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"I, I am?..I, I don't feel warm..."

12/10/2009 #361
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"Well just try to get some rest."

12/10/2009 #362

Marie-Alison slightly nodded and the hair subtly slipped down across her face like a curtain as she closed her eyes once more.

12/10/2009 #363

(( You choose what happens next. =] I'll plop my part in when the chance comes...and er, you post the next parts from here. I'm clueless. ^^ ))

12/10/2009 #364
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Liam went to do homework.

12/10/2009 #365

After a while Marie-Alison tossed and turned a bit before sitting up quietly. Her hair slightly wet and stuck across her face after sleeping on the couch.

"W-work?..R-really??" Her eyes were still a bit dazed and droopy, eyes blinking in canon.

12/10/2009 #366
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(This is getting boring)

12/10/2009 #367

((I realise sooo.... What do we do? Nothing's really happening.....I know what I'll do later but not just now.... =[ ))

12/10/2009 #368

(( zzzz . Any ideas? ))

12/10/2009 #369
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(Fast-forard to your idea)

12/10/2009 #370

(( Loool...... hmmm...I don't know how you'll think about it...but just to make some drama... let's say it's night now and Liam's asleep in his room -- Marie-Alison too since she still doesn't like sleeping alone xD. ))

Marie-Alison laid in the bed, she didn't feel any better only worse. W-why is this happening?...When I said die...I didn't mean hurting others... She turned towards Liam, slight tears in her eyes. You'd already lost someone....and, and I keep hurting you the way I am...

She quiet and subtly slid herself out of the bed and into her bedroom. She took some of the bags and ripped out a page in her diary, scribbling behind it. She wiped the droplets of sweat on her forehead and pushed back the dizziness. She sneaked in the room, placed the note on the picture of him she had drawn by the bed, the rose and leant in to give him a kiss on the cheek. She felt already extremely hot, blushing would only make it worse.

She took one last look in the room, p-please don't hate me....I, I just don't want to keeping hurting or worrying you... and she gently closed the door behind her. She didn't know where she was going but she just continued to walk, constantly struggling to push back the headache and blurriness.

((Sorry it's a bit long...only way to write it if I'm going to do it now. xD ))

12/10/2009 #371
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Liam rolled over in the morning to find a note.

12/10/2009 #372

Sorry I'm such a pain. It's b-better, healthier for you if I just never existed. Marie-Alison

12/10/2009 #373
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(Did she just stutter in a note? lol

liam read it over and over again. Then he began to run. I have to find her.

12/10/2009 #374

((LOOOL....apparently so. I forgot I had written that, I corrected the stuttered sorry bit before posted but didn't notice that one. xD ))

Marie-Alison staggered around aimlessly, the bags a bit too heavy to carry and unsure where to go. Her vision was getting a bit hazy and she couldn't quite feel her feet. No..I'm not sleepy, don't sleep...I have to keep moving..

It began to rain which didn't seem to help anything.

12/10/2009 #375
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Liam kept serching.

12/10/2009 #376

The rain got really heavy and she felt herself start shaking vigorously. It didn't help when there was something wrong she doesn't understand. Her headache got worse, here vision completely blurred and she could no longer see as clear. She grasped her arm tightly but continued to stagger forward. Her footing slipped beneath her and she felt herself drop on the floor.

W-what awake.... She began to slowly lose consciousness as she remained motionless on the path.

12/10/2009 #377
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Liam found her. "Marrie?!" he pulled he off the and ran to the ER. "You TOLD me she was ok," he bellowed athe same doctor.

12/10/2009 #378

"She was." The doctor frowned as he rushed over to them. He stared down at Marie-Alison with a deep scowl and placed his hand over her forehead. "She's burning up quick. I thought it was just a flu but it doesn't look that way.."

He scratched his head. "We have tested her blood and there didn't seem to be anything wrong."


Marie-Alison heard voices, fairly familiar ones. L-Liam? W-why are you shouting? Y-you're here? She turned constantly shivering. She could hear the voices around her, but couldn't urge herself to open her eyes or speak out.

12/10/2009 #379
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"Just do your job, right this time!"

12/10/2009 #380

The doctor frowned, creases folding in deeply. "I'll redo tests and carry out further tests to find out what is wrong. Don't worry." He began to perform a variety of short tests and procedures, unsure to do some whilst she was unconscious.


Marie-Alison felt the constant movement around her, the voices as though she wasn't there. It made her feel slightly sick. She began to turn herself away from the bright lights and slightly opened her eyes but couldn't quite maintain it or respond.

12/10/2009 . Edited 12/12/2009 #381

The doctor came back into the room after recieving the results for various test, including a scan. He scowled down at the notes and shook his head.

"The tests still came out normal..but there is a problem...."

12/12/2009 #382
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12/12/2009 #383

"From the scans taken earlier for tests and the ones now, there have been some changes. It looked healthier before, but that seems to be...deteriorating , and it seems to be getting worse, rapidly."

He looked down at the girl lying down and breathed a sigh.

"Everything we test still says normal though. I'm sorry, but we don't know what exactly is causing this."

12/12/2009 . Edited 12/12/2009 #384
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"How bad," wondered Liam.

12/12/2009 #385

He frowned and swallowed hard. How many years within this profession and it never was any easier. He collected his professionally calm face and looked up at the young man.

"At this rate, without anything we could do, she is mostly likely to.." He cleared his throat, hoping not to need to finish off the sentence. After a long pause, he added the last part, "die."

12/12/2009 . Edited 12/12/2009 #386
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"Well do something," he growled

12/12/2009 #387


Marie-Alison heard the word ring in her ear. Die? I'm going to d-die? She had thought about death and killing herself many times before but hadn't expected it now.

"Liam?" She had to make sure she wasn't dreaming as every dream she had felt like reality, like a real. She needed reassurance, or rather not. She had to be sure, even if she had to strain her voice to be heard.

12/12/2009 #388
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"I'm here," he said, touching her black hair.

12/12/2009 #389


The doctor shook his head for the millionth time it felt.

"We can't identify the cause." He took another thought into account for a moment. "Unless you knew something that could help. But, apart from that, I'm sorry....we will try to do everything we can but there is no guarantee."


Marie-Alison felt his movement, heard his voice, saw his face. These were things in dreams that were not clear. God, I'm not dreaming... She squinted her eyes shut tight.

12/12/2009 . Edited 12/12/2009 #390
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