissed her daughter on the forehead tenderly. "Let daddy fix it love." She said.

10/10/2009 #44
disused account

Todd sat her in his lap and took off her shoes. "There, now you'll be the prettiest girl in whole class! Promise you'll act like Daddy's good girl today?"

10/10/2009 #45
Florence Crosse

Alice nodded obediently.

"I'll be a good girl daddy, even if the people there are big meanos." Alice said with a determined expression

10/10/2009 #46
disused account

"Its all I ask," he said sooping her up. "Give Daddy a kiss before you go."

10/10/2009 #47
Florence Crosse

Alice planted a kiss on her dad's cheek, and one on her mother's before skipping off to the school bus.

"BYE MOMMY! BYE DADDY! SEE YOU LATER!" She shouted from the school bus window, before the bus drove off to school.

10/10/2009 #48
disused account

Todd pulled his wife into a hug and said, "three years gone like, that." He snapped his finger.

10/10/2009 #49
Florence Crosse

Susanne laughed softly.

"Let's hope time decides to slow down a bit." She said.

10/10/2009 #50
disused account

He kissed her lovingly. "What are you worried about? I'm the one who's turning thirty in March, you get to be my sexy 20 somthing wife for a few more years."

10/10/2009 #51
Florence Crosse

Susanne laughed.

"30 isn't old." She said with a teasing smile.

10/10/2009 #52
disused account

He hugged her tight.

10/10/2009 #53
Florence Crosse

"Something the matter love?" She asked.

10/10/2009 #54
disused account

"I told you five minutes ago I was alright," he laughed. "If I have mood swings plese tell me." He kissed her softly. "Can't a mean enjoy a day with whoman he loves?"

10/10/2009 #55
Florence Crosse

Susanne pretended to think.

"Hm... I suppose so." She said with a chuckle.

((If they are going to do 'it', then can we use the (Fade out) (Fade in)?))

10/10/2009 #56
disused account

(Yeah..its how I write it. Pushing past that makes me uncomferable to lol.)

He kissed her lovingly. "Why did you choose me?" he wondered.

10/10/2009 #57
Florence Crosse

(Oh :P Then I'm fine. I'm not very comfortable with graphic.)

Susanne smiled gently.

"Because I love you. Isn't that enough of a reason?" She asked.

10/10/2009 #58
disused account

"Why?" he chuckled.

10/10/2009 #59
Florence Crosse

"Why what?" She asked. "Why do I love you?" She thought for a while.

"Because you're sweet, funny, smart..." She kissed him softly on the lips. "...and it looked like you needed someone who would love you back." She said.

10/10/2009 #60
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