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Marie-Alison gently rubbed the tears from her eyes and tore her gaze from the screen and to Liam. She watched in wonder at the way the light highlighted his face and features but then immediately looked away again, finding it awkward.

"It''s really sad..." She whispered not so well as some hiccups started in her voice after crying.

12/9/2009 #301
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He rubbed her shoulders. "Yeah.."

12/9/2009 #302

She heard some tiny whispers and awes behind them of a couple. "Don't they look adorable? Aw, young love."

Marie-Alison peered through the gap in the seat behind her at the couple and the direction they were looking. I wonder who they're looking at? W-why are they watching in our direction? Marie-Alison was slightly naive to the obvious of the reference and didn't quite understand it.

((I'm going to eat. =] ))

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Liam leaned on her shoulder falling asleep.

12/9/2009 #304

Marie-Alison felt the extra weight, which felt strange and she tried to sit as still as possible not to disturb Liam. She made sure not to make any sudden movements but felt something building up in her throat.

Not now...please not... She managed to maintain it for a short while before it burst. She jolted forward as she began to cough, both hands slammed tight against her mouth.

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Liam was whoke. "We need to get to a doctor soon."

12/9/2009 #306

She attempted to shake her head, but the vigorous motion of coughing masked it. She felt her coughs begin to draw the attention and disturb others so she quickly got up and ran out of the screening. S-sorry.. She couldn't seem to be able to push past the coughs to apologise.

She ran out into the main area and leaned against the wall as she tried to stop it.

12/9/2009 #307
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Liam dashed after her, calling 911 its not everyday a girl ran out screaming and coughing.

12/9/2009 #308

Marie-Alison's face was red when she finally managed to stop. She peered round to see the faces turned to face her and sank down onto a bench. She buried her head in her hands to hide herself.

W-what's wrong with me?

12/9/2009 #309
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"Let's get you looked at ok?"

12/9/2009 #310

"It's, it's just a cough...I'm, I'm fine..." She mumbled into her palms.

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"Will you do for me?" he asked. 'I'm just worried."

12/9/2009 #312

She quietly sighed to herself and attempted to arch her red eyes as she looked up at him.

"You worry too much.."

12/9/2009 #313
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"I know, but please..'

12/9/2009 #314

She sighed but half smiled.


12/9/2009 #315
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They walked to the ER

12/9/2009 #316

She lingered backwards and forwards. I really really hate these places.....why must it be my go?

She held one hand on her arm as she walked out of nervousness but also as it slightly shook.

12/9/2009 #317
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"I'll be right here."

12/9/2009 #318

Marie-Alison nodded but still didn't really like the idea of going there all so much.

When they got to the ER she stood staring from one end of the room to the next, slightly making a face as she waited for whatever or whoever Liam was going to make her see.

12/9/2009 #319
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The doctors took her tests.

(Up to you from here)

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(( Hai. ^^ Working it out as I go along =D ))

Marie-Alison flinched a bit as she watched them do the tests, her fingers entwining into one another. She felt half of the things they had done was strange, pointless, until they asked to take some blood samples.

She gazed up at Liam with a scared puppy-like face.

12/9/2009 #321
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Liam tryed to give a warm smile

12/9/2009 #322

She held out her arm and squeezed her eyes shut as she saw them take out a needle and syringe. She let out slight gasps as she felt the needle go in and felt a bit woozy as they filled up a few with samples of her blood.

"We'll be back with results as soon as we can." With that they left the room.

Marie-Alison kept her eyes closed feeling the slight pain on her arms. W-why is this all happening.. " there something wrong with me?"

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"I don't know," he said coming over to her. He gave her a hug.

12/9/2009 #324

"O-ow..." She flinched a bit when he hugged her at the sting and then it stopped. She watched the details of Liam's features. I hate should be smiling....not like this..

"Y-you shouldn't be so worried....not like this....for me..."

12/9/2009 #325
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"You'll be fine," he smiled.

12/9/2009 #326

She lifted one finger and ran it down the details of his face. "Are, are you really sure?"

12/9/2009 #327
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"That tickles," he chuckled. "I'm sure."

12/9/2009 #328

She arched her eyes.

After a while of waiting in the room, Marie-Alison leaned against Liam and slowly nodded off. The temperature on her forehead, slightly warmer than usual.

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He nudged her when the doctor came in.

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