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(Its 6:44 here lol)

Liam walked out of the hospital, sniffing the fresh air.

11/20/2009 #31

((no fair =[ if only i could stay on longer or later.... ))

Marie-Alison followed behind, holding the door open for the queues of people who entered or left before skipping out into the open. She couldn't resist a small grin to escape on the corners of her lips.

11/20/2009 #32
disused account

He laughed. "I'm free!"

11/20/2009 #33

No more hospitals! She gently laughed to herself, restraining the sound of laughter to leave her lips. She suddenly paused mid-step, tucking as much of her arms beneath one another as much as she could.

11/20/2009 #34
disused account

"I never did say thank you for helping," he smiled.

11/20/2009 #35

"It's er, no problem." She bowed her head. "I'm er, always here." She half smiled as she did so.

11/20/2009 #36
disused account

He gave her a quick hug. "well thanks."

11/20/2009 #37

Slightly blushing she hid her face in her jumper. Thank you....

"So er, have your taste buds grown accustomed to the hospital food? Or does the er, good food still sound good?" She looked up wide eyed at Liam before a slight growl became audible.

11/20/2009 #38
disused account

(I can't get over how freakishly cute this girl is. I would toally go out with her :)

"I could go for a good meal, a new Japanse place opened up here. If you wanted to try it."

11/20/2009 #39

((Lol =D If only she were real =3 Nite! nearly 2am now and I have a late party to go to tomorrow! x))

She slightly nodded. "I could eat er, anything about now." Oh er, eating could wait just for a while.... "L-Liam...I need er, some clean home sanitation about now." Her eyes arced with a little embarrassment but truthful.

11/20/2009 #40
disused account

"Okay let's get cleaned up."

11/20/2009 #41

((How does the whole living in the dorm thing still work?))

Marie-Alison nodded gently and began to walk along.

As soon as they arrived home, she quickly gathered all her items of clothing and ran into the bathroom. I never thought I'd miss the cool, clean water of home quite as much. Quite...sad....

11/21/2009 #42
disused account

(The live in a drom by themsleves or maybe just roommates that are just talked about.

Liam waited his turn siting on the sofa.

11/21/2009 #43

((They live in the dorm by themselves? I think it'll make it easier. =D ))

Marie-Alison reappeared into the living room with a long grey skirt dress, tiny pleats at the bottom, with a pair of boots and her hair plaited on either side.

"It's er, free to use." She called as she saw Liam laying on the sofa.

11/21/2009 #44
disused account

Liam jumped at the sudden noise and then grinned when he relized it was her. "I'm so jumpy"

11/21/2009 #45

She arced her eyes in amusement. "You seem to er, jump at me like this and not when I'm bloody." She ran her fingers through the ends of her hair and began attaching the bows.

"And er, you'll hurt yourself a-again by jumping off of there...again..." She shook her head disapprovingly.

11/21/2009 #46
disused account

"Sorry," he said blushing again. "I'll go get ready."

Liam put on his favorite blue shirt and a pair of jeans. Then he stopped to look at the calender. November 2th. It was his dead wife's birthday. Audrey would have been twenty. He slumpped against the wall and tears began to flow.

11/21/2009 #47

Marie-Alison heard the muffled noise in the background. Sniffling? Is that...L-Liam?

She went to the door of his room and lightly tapped. "L-Liam.....are you er, okay?"

11/21/2009 #48
disused account

"I.." he wiped at his tears. "Its..just my wife..died today two years ago."

11/21/2009 #49

Death....Liam... Marie-Alison couldn't quite think of what to do since she never did anything better herself.

"L-Liam....I'm" She thought about what to say for comfort or, or something... "Do you er, need me to talk....or er...something...?"

11/21/2009 #50
disused account

"Can you just hold me.." he said embarrassed.

11/21/2009 #51

Marie-Alison hesitated for a moment on the other side of the door. If that

She carefully opened the door to find Liam on the other side. Slowly she approached him and held on tight, unsure but trying the best she could.

11/21/2009 #52

((Sorry..nites! Need to catch up on my sleep....sleeping repeatedly this late would probably knock me out for 13 hours xD))

11/21/2009 #53
disused account

(I love getting her into akward situations lol)

He hugged her back, burying his head into her hair. "I'm sorry..this is just I miss her so bad."

11/21/2009 #54

((Squeezing a post as my mum is distracted xD Lool, makes me kind of stuck too, unsure how to make her react xP ))

He was allowing himself to cry and she admired that. If only there was a way to let it out...without hurting... The closeness felt strange, unfamiliar but she continued to hold him, comforting.

"It's er, okay...y-you loved her, so it's's NOT stupid..." She felt a little dagger at her heart as she said the words. "I wish I could feel that much..."

11/21/2009 #55
disused account

He just contuined to hold her. 'Did you loose sombody too?"

11/21/2009 #56

The reminder hurt for a few moments as she closed her eyes. L-lose somebody....

She held the barrier tightly around her heart as she spoke. "I wish it were nobody..." Her voice was a whisper as she spoke, controlling the shakiness and feeling.

11/22/2009 #57
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Liam hugged her a little tight. "At least we got to know the ones we lost for a little while, right?"

11/22/2009 #58

Marie-Alison let her arms go limp for a while as she processed the thoughts and fought to hold back everything at once.

"Maybe....but I-I don't want to remember.....I-I can't....."

11/22/2009 #59
disused account

"What happened?" he asked, putting a hand in hair.

11/22/2009 #60
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