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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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Audrey pouted, making a sad innocent face as she slowly stood still.

Marie-Alison finally zipped up the last bit and picked her daughter up, snuggling her nose in Audrey's cheek. "That made it easier, cheeky bunny." She went over and pecked Liam's cheek. "Are we ready?"

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Liam grabbed one of Adrey's hands and they dropped her off at the neighbors

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Marie-Alison gave Audrey a few kisses before the neighbours took her inside.

"This is definitely good Mummy and Daddy time, as well as Audrey's friend time when they take her to the park later on." She smiled as she grasped Liam's hand in hers.

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"More time for us," he grinned.

(I love these two :)

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She rested her head on his shoulder as they walked and lightly swayed their hands. "Nothing can be more than perfect like this." She sighed happily smiling.

((Me too =D 3 ... Marie-Alison is on pause in the other one and hasn't gone in a car crash yet.. .))

((Oh brb, got to eat dinner =3 ))

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He leaned on her shoulder. "Mmmhmm."

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"Where shall we go?" She asked gently, running her other hand along his face as they walked. It had been a year and she loved him more than she had the first time she actually realised.

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((Sneak post xD BRB))

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(Frist time?)

" pick."

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"How about the beach?" She smiled, opposite hand caressing his cheek.

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"Hmm, anywhere with you is good."

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"That's so it is with you too.." She smiled, giving him a gentle kiss on his cheek. "The beach it is...I er, haven't been there in a while."

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"Ok," he smiled "Let's go."

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She giggled, clasping both hands around his and gently pulling, trying to remember the way to the beach. "You wouldn't mind if we er, got lost would you?" Her eyes widely innocent.

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"It'd be a adventure!"

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She laughed softly. "Like everyday isn't an adventure with you here anyway!" She called back.

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He kissed her lovily.

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She kissed him back sweetly and full of love as her eyes briefly shut.

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He pressed aginst her.

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She giggled, rubbing her nose against his gently before lightly tugging him to walk in another direction again.

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"S-sorry.." She said shyly as she blushed and gently tugged Liam along with her. "I'm still er...." She blushed, not really able to think of a word.

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"Just you," he said lovingly.

1/18/2010 #1,102

"I'm still just me?" She giggled, unsure of what Liam meant.

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"Yep," he laughed, leaning into her as they walked.

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"Just me..." She smiled, leaning her head on him as she walked. "You make me sound as though I'm the one and only..." She arched her eyes.

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"You and our daughter are my world," he told her.

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"And I never was a world, or had one until you came.." She whispered, swinging his hand in hers gently.

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He kissed her wrapping his arms around her. "What made you put your hands in my shirt that day?" he asked, thinking that the turning point.

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Marie-Alison slightly blushed and slightly tucked her head in her shirt, something she hadn't done for a while. "I er....I..." She couldn't remember exactly and also wondered how awkward it would be if she said something that wasn't right.

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"I'm glad you did," he said. "It brought us so much in the end, our feelings, Audrey.."

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