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Lee & Tatianolishka's evil plans... mwahahaha.
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More hurt....She corrected silently in her thoughts.

"I'll always find a way to hurt myself." Her eyes smiled as she rebalanced herself. "And, er, you could let go now....I'm er, not falling anymore.." Her voice was slightly soft and quiet, a bit embarrassed.

11/23/2009 #91
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He slowly let go of her. "Well no more hospitals for either of us ok?"

11/23/2009 #92

((lol, maybe not in this one but major incident waiting to happen in the other RP. xD))

Marie-Alison slowly nodded her head, the thought of hospitals made her feel ill by itself. "Agreed. But er, I wasn't been the patient." She thought smugly as she chose a comfy table in the backs of the room.

11/23/2009 #93
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He followed.

(I'd kind of like see how she'd react to being pregnant lol)

11/23/2009 #94

((LOL. I haven't thought that far yet!! xD Hmmm, her character would have to really change though. ^^ ))

The loose grey dress top made it very comfortable to sit in and eat than her usual fitted tops, which she liked. She shuffled in her seat for a moment or two before settling down.

Hmmm, I wonder what to eat... She flipped from page to page reading the menu. Her face had lost a bit of the tension after what had happened in the room, became softer and lighter. More normal perhaps, than the stiffness she normally held.

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"Any ideas?" asked liam.

(Liam better step it up then lol)

11/23/2009 #96

((Lol. I hope you find a way to. =D ))

"I have er, no idea..." I wish I hadn't forgotten most of what it says....I would still know if...if..... She sighed and peeked over the top of the menu with only her eyes at Liam. "Er, do you know?"

11/23/2009 #97
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"When all else fails there's orange chicken," he chuckled.

11/23/2009 #98

"Orange chicken....oh! How about the crispy duck wraps?!" She hadn't expect to speak so loudly and move her head so unexpectedly, the menu lightly scratched the top of her nose bridge as she ducked back down to check if it was on the menu.

11/23/2009 #99
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(Duck is the shit :) I know idea how to get these togethert any ideas?)

11/23/2009 #100

"Then it's settled." At just the right moment, the waitress arrived. She hid behind the menu with only her eyes peeping over it to speak to the waitress, her protective and hidden state. "Er, can we have a-a quarter duck wrap, er, a melon juice with pearls and er, Liam?"

((Lol! Love it! The waiters took it away when I was still munching on it =[ What's your idea? ))

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"Sounds good."

(Maybe that guy breaks out of prison and tries to kidnap her and Liam stops him?)

11/23/2009 #102

"Er, drinks?" Marie-Alison light-heartedly laughed. "I don't think sounds good er, counts..."

((It's a bit... movie? Hmmm....let me see if I could try something out as we go along.... I need to try to work out how to fix someone broken, that sometimes the only way is to break them again... hmm.... I'll try a different tactic back at the dorm later. ^^ ))

11/24/2009 #103
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(But movie's are good :)

11/24/2009 #104

The waitress nodded and finally walked away, taking with her the menus. Marie-Alison yawned a little as she dug into her bag for her diary.

"You go to a Chinese restaurant....and coke?" She subtly smirked.

((True....but sometimes love is too cliche and easy. =P Sometimes I hate happy endings, but they make me warm eventhough I complain, where as other times I hate sad endings, since I end up crying and then wishing for something happy!! =[ I'm so lame. T_T ))

11/24/2009 #105
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he grinned.

11/24/2009 #106

She could feel another grumble about to erupt if there wasn't a thing to eat soon. She twiddled and played with her sleeves whilst just waiting, for something to happen?

11/25/2009 #107
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The food came.

(I think we should do the movie plot)

11/25/2009 #108

Marie-Alison inhaled the sweet smell, something she had missed for a long time. F-family cooking..... She pondered over that thought for a moment before picking up a pancake, handing to Liam and getting one herself on her plate.

"D-dig in!" She picked up her chopsticks and started picking each element of the dish for her wrap.

((Sorry! Had a friend over and was cooking =D Hmmm....I don't mind, but after Liam saves her, it still shouldn't be instant love. Maybe she has to allow some time to get used to the idea of being on guard and protected from her past first. =] ))

11/25/2009 #109
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"Yum, yum!"

(Its a plan

11/25/2009 #110

She watched Liam in slight amusement as he ate, happy he was enjoying himself after this morning and days in the hospital. She realised she was staring and forced her eyes to shy away back to her own food. The sauce made a mark at the side of her mouth as she took a bite and picked at her food.

((Shall we let it commence after they eat, walking back to the dorm?))

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(Its a plan)

Liam walked out into the fresh air.

11/26/2009 #112

((^^ Okiie dokiie, I'll tell you when she's gone. ))

Marie-Alison thanked the waiters and waitresses before making her way out as well. She felt a bit more chirpy after eating and relaxing a bit more, skipping along and playing with the frills of the dress. I feel...lighter....g-great!

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He smiled trying to keep up with her.

11/26/2009 #114

"D-did you slow down with the food you ate or something?" She mused behind her. She suddenly paused mid step realising the reason for the lightness. M-my bag...where is it?? Oh....stupid.....why didn't I pick it up?

She swerved around and began quickly pacing back towards the restaurant. "I-I'll be right back! I-I forgot my bag!" Her pace continued to speed up as she rushed back remembering the contents of the bag. P-please let it still be there..

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11/26/2009 #116

Arriving at the restaurant, she saw a dark figure which blocked the entrance. There was no way of shifting round them as they appeared to be a solid obstacle. Her eyes shifted to try and find a way under but found her eyes locking on the object within their hand. My, my bag? What are they doing with, with my bag?

She had been about to speak out when she felt a heavy arm hold round her. She gasped and struggled as something blocked the airways of her mouth and nose.. She felt tired, uneasy. Wh-what' She felt herself plunge into darkness with no control as her body was shifted and carried away, into the shadows, unseen by anyone.

((Okay. =D I'm feeling overly dramatic today!! ^^ ))

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(Did you just kill her?)

11/26/2009 #118

((Nope. LOL. I like Marie-Alison as a character, I would never kill her. =D She's been drugged. =] ))

11/26/2009 #119
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(Is Liam soposed to see?)

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