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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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"I...I...." She went a bit pale and her eyes became dark as she closed up everything to not break. "They're..they're all dead..." Her voice was a monotone.

11/22/2009 #61
Lee's ghost re-born

"Who?" he asked looking at her.

11/22/2009 #62

"My, my family.....I saw them...watched them.....burn..." She swallowed hard for a moment. "I...I....couldn't do anything...but I was there....I could reach them....."

She breathed out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "C-can we not talk about that.....I was er....comforting you...." Her eyes arced into an emotionless smile.

11/22/2009 #63
Lee's ghost re-born

He kissed her cheek. "Sometimes we can't stop things even though we think we can. Like my mom, she died giving birth to my sisiter. I sat their watching it and coun't do a think. But mom would wanted be to be happy."

11/22/2009 #64

"B-but this was my fault Liam...if, if I hadn't been so stupid to just, just trust anyone....they wouldn't have followed me back to my family....he wouldn't have killed them....I-I didn't know.....and I still don't understand....."

She felt numb everywhere and her heart began to throb. "love is a stupid thing....if that's what you do for other people....He said he did it because he loved me......that my family was stupid for leaving me for a while......I-I don't understand...I hate it......."

11/22/2009 #65
Lee's ghost re-born

"Love isn't a bad thing," said Liam. "Love can make you happy, like it made me, but you can also use love to justify evil things. I'm sorry about your familu, but I think they want you to be happy now."

11/22/2009 #66

"I don't know what love is...that's just what he said...L-Liam I don't know how to......I can barely feel anything right now............" I, I just want to run away...

11/22/2009 #67
Lee's ghost re-born

"Sometimes that's ok," he said. "But you can't be scared to feel pain all your life."

11/22/2009 #68

"I-I can't not....I'll, I'll break...."

11/22/2009 #69
Lee's ghost re-born

He just held tight, stroking her hair.

11/22/2009 #70

She felt herself begin to shake a bit, her fingers digging into her arms. I, I thought it was the other way round.... stop acting stupid....stop shaking.....hold it....

"Liam....I, I just can't....." She managed to force the words out as a gentle whisper, the only control she had.

((Do you know about her bag and the contents of her bag yet? Partly the things that are holding her back, the things she won't let go to move on either.))

11/22/2009 #71
Lee's ghost re-born


"Can't what?" he said softly.

11/22/2009 #72

"I...I can't let''s still my fault....I-I won't forget...." Was all she managed as she continued to shake.

(( Her diary carries all her thoughts feelings and emotions throughout before the incident and after where she becomes emotionless nearly, but trying to slowly break it. A dying rose that she kept because she wasn't ever able to visit her family's grave as she constantly ran from the thought and memory, also is the same rose he had left for her when he took care of her and returned home to find it on the table with a note saying, "I did it for you" after the fire when he was arrested. =D Highly complicated character....I'd love to actually act her out xD))

11/22/2009 #73
Lee's ghost re-born

Liam pulled her closer to him, unsure of the right words.

11/22/2009 #74

She let out a light sigh and attempted to change the topic, make it lighter and easier.

"L-Liam...could we er.....get something to eat now...before my stomach starts er, vibrating in this awkward position....."

11/22/2009 #75
Lee's ghost re-born

"Okay," he said standing.

11/22/2009 #76

She let go of the barrier little by little since she didn't need to think of it anymore for now. She held onto her arms as a sort of comfort and support, twiddling her fingers. She picked up her bag and looked up as Liam.

"So er, where are we eating?"

11/22/2009 #77
Lee's ghost re-born

"Do you like Cheese?"

11/22/2009 #78

She thought about it for a moment. Cheese....

"I'm er, good for anything." She looked up at him and arced her eyes in an attempted smile, as best as she could manage to restore some feeling back.

11/22/2009 #79
Lee's ghost re-born

''ok great.''

11/22/2009 #80

Marie-Alison followed beside Liam as she had no accurate idea of where they were going. Hmmm...cheese.... I wonder where we're eating.

The bag on her shoulder continued to swing at her side as she held and walked along with it. It made her feel safer, secure but strange. She didn't understand why.

11/22/2009 #81
Lee's ghost re-born

(I actually spelled Chinese wrong lol)

"Here we are."

11/22/2009 #82

((Lool! So we're not having cheese? xP ))

Marie-Alison gazed at the place in wonder. "Wow...I haven't actually eaten chinese in a while..."

11/22/2009 #83
Lee's ghost re-born

"I love it," said Liam.

(and so does Lee.

11/22/2009 #84

(( Lol. I have chinese and vietnamese food everyday. xD I wish I could get away with eating something different for a change. =] ))

Marie-Alison was just about to agree when her stomach let out a large groan. Her arms flew round and hugged it tight as she turned bright red.

"I think it'll er, eat it's eating itself right now...."

11/22/2009 #85
Lee's ghost re-born

Liam chuckled. 'Sounds like a plan."

(Then I'm on the next flight to London :o)

11/22/2009 #86

(( Lol, you're welcome to. ^^ ))

Marie-Alison gently nodded and slowly stood back upright and began to walk. Her feet hadn't moved as quickly as she had thought it had and they became entwined, tripping her as she walked into the door.


11/22/2009 #87
Lee's ghost re-born

(We need to think of a way to get them together)

Liam caught her. "Careful!"

11/22/2009 #88

((Yep. =D Hmm...well I think you need to try to get her out of her past first. Break her down first...that's why I left the part where she's never cried that she knows of - except for in her sleep but she doesn't exactly know or has any control over it. ))

The pink slightly went pinker on her cheeks as Liam caught her. She hid her face behind her sleeves as she responded in a whisper, "Th-thank you.."

11/22/2009 #89
Lee's ghost re-born

"Well iwe can't have you hurt."

11/22/2009 #90
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