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any ideas?

11/3/2009 #1

Move the whole rp from Romance RP to here? I don't know. o-o

11/3/2009 #2
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(Could work, ten could move on to any random times we want or whatever)

11/3/2009 #3


11/3/2009 #4
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(I dunoo let's finish in rob's house its be little confusing I think

11/3/2009 #5

(Ack, sorry. Gotta go for bed. Bye!)

11/3/2009 #6
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(if its ok I decided to jump ahead to when Max is 17..if not all edit it)

"MOM, do I really have to wear this tie, its only prom!"

11/3/2009 #7


"Yes you do!" Oakley said, grinning at him. "You can pick. Either a tie or a bow."

11/4/2009 #8
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"But mom its purple," he said outraged

11/4/2009 #9

"It's not purple! It's black. See?" Oakley showed him the tie under the light. "It's black."

11/4/2009 #10
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"heh, fine whatever," he said.He fiddled with it, trying yo loosen it.

11/4/2009 #11

Oakley loosened it a little bit for him, rolling her eyes. She patted his shoulder, "Did ya get a date for prom?" She asked, grinning teasingly.

11/5/2009 #12
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"Yeah, remember Tiffany?" he smiled.

11/5/2009 #13

Oakley rolled her eyes and laughed. "How could I not?" She said.

11/6/2009 #14
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"Its her, I have to go pick her up."

(I posted in houuse if you wanted to

11/6/2009 #15

"Oh, okay! You should get going than." Oakley ushured him out of the house.

11/6/2009 #16
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Robert came up from behind and wrapped his arms round her. "Isn't it nice how prom is on our anniversary?" he grinned.

11/6/2009 #17

Oakley laughed and watched Max drive away before closing the door. "So what do you have planned?" She asked.

11/6/2009 #18
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"I attempted to make boasted chicken, and most of it is eatable," he laughed

11/6/2009 #19

Oakley rolled her eyes. "I don't want to even imagine what the kitchen looks like now."

11/6/2009 #20
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"Its fine..just a little um..smoky."

11/6/2009 #21

She went into the kitchen and blinked.

Everything was reeked of smoke. "Rob, this is the last time you attempt to cook something."

11/6/2009 #22
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"I'm sorry, babe," he smiled. "You spoil," he teased. "I used o cook good, or at least Max thought so." t

11/6/2009 #23

Oakley made a face, "That was until he got used to my cooking." She said.

11/6/2009 #24
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He gave her softly. "I sopose pizza by candle light could be romanic

11/6/2009 #25

She laughed, "Yeah. Verrry."

(gtg for dinner. ^^))

11/6/2009 #26
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He ordered a pizza and then held her for a moment.

11/6/2009 #27

"We should set the table."

11/6/2009 #28
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(I was thinkin would want to rp out Oakely's 1st time?)

"Ok," he said smiling geting out the good china and seting it.

11/6/2009 #29


Oakley, in the mean time, set work on cleaning up the mess that he created.

11/6/2009 #30
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